Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An example of Singapore's "rule of law" and "democracy"!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew's order to the Singapore Law Society to commence disciplinary proceedings to have me struck of the rolls of lawyers there has begun of course. They have also fixed the dates for my disciplinary hearing in the Singapore High Court from May 17 to May 21, 2010.

On the assumption that Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore at least tries to pretend to have the "rule of law", which we of course know in reality to be the North Korean variety, one would have assumed that he would at least order his Department of Immigration to let me enter the island to defend myself at my trial, since I am at present barred from entering the island without his permission!

Alas, it appears not so. It appears he is not prepared to even let me defend myself in Singapore at my trial. Despite my having written to his Immigration authority several times since these proceedings started several months ago, the Immigration Department has refused till now to let me enter Singapore to defend myself.

I had also also asked them for safe passage in and out of Singapore without arrest and imprisonment by his footloose police and the Singaporean Attorney General but he has said nothing. I will therefore have to assume that he is refusing any guarantee that I will be safe in Singapore and not in his Singaporean Changi Prison for his amusement; what is worse, he is not even going to let me defend myself in the Singapore court!

And I suppose this is what he and his handpicked Tamil Minister of Law K Shanmugam mean by Rule of Law. I suppose it is rule of law, Singaporean style!

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Anonymous said...

Seriuosly, did the AG and the North Korean I mean Singapore goverment not even reply to your numerous requests to attend in Singapore to answer their accusations?

Well we then just have to wait and see what happens when they annouce your name and request that you report in court. Maybe they should use a loudhaler and hope that you would be able to hear them from California.