Sunday, February 7, 2010

Keeping me away from Singapore does you no good.

My letter to Lee Kuan Yew below
Gopalan Nair

LEE Kuan Yew
Prime Minister's Office
Istana Annexe
Orchard Road
Singapore 238823

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Feb 07, 2010

Letter sent via Email


Mr. Lee Kuan Yew,

In 2008 after I was sent to your Singapore jail for 2 months (3 month sentence) for criticising your corrupt judge Belinda Ang Saw Ang for judicial bias in the defamation law suit that year against Dr. Chee Soon Juan, and I suspect also because I showed you my middle finger when I saw you in court that day; I was declared by your boys at the Singapore Immigration as being "unlawfully present" in your island(a Singapore term of art meaning I am banned from entry into Singapore without permission) and unceremoniously deported from your "island paradise". Of course I say "island paradise" in a tongue in cheek manner of speaking.

In any case, I want you to know something. Regardless of whether you ban me from your country, through your boys at your Immigration Department or whether you get your boy Mr. Woon Cheong Ming Walter, your Attorney General to prosecute me for no rime or reason, I will still say what I think has to be said; which among other things is that you abuse the legal system for your political ends, your judges are corrupt and you are a thief for paying yourself $3.7 million every year.

Since you know this, and no amount of punishment will change this, why don't you use your common sense and do the most sensible thing; which is to allow me to visit Singapore periodically and order your boy Woon Cheong Ming, your Attorney General to stop harassing me.

I am sure you know that I am not your enemy. I truly believe that you are no good for Singapore and I am trying hard to persuade Singaporeans know that.

But keeping me out of Singapore is not going to stop what I do or say. And your actions are therefore just mean spiritedness for no reason at all, since you are not going to frighten or change me.

It so happens I have a yearning to periodically visit the country of my birth. Places like Exeter Road where I lived all my younger days before England(I know it has changed a lot now and my house was demolished with the Somerset MRT below the spot), Devonshire Road nearby, Klinney Road where my father used to patronize the coffee shop, Changi to see the planes landing from Kong Kong approach from the sea, and Seleter Airfield where I lived before I came to America.

You would be a mean spirited old man not to allow me to visit Singapore since regardless I am going to criticize you anyway, because you deserve to be criticized.

I therefore ask you to do the right thing and reverse the silly prohibition orders because it is simply not doing you any good.

Last year was the only year I did not visit Singapore because of your silly prohibition. Before that I used to visit the island every year, and several times in some years.


Gopalan Nair

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