Friday, February 12, 2010

Our "Dear Leader" Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew's style of governance and that of Kim Jong Il has many similarities but their circumstances are totally different thus making it impossible for him to be another "Dear Leader".

Just as North Korea drums into their people the greatness of Kim, with such fancies like he invented Korea, that he came from the Heavens, he is the greatest and kindest man that ever lived; to some extent Lee Kuan Yew's government says the same of Lee. But the difference is that it works for Kim Jung Il in North Korea because the people really believe it. There is no independent media there, no Internet and outside information is completely blocked.

In Singapore on the other hand, such nonsense is simply not working, because even though the entire Media is owned by Lee Kuan Yew, he is unable to stop information from the alternative media, including the Internet.

Singapore's Media is state owned and controlled and dishes out a large dose of propaganda; but as the people are aware of it, it loses respect.

Singaporeans are aware that Lee's collecting $3.7 million a year as a salary is theft and he can't help being looked on as a thief.

Singaporeans are aware of the denial of basic human rights in the island because information from outside is readily available. They can see the corruption and nepotism in Lee Kuan Yew's government where select party officials just like in North Korea live luxurious lives while the ordinary man has to eke out a living. This is not so much a problem in North Korea because their people who are shut out completely from the outside world know no better and accept it as normal.

In Singapore where they are exposed to the outside world, they become angry at the way they have to live.

This awareness of there injustices done to them in Singapore is the root of all the problems the island faces.

This is the reason why you have massive emigration, people refusing to have babies causing the island to be ranked lowest in the fertility rate scale for countries.

Only a few days ago, there was a report from New Zealand that a pilot scheme targeted to attract Singapore immigrants received no less than 35,000 applicants in just 3 weeks!

The quality of the Singapore workforce is constantly falling as the island has to rely on non English speaking immigrants from China to work in sales sectors where English is necessary.

Singapore finds it impossible to get anyone from the English speaking world to work in an island so discredited like this.

Moreover blogs such as mine continue to hurt Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. As each day passes the readership increases in numbers and spread, yet Lee Kuan Yew, deeply annoyed and angered is unable to stop it.

So Lee Kuan Yew the Singapore strongman has to decide one or the other. Does he want real control over Singaporeans? If so he has to seal Singapore's borders, totally dismantle the Internet, prevent any outside information from coming into the island and sustain a continued propaganda campaign to promote Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's "Dear Leader". Over time, whatever he says will be accepted. In fact he could be like the Dear Leader Kim Il Sung whom his people believe was sent from Heaven.

If Lee Kuan Yew is not prepared to do it, and if he continues his repression over his people, what you will see in the future is more of the same bad news; continued migration, progressively falling birth rates, total non cooperation from Singaporeans to his policies and ideas, ever increasing suicides, general dissatisfaction and loss of morale and finally total decline.

And as for me, Singapore Dissident will continue reminding Singaporeans of what Singapore's "Dear Leader Lee Kuan Yew" truly is, simply a misguided despot. You see I know this and the people of Singapore know this, but even today the North Korean people do not know this of their "Dear Leader".

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Anonymous said...

LKY "I mean why do you want buy Playboy now if you can go into the internet?"

So, Mr. Lee, why read the Straits Times' propaganda when you have the Internet and blogs.

You and you son have have lost the battle to control minds!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nair for continuing to write your blog.

Anonymous said...

An 18-year old male from China/India goes to college and gets his degree by the age of 21/22 and his masters degree by 24.

He then comes to Singapore as an FT for a higher salary than the local boys.

Meanwhile, the poor suckers in Singapore are being indoctrinated (i.e. NS) and turned into obedient serfs for Lee and his son.

Singapore parents should ask themselves: Why the keep voting for the PAP, when LKY is destroying your sons future?


Anonymous said...

Goh Chok Tong's daughter is a quitter not a stayer.

She has moved to Britain to live with her 'white' British husband.

So, Goh you have produced a 'quitter' and a 'SPG' :)

Will GCT emigrate to Britain, once LKY leaves this earth, and become a quitter like his progeny?

Liu DaDong said...

thanks gopal for your blog. it is very interesting. Are u still going to go back to Singapore this year?

Anonymous said...

You know I watched a documentary on chairman Mao of People Republic of China.

What these tyrants have in common including the ones in Singapore is that all tyrants are basically a 15 year old kid inside. Spoiled brat!


Anonymous said...

The correct stat is 3,500 Singaporean applications for Kiwi residency, not 35,000.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous Feb 19, 0116,
Thanks for pointing out the typo, but it is still an exodus from an island of only 3.5 million locals and 1.5 foreigners! On average a thousand give up their citizenships for foreign ones, and many times that number take foreign permanent residence.

The numbers wanting to leave are alarmingly increasing and Lee appears helpless to stop it.

Anonymous said...

GN says The numbers wanting to leave are alarmingly increasing and Lee appears helpless to stop it.

I am sure they are finding ways of billing people who are planning to emigrate for the cost of having lived and been educated in Singapore.

They already do that for boys - pay or deposit $xK before being allowed to leave.

Only matter of time before they extend it to everyone.