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Singapore. The shocking story of Singaporean woman Diana Ng Kum Yim

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is an unusual story.

“National Association for the Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by North Korea” (NARKN) (, in a report titled "North Korean Abduction Victims Worldwide" in their website, dated August 2006, reports that "On August 20th 1978 in Singapore, 2 men claiming to be Japanese requested an escort company to send 5 ladies for a floating party, after which these ladies along with the boat disappeared. They were, Malaysians, 22 year old Yeng Yoke Fun, 22 year old yap Mee Leng, 19 year old Seetoh Tai Thim, 19 year old Margaret Ong Guat Choo and 24 year old Singaporean woman Diana Ng Kum Yim."

I don't believe Singaporean woman Diana Ng Kum Yim who was 19 when abducted in August 20th 1978 and who should be 50 years if living now, has ever been found. If alive she is probably living in North Korea. Has anyone asked Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew or his son to look into this?

According to this report, nationals of 12 countries were abducted, 489 South Koreans, over 100 Japanese, 4 Lebanese, 1 Thai, 1 Rumanian, 2 Chinese Residents of Macau, 4 Malaysians, 1 Singaporean, 3 French, 3 Italians, 2 Hollanders and 1 Jordanian.

This news came from Charles Robert Jenkins, a US Army deserter after he managed to escape to Japan in 2002, after some 37 years of captivity in North Korea.

Jenkins, US Army Sergeant defected to North Korea across the DMZ in Jan 04, 1965, married another abductee Japanese woman Hitomi Soga, 21 years old in 1980. They had 2 daughters born in North Korea. At that time there were 3 other American defectors living in North Korea, James Joseph Dresnock, Private Larry Allan Abisher and Specialist Jerry Wayne Parrish.

Parrish had died of natural causes leaving behind his wife, one of the 4 Lebanese women, Shiham, whom he had married. Shiham and Parrish had 3 daughters. Through powerful connections North Korea returned the 4 Lebanese women but since Shiham was pregnant at the time, her Lebanese family decided to send her back. She claims she is happy in North Korea.

Abisher married the Thai woman, Anocha Panjoy. Panjoy was working in Macau as a prostitute when she was picked up by North Korean agents. Abisher died of natural causes. Panjoy still lives in North Korea.

Of the American deserters only Dresnock still lives in North Korea. He recently appeared in a British made documentary stating he loves North Korea and has not desire to return to USA. He is married with 3 children. He was first married to the Rumanian who died. He subsequently married the daughter of a Togolese diplomat and a Korean mother.

In 2002 North Korea acknowledged the existence of Japanese abductees and agreed to visits by them to Japan. Hitomoi Soga, Jenkins’s wife, managed to go to Japan in this arrangement and even though North Korea allowed the abductees families to go with them, Jenkins did not fearing reprisals by the US to extradite him. Finally he agreed to travel to Indonesia with his 2 daughters, which did not have an extradition treaty with the US, and there met his wife, after which he traveled to Japan where he now lives with his family.

The information about these abductees came from him.

If you were wondering, all these marriages were arranged by the then Great Leader Kim Il Sung. The idea generally is to pair off foreigners with foreigners. So Dresnock first gets to marry a Rumanian, and when she died, he married the mixed race woman of Togolese and Korean descent. As for Abisher, he is paired off with the Thai woman. They had told her when he died that she was to marry a German! I am not sure if that happened, since the only source of information is Jenkins who now lives in Japan. As for Parrish, he was teamed off with Shiham the Lebanese. I am not sure if they paired her off with someone else after he died. She still lives there.

The ones who are kidnapped are usually women, I suppose because they are weaker and therefore easier to abduct, and they can be used in various duties, such as spies, escorts, language instructors and espionage.

What a country North Korea!

Coming back to my question, will Singapore look into one of it’s citizens languishing in the Dear Leader’s North Korea; Singaporean woman Diana Ng Kum Yim?

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Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that HDB flat are built better than this.

Brought to you by the same folks that make your kids' toys and want to build your car.

Yes, let's bring in more FTs from PRC.

Anonymous said...

This is how the courts work in China - guilty until proven innocent (you hope).

LKY has been exporting his justice system?

Insider Trading Charge in China

Huang Guangyu

former chairman of one of China’s largest electronics companies has been charged with insider trading, offering bribes and running illegal operations

He has been in detention since November 2008, but only charged in February 2010!!

He has been held incommunicado, as is common in China during investigations