Monday, February 8, 2010

Singapore. What is lacking is integrity

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Above anything else, what a country needs is integrity. And this is what Singapore lacks. Without integrity, every segment of society inexorably fails and Singapore continues in decline.

Parents in fear of Lee Kuan Yew warn their children not to speak their minds against Singapore's Lee. Teachers themselves living in fear subdue their students political thoughts for political correctness.

Singaporeans detest Lee Kuan Yew 87, the Singapore strongman, whom they see as a small minded mean spirited old despot, who steals any amount of money he wants calling it a salary, a wicked man who has put away his political opponents for decades, and bankrupted and ruined them. Singaporeans instead of respecting him, live in fear of him; just as North Koreans live in fear of Kim Jung Il.

Singapore's judges have lost all respect and seen as political tools to punish Lee's opposition. In return for the dirty work, they get paid highly.

Civil servants have lost all respect, seen as benefiting Lee's party officials and elites and denying the rights of ordinary people.

Like the Black Mamba, Lee Kuan Yew repeatedly strikes and punishes Dr. Chee Soon Juan, his political opponent in his courts.

Honesty, courage and integrity are no longer seen as virtues in Lee Kuan Yew's city state; virtues there are the willingness to lie and torment political opponents like Lee's Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean does for a living, as in the case of Dr. Chee Soon Juan.

The state does nothing for the people. There is no unemployment insurance, no state welfare for the poor, no nothing. Lee's city state only takes your taxes. If you fall into poverty, they can only watch.

With no security against misfortune whatsoever, Singaporeans do not have any children. Their birth rate is the lowest in the world. And now their migration rates to the west are also one of the highest in the world.

Singaporeans are not giving birth and those remaining are fleeing the country.

Singapore's lawyers are arguably, the most dishonest in the world. With only 3,000 in that city state of 5 million, there are many making off with their client's money each year. Only a year ago Singapore lawyer David Rasif made off with something like $15 million of his clients money. He remains at large. That case has caused the income of lawyers to fall overnight because of the unprecedented loss of confidence. Lawyers in Singapore are seen as the most dishonest of people in the island.

The Singapore Law Society does nothing to advance the law in Singapore. By law, they are prohibited from commenting on laws, a very strange rule indeed. It's President Hwang has no problem accepting it and has vowed not to campaign for the rule of law. He has repeatedly said he will do nothing because he simply cannot. If he did anything good, he will be punished by Lee Kuan Yew.

One of Singapore's best lawyers is Davinder Singh. His job is principally suing Lee Kuan Yew's opponents, in collaboration with corrupt judges such as Belinda Ang Saw Ean misusing the law and bankrupting Lee's victims.

Singapore's journalists have no professionalism whatsoever. They are quite content to work for a media voted 133rd down the list for countries lacking press freedom by Reporters Without Borders. Rather than newspaper reporters, their work is that of propagating government propaganda. They willingly do the dirty work.

With a place like this, where ordinary human decency is lacking, where it is acceptable to cheat and lie to advance your career like Judges such as Belinda Ang Saw Ean, it is not a place that is going places anytime soon.

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Anonymous said...

Latest news from Singapore .

Singapore opposition welcomes US envoy's democracy remarks.

Singapore opposition welcomes US envoy's democracy remarks
SINGAPORE (AFP) - – A Singapore opposition leader on Friday urged the US ambassador-designate to push for reforms that would lead to a "genuine multi-party democracy" in the affluent city-state.

Reform Party chief Kenneth Jeyaretnam welcomed a vow by David Adelman, President Barack Obama's pick as Singapore envoy, to encourage the government to allow greater openness.

"The Reform Party welcomes the ambassador's statement that he will use public diplomacy to work towards a genuine multi-party democracy in Singapore," Jeyaretnam said in a statement.

"As measured by several independent and objective indices such as the Economist Democracy Index as well as the Freedom House report, Singapore does not qualify as a democracy in the generally accepted sense of the term."

Singapore has been ruled by the People's Action Party (PAP) since 1959.

The party has earned praise for transforming the island from a sleepy trading port into one of Asia's wealthiest countries, but it also stands accused of curbing civil rights and political freedoms.

Jeyaretnam is an economist who took over the Reform Party helm from his late father, veteran politician J.B. Jeyaretnam, a dogged PAP opponent who endured bankruptcy and jail terms before he died in 2008.

Adelman, a state senator in Georgia and Obama campaign fund-raiser, said at his Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday that Singapore was a "constructive force in the world", pointing to its aid efforts in Haiti and Afghanistan.

But Adelman said he would also promote democratic reforms in Singapore, one of Washington's closest political, economic and military allies in Asia.

"Make no mistake, currently Singapore is not a multi-party democracy," Adelman said.

Anonymous said...

Secretive Culture Led Toyota Astray

Will the same thing happen to Singapore?

The heart of Toyota's problem with U.S. regulators: Its secretive corporate culture in Japan clashed with U.S. requirements that auto makers disclose safety threats, people familiar with the matter say.

Anonymous said...

1) Singapore envies Kiwi lifestyle

...over 1000 registrations each week since it was launched last month, with 3565 potential immigrants having registered their interest in just three weeks.

2) 'Quitters' & 'Stayers'

The PAP is happy when the 'quitters' leave Singapore:

- Fewer troublemakers, (i.e. anyone who dares ask questions of LKY-LHL), to deal with.

- FTs (who can't vote out the PAP) will replace the quitters.

The 'stayers' stay because
(a) they don't have the skills to emigrate;
(b) don't have the courage after living in Singapore, where the PAP makes all the decsions for them,
(c) have family links which they would not like to loose, or
(d) are too old to meet migration criteria (Solution - all old folks should be given given a title MM and a salary of $3.7 MILLION.)

3) Singapore will become the Asia's Monaco ruled by the LEE DYNASTY.

Monaco is famous as a tax haven, and wealthy foreigners make up the majority of the population, around 84%.

And, what will the percentage of foreigners in Singapore be by 2020?

LKY-LHL must be really proud of their demographic achievement.

Anonymous said...

Very un-Confucian of this chap to criticise Singapore.

U.S. Prof lambasts Singapore’s “Temasek GIC model” for investing in failing individuals and products

Beijing-born Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) political economist Professor Huang Yasheng

Temasek Holdings is led by the wife of Singapore’s prime minister Ho Ching. It had lost billions of dollars in failed overseas investments such as Thailand’s Shin Corp, Australia’s ABC learning, and U.S’s Merrill Lynch. Ho Ching is an engineer by training.

GIC has been headed by Lee Kuan Yew since its inception in 1981, a lawyer by profession who has never worked in the financial industry before.

Anonymous said...

Professor Huang Yasheng on Singapore's civil service.

Prof Huang felt that creative thinking is often in short supply with civil servants leading the charge due to the culture they are immersed in:

“Civil service culture is about discipline. It’s about execution. It’s about efficiency. Entrepreneurial culture is about challenging the authorities, questioning the existing ways of doing businesses, moving away from the routines and norms. It’s about the unconventional, rebellious and diverse. These values are almost polar opposites.”

Isn't the civil service staffed by scholars.

Anonymous said...

MIT) political economist Professor Huang Yasheng

He also criticized Singapore’s education system for “not producing diversity in ideas and unconventional ways of solving problems” and warns that Singapore risks going down in history as an “economic has-been” if it fails to exploit the potential of its private sector.

Anonymous said...

Another successful investment by the LKY-HC team of financial experts.

Will they be held accountable?

Travelport’s directors and its private-equity backer Blackstone concluded late on Wednesday that the deal – billed as the UK’s biggest IPO for two years – was no longer workable after fund managers demanded heavy discounts.

Wednesday’s decision could embarrass the Government of Singapore Investment Corp, which recently paid $225m for a 7.19pc stake in Travelport.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair

I wonder how much involvement is the Singapore govt in stealing sand from its neighbours. How is that court case?

I am not sure the politics behind this.
Maybe if LKY has less words about its neighbours and prepare to pay a fair price for water from M'sia, other countries will sell sand to Singapore.