Monday, May 31, 2010

An offer, one simply cannot accept.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am assuming here of course, that you are an educated discerning proud independent human being.

If so, as things stand, it should be impossible for you to remain in Singapore and do nothing.

You would either leave, as the vast majority are doing, or you would be agitating for human rights, as Dr. Chee Soon Juan and his handful other brave men and women are doing.

But if you merely remained in Singapore and did nothing, you are either an opportunist, which Lee's fascist government relies on to run the government, or you are a foreign opportunist who is there temporarily because the pay is good, or you are a coward or a dummy.

Just look at Lee Kuan Yew's terms under which you have to stay.

One, Lee Kuan Yew and his friends at the top pay themselves millions and a lot more dishonestly and yet you are not allowed to question any of it.

If you did, you will be sued and end up in jail.

Second, the entire media is owned and controlled by the government and therefore you know that at any moment of time, what you hear is propaganda, not news.

The island's media has earned the shameful honor of being 147th least free media in the world as judged by Reporters Without Borders.

Even Sudan has a freer press than Lee's Singapore.

Third, Singapore's judiciary is corrupt and beholden to the government, as shown by the series of court cases against JB Jeyaretnam, Tang Liang Hong and Dr. Chee Soon Juan and myself.

The International Bar Association in it's scathing 72 page report recently condemns it as simply corrupt and equates Singapore's judges to those of North Korea and Burma.

I can of course go on, but you know it yourself.

This is simply not an administration or a country that anyone in the know, can respect.

Yet, Lee Kuan Yew and his friends come out and tell us in his propaganda sheets, the state controlled press, that he wants Singaporeans to stay and serve the country; which prompts the question, why?

Why should they be staying and working in Singapore and paying taxes so Lee Kuan Yew, his son and his cronies can continue to siphon off millions from the state coffers as they do now?

That is why frankly, if you look around, you do not have any real talent in Singapore, no musicians, no great lawyers, no scientists, no athletes, no entertainers, actors, artists, simply nothing.

Anyone with any capability for greatness has gone and left the island or is presently in the process of leaving.

Consider the legal profession in Singapore.

It is telling by itself that only 3,000 lawyers or perhaps even less practice law there even though the country has as many as 5 million people.

As a result of the bad reputation of the administration of justice, it has been simply impossible for the government to attract good students to the study of law.

The result being that today, only very weak incompetent students, who have failed to enter any other faculty end up studying law.

With such students, you can imagine how low the quality of lawyers are in the island.

The reason simply is that no one really wants to be part of a profession such as this, no one that is with any self respect, when from the Chief Justice to every other judge is simply corrupt and shamelessly serve the government, not the law.

Recently, due to the intolerable lack of lawyers, Lee's handpicked Law Minister, in desperation, had introduced legislation to lower the training standards even further for lawyers so as to increase their number.

Even so, this has done nothing to alleviate the lawyer shortage, and the numbers continue falling in a tail spin.

At the end, what you have is this.

A mediocre society, silently living in fear of Lee Kuan Yew in the island.

And who are these people?

First you have the illiterate, unskilled or the old and infirm.

These people are not aware of their rights and they never will.

Examples of these are the ubiquitous Chinese noodle soup purveyors, for a penny a bowl, in their ubiquitous kiosks throughout the island.

They don't speak any English and have never heard of Australia and never will.

They have no great skills to better the island or themselves, and will continue in the island regardless of whether they survive or not, simply because there is nowhere for them to go, and in any case, they don't see anything wrong in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

You can say for them, ignorance is bliss.

Second, you have the opportunists.

The government scholars who are sent abroad and return to Singapore to serve Lee Kuan Yew and his government as slaves, albeit, very well paid slaves.

You can consider them as high class prostitutes, for money they will serve anyone, even if he happens to be a dictator.

They know the government is corrupt and is all wrong but since the money is good, they willingly do Lee's dirty work.

For sufficient money, they would even polish the boots of the Emir of Abu Dhabi.

Third, you have the cowards.

These are the ones who are aware of the wrongs in the place but yet remain because they are either afraid to confront the government or afraid to venture abroad.

They stay behind their entire lives complaining but yet do nothing.

They will eventually die as quiet timid souls in Singapore afraid to have done anything consequential.

If asked, throwing up their arms in despair, they say change is impossible in Lee's Singapore.

So they do nothing.

Lastly you have the temporary foreign imports.

They come from Australia and elsewhere for a few years which they consider an Asian experience.

They would have gone to Africa if they were given a better opportunity, and considered it an African experience.

They have no respect for Singapore which they already know to be another Burma of the region.

They are not going to be consequential for Singapore one way or another.

And when they go home after a few years, they expose Singapore as nothing more than a tin pot dictatorship, thus further ruining the image of the country overseas, thanks to them.

Lee Kuan Yew by the foregoing has single handedly managed to successfully destroy the prospects of Singapore.

And as long as I continue to write these pages and so are the multitude of other blogs telling you what should be told, day by day, the nonsense put out in the state media of Singapore gets progressively discredited and debunked.

And with that, it becomes increasingly difficult for this fascist administration to continue keeping the truth away from the people.

As I see it, the greatest problem that Lee faces by the revelation of the real truth of Singapore in the Internet, is the problem of emigration.

Today several hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans have successfully managed to permanently leave for numerous western democracies.

For a small city state like Singapore, this has already become a crippling number.

There, they have not only succeeded but have also realised that life is much more rewarding not only financially but in every other way than in Singapore.

This itself becomes a magnet, for they persuade their siblings and parents to join them, they in turn bring their friends and thus a chain of emigres suddenly turns into an unstoppable flood out of tiny Singapore.

And what is worse, these are the cream of Singapore society, the most highly educated and skilled, the very ones Singapore is least able to lose.

With all this bad news, in the midst of million dollar ministers, is anyone surprised that Singapore does not produce any sportsmen, scientists, climbers, sailors, airmen or anyone of any consequence.

I guess, they have all left for western countries.

And I say, very good for them.

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Sunny said...


Most singaporean will forget what you mentioned in this blog after Harry's regime hand over the $200 GST offset package and extra bonus plus $300 cash for civil service employees in this coming month.

Certainly Harry and son know how to buy majority singaporean hearts and win the coming GE when the time is coming.

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Nice blog sir, I'm wishing All singaporean to open their eyes while you all take 3 job and working hard to pay everything, all minister are having a party, especially the big supporter of Israel Miss Lee Kuan Yew, whatever his name..Open your eyes SINGAPOREAN..