Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dissent is simmering under the brim in Singapore.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Not wanting to be too brazen, may I say that I am gratified with what is happening in Singapore now. It is quite clear now that my work in political dissent there has not been in vain. Just look at it now. Not too long ago in 2008, I was arrested in Singapore for criticizing Singapore Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean. After a great deal of publicity both locally and worldwide, I was sent to prison for 3 months.

As an ongoing occurrence, Dr. Chee Soon Juan and his brave supporters have been going to jail on a regular basis for civil disobedience.

More recently Alan Shadrake the British author was arrested for his criticism of the Singapore judiciary in his book. He plans to fight at his trial tomorrow. Singaporeans and the world have rallied to his cause.

Only yesterday a blogger had been arrested for writing that Vivian Balakrishnan, the Singapore Minister now known with scorn as "Comical Vivian" not unlike Saddam Hussein's "Comical Ali", should be "burned" together with his PAP.

Today another blogger was arrested for writing criticism of the shameful manner in which Shafie Goh was handcuffed and mistreated by police merely for taking pictures of Singapore's nationwide flooding.

Today there is a dejected looking picture of Vivian Balakrishnan in Singapore's state controlled press. Such a picture, looking sad and forlorn, always has a message in authoratarian regimes like Singapore. It can only mean "Comical Vivian" is on his way out. He gives a bad name for his blotching up the YOG games to a ever perfect image of Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

In Hitler's or Lee Kuan Yew's island, there is no tolerance for failure. In the one case, the firing squad. In the other dismissal and oblivion.

Goodbye Vivian. Good to have known you. Time you went to work in some government linked company trading with the Burmese military.

Having been an element responsible for instigating Singaporeans into unrest by this blog and my run ins with Lee Kuan Yew, I now sit back, continue writing and watch the fun.

The horse of public dissent has bolted from the barn. Now there is no stopping. The people are up in arms. Lee Kuan Yew would have to do one of 2 things, he has no choice. Either he has to keep arresting more and more Singaporeans for protesting, or he has to give in to freedom. And either way he loses.

This time, if indeed these protesters are the beginning of a tidal wave of islandwide dissent which I hope is the case, Lee Kuan Yew and his son better start worrying.

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mycroft said...

Do you get the sense that the brick wall is beginning to crumble at the edges and there is a general confusion in PAP ranks as to how to react appropriately to the embarrassing events that are battering the government with increasing frequency? It's not the smartest of moves to antagonise the Malay community (who are already up in arms from being marginalised) by arresting two of their own on ludicrous grounds because in certain electoral wards like Aljunied, the Malay vote is crucial to winning. If they're trying to frighten the monkeys by killing a couple of chickens this move is politically crass .

Caning for MRT graffiti, helplessness in the face of flooding, the Shadrake affair, the judicial murder of innocents Vignes Mouthi and Amara Toshi because it was 'procedure', the current attempt to frog-march a teen-age drug mule to the gallows, the bogus Presidential appeal procedure exposed and now the vindictive response to critics of the shambolic YOG. Tsk, tsk. I get the distinct feeling that control is gradually but unstoppably sliding away from the hands of the 30 highest-paid twits, er, I mean ministers, in the world in spite of Herculean effort. Maybe the sound of music is about to stop pretty soon now that the Titanic approaches its nemesis.

Anonymous said...

If you have not watched this YouTube, you should. It is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

And.... Check under various Singapore You Tube websites and just scan through some of the comments-from Oliver Fricker to Singapore National Anthem, and YOG 2010 song. There is definitely and obviously dissent going on, and less unity among the masses. My guess, it will only increase.

Anonymous said...

A society that robs an individual of the product of his effort, or enslaves him, or attempts to limit the freedom of his mind, or compels him to act against his own rational judgment-a society that sets up a conflict between its edicts and the requirements of man's nature-is not, strictly speaking, a society, but a mob held together by institutionalized gang-rule. Such a society destroys all the values of human coexistence, has no possible justification and represents not a source of benefits, but the deadliest threat to man's survival. Life on a desert island is safer than and incomparably preferable to existence in Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany, (or present day North Korea).

If men are to live together in a peaceful, productive, rational society and deal with one another to mutual benefit, they must accept the basic social principle without which no moral or civilized society is possible: the principle of individual rights.