Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Singapore happily shoots itself in the foot.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Alan Shadrake, the renowned British author, was arrested some weeks ago in Singapore for writing a book Singapore did not like. That itself was a big mistake. The world over has come to hear of it by now and has condemned it. Singapore's reputation as a police state intolerant of dissent has gone down ever further by 2 notches.

I would have thought Singapore would have realised they are hurting themselves, quickly dealt with him, and shipped him out, to save even further embarrassment.

But no, that is not what Singapore wants. It seems adamant to want to hurt itself even more. Instead of a quick trial, and deportation, they have postponed the case for 3 weeks, with a yet to be determined court date, while Shadrake remains in Singapore attracting even more publicity not only locally but also in the remotest parts of the world to which the shameful news may not have yet spread, perhaps to Azerbaijan or Siberia! Why, I really cannot understand.

Anyone with any sense of decency and common sense in this day and age will see Singapore has no leg to stand on in this. You simply don't go around arresting an author of a book merely for what he wrote. Civilized countries today have what is known as freedom of expression. You may be arrested in countries like Iran, North Korea, China or Burma, but they are countries which have never claimed to be democracies.

But for Singapore which claims to be a first world democracy (according to Lee Kuan Yew), which by the way we know it is not; to be deliberately behaving in this rather inexplicable manner by arresting an author for what he said in a book and then keeping him there for weeks and months, as if to make sure that the entire world knows about it, does not make sense at all.

Singapore in it's determination to have the entire world know about the arrest is in fact doing it's minuscule political opposition a great deal of good. The opposition, including myself, have been trying hard to expose Singapore for what it is, a one party state dictatorship under the grip of the aging Lee Kuan Yew and his son, through the government's smoke screen of outright lies and half truths put out by the state controlled media.

Singapore, by holding Alan Shadrake in Singapore with his passport confiscated, for a long time thereby allowing the world to know the complete details of his totally unjustifiable arrest, has been an unexpected blessing once again for all those who love freedom for Singapore.

Thank you, you bunch of Singaporean bullies for telling our side of the story. The longer you keep him detained in Singapore the better the story.

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Anonymous said...

Mein apologies ... nid to clarify further...

It is not Singaporeans who arrested and BSing around with Mr Alan to score points with the old man LKY and his PM son still in diapers...

It is the PAP or the so called man-in-white party that is doing all this crap stuff. It is not is the PAP. It is always about the PAP.

To be blunt....the tin-pot & insignificant [in the summation of history and totality of man] PAP party & its so called Youth Wing PAP is no different from the Nazi party & its hitler youth wing...they are the same animal only different in managing dissent and securing their positions to the detriment of the countries they claim they are leading to a "bright" singapore case it is the way the PAP leverage on thought control [propagande], education system to hobble / permanent damaged original independent young thinkers and using the "leegalized" laws to get their way and to continued to hold on to power with their claws/rotten nails.

Please in the fight for freedom...i re-quote the following: "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 146 "

Don't go to their level to fight else will become like the PAPies or Nazi wannabes in the better and be true to oneself.

Good day to all.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna buy someone a decent meal when Harry Lee died and when his smug son lee hsien loon died too. TWO OCCASION to look forward to!!!
They'll do the world a big favor by being dead.


Anonymous said...

Newsweek has very high regards for lee hsien loong ....... hahahahaha