Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oliver Ficker has received the beatings

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you were to ask Singapore's notorious Changi Prison whether the Swiss graffiti artist, Oliver Fricker who is there serving sentience has received the beatings (canings), like cowards they are not going to say. You see, just like North Korea, everything is secret in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore island. I reckon, as Fricker is already there for the last 2 moths or so, and his appeal has failed, with his sentence increased, there is a possibility he has already been tortured.

I recall when I was in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore prison in 2008, my Communist Chinese cell mate who was to receive the beatings because he overstayed his visa, was to have received it after about a month in jail. Going by this, it would appear that Fricker has either already been beaten or is about to be beaten.

Singapore, keeping mum about these beatings, hope that the public would forget about what he is going through. Out of sight and out of mind, is what Singapore wants. We should not let them get away with it.

Please give a thought to Oliver Fricker. Think of the excruciating pain he will suffer at the hands of this so called first world city state. He would be strapped naked to a wooden frame. A trained muscular athletic prison officer would use maximum force to beat his bare buttocks with a cane three times. Each time, the skin will tear and blood will flow. Even pieces of flesh would be dislodged. Fricker would scream with pain, but he is strapped to the trestle. At each beating, unable to bear the pain, he may move his buttocks but the prison officer will readjust him for the next bloody stroke. After the beatings, he would be helped to his cell, unable to walk. He would be unable to go to the bathroom. His buttocks will swell to 3 times the size and completely turn blue and black. Eventually it will heal but the scars will remain.

All all this pain for painting graffiti on a train.

Please give Oliver Fricker a thought.

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mycroft said...

A wicked thrashing that leaves permanent scars for Oliver Fricker whose only crime was mischief. Four months in jail. Nobody was hurt by the deed, none lost their lives or were inconvenienced in the slightest. A lifeless, man-made object made of steel was arguably artistically decorated.

Contrast this punishment with that of Lim Hong Eng, the 56-year-old executive editor of government-controlled Shin Min Daily News, whose SUV knocked down and injured a motorcyclist, killing the woman riding pillion with him. Miss Lim was on her mobile phone at the time of the offence. When Lim re-entered the courtroom, the smile that lit up her face upon the morning's verdict of 1 day's jail and a fine of $2000 was a sight to behold. Time spent waiting for the verdict in the cells was taken into account which meant she walked away scot free immediately.

Presiding justice Choo Han Teck said piously: 'In the circumstances, it will not be right to increase the custodial sentence to the detriment of the accused.' The judge made it clear, however, that this was 'a one-off case' and was not to be used as a sentencing precedent!

"There are two rules of law in China, one for the ordinary citizen and the other for 76 million members of the Communist Party. And the judges will do what they know what the leaders require to keep the country stable." - Lee Kuan Yew, interviewed by Charlie Rose, 10/23/2009

Irony is indeed wasted on the stupid.

Now, hands up all those who STILL insist that Lady Justice is blind and that justice is (or should be) meted out objectively, without fear or favor, regardless of identity, money, power, or weakness in the Republic of Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's not right, but boy is he going to have some stories to tell when he gets out. He has conducted himself very well i think, and it is a huge disgrace to jail and torture someone for a one off crime, that as stated did not hurt anyone or anything living. Stupid laws in Stupid S'pore.
Hope you get out soon man!

Anonymous said...

I for one will not forget this act of shamefulness from the criminal Singapore government. I won't forget Switzerland's president "giving in" and giving up her citizen to these monsters either. Your blog and the internet and You tube Singapore videos are good ways expressing views directly to the thousands of people that view it.

Anonymous said...

The best thing for Oliver Fricker is to draw out his ordeal on the walls of the Swiss Presidential accommodation.
It should be an appropriate scar on Swiss pride.

Anonymous said...

Oliver Flicker was let off too lightly, that's for sure. He should have been caned and jailed longer.

Vandalizing stuff in Singapore?!?! He's got to be punished severely!

Anonymous said...

in the first place,u should have understand sercurity has been proven to be a loophole and the swiss guy is abusing it.punish? yes,he deserve it

Anonymous said...

no, not really. Maybe if you live in S'pore you might think so, because you are probably BRAIWASHED! Jail and torture for spray paint and cutting a whole in a fence? No bloody way! Maybe for rape or murder, not for vandalism. No other place in the world would do that. And now many, many people are going to boycott s'pore and its insane laws.
FREE FRICKER! (so he can go out and paint more trains worldwide! You go buddy!)

16yearold said...

Well, the government's being a bitch (take it literally and figuratively, haha) again. Trying to push the blame to other people instead of being a bloody 40+ year old creature that actually does something about it. First the security lapse with Mas Selamat, next the lapse with Fricker. Meh, are we really safe, I question. Yet the government doesn't really care. They care, sadly, about whether they can squeeze another soul into the trains. That's all.

kenhp1 said...

I think he should receive corporal punishment. However, it should be with a leather strap or paddle. Bruises and light blistering is OK with me.
I do have a problem with scarring a man long term or for life. That is torture!!! I don't believe you need to beat them near death to get the point across. He made a dare and should be punished. He knew the laws of that country when he went. He just thought he could get away with it. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fricker would think twice before do such a thing again. I think it's fare, Singapore is one of the most cleanest, safest and secure places in the world. Extreme with its laws??? Probably, but that is why crime index is soooo low, almost null. Just check out grafitti in the Chicago, Los Angeles & New York's subways, just to mention a few!!! Real messy!! They all look dirty & creepy. Hopefully the scars will remind him not to act so stupidly anywhere.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous who wrote

"Mr. Fricker would think twice before do such a thing again".

Clean city, yes, but if you extract it by beatings and hangings, I rather have a dirty city.

Safe? Are you sure you are talking about Singapore. Look at the papers. Everyday, muggings on elevetors, snatch thefts and loanshark violence. A very unsafe place for such a tiny city.

Crime rate sooo low? Are you sure?

You should live in Singapore and be very happy. Just make sure you don't get caned or hung.

Nazi Germany would have also been very good for you. There too, I am told, it was very clean. No graffiti. The Gestapo would get you if you misbehave. But I guess you prefer that.

Anonymous said...

Usually, by the time someone reaches the age of 32, a person stops behaving like a juvenile delinquent. Mr. Fricker obviously has not, and the law of Singapore is well known, so bend over, buddy, and take your punishment. I hope that three licks is enough to get the point across. I think six would be more appropriate. We should have these sorts of punishment in the United States, and we would have less crime. Property crime is crime too.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous who said

"Usually, by the time someone reaches the age of 32"

Why not just shoot Fricker. Then you won't have any crime at all! And you save a lot of time too!

JamesM said...

The laws and punishment for breaking them in Singapore might not seem fair. That being said when a person travels to another country like it or not they need to follow the laws there. Fricker I'm sure was aware of what could happen to him if he got caught putting graffiti in Singapore. It sounds like he didn't think he'd be caught. He choose to knowingly break the law. In doing so Fricker showed no respect for the country. He deserved to be whipped and imprisoned. Why would a professional grown man in his 30s want to put graffiti up to begin with. Fricker deserved the humiliation he must have gotten from the whipping he received. Now maybe he's acting like an adult and not a kid. If using the belt or paddle was allowed in schools by more states again in the US there wouldn't be all of this disrespect of the staff. Or students showing up with guns and killing people.