Saturday, August 21, 2010

Law Society of Singapore vs Gopalan Nair. Disclosure hurts their reputation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Disciplinary proceedings against lawyers in Singapore as well as in most other countries are confidential. The public are usually not told of the proceedings until the lawyer is either disciplined or vindicated. The rule makes sense to ensure the privacy of the parties including the complainant.

Had I been physically within Singapore, I could not have said anything about these proceedings. Lee Kuan Yew's island is a police state and they can do anything they want against his targets.

Here the complainant being the Singapore Law Society itself, they should have nothing to hide and the rule of confidentiality therefore fails.

By my reporting the details of these proceedings, Lee Kuan Yew and his bully boys are clearly being embarrassed. It would have been one thing, had I in fact embezzled a million dollars of client funds and run away. But here they have a huge problem. My actions, rather than criminal in nature, were political intended to expose the dishonesty of their judges and the corruption of their entire legal system. It is one thing to disbar a dishonest lawyer, but quite another against one who is exposing a corrupt regime.

Naturally they would have preferred that all this is is kept under wraps now, as it should be, and when the time comes for my disbarment, write a few words in the state controlled press there and Gopalan Nair is history thereafter.

No, I am not going to let them get away so easily. I intend to use this opportunity in the pages of Singapore Dissident to expose them, every single bit of misuse of the law I can find.

And that is where their problem lies. As sure as the sun rises, disbar me they must no matter what. Otherwise Lee Kuan Yew will lose face and his mandate to rule from Heaven, like a good Confucian, as both Father and Son have so many times reminded us.

But the problem for them is, their case is weak. Very weak. They are in fact trying to disbar a lawyer from practicing law permanently, which is the ultimate punishment reserved only for the most serious of cases; but in this case, for writing a blog post in which he criticised a judge using proper English language for a serious misuse of her authority, the same for another judge, yelling at police officers (if this is in fact is true), telling a judge in open court that the proceedings are politically motivated and finally reneging on a promise to a judge in Singapore when he had every right to.

These are not charges that will result in any lawyer being punished anywhere in the world, and especially so when these actions refer to Singapore island, a place which has lost all credibility for it's total absence of the rule of law.

Huge bundles of documents, gigantic bundles of 40 lbs or so, have been sent to me recently from the Singaporean Law Society about this case, which I have not had time to look through. Their intent is clearly to intimidate a victim with the sheer weight of paper, it appears. It is simply a wastage of paper upon paper which tells us nothing more than what we already know.

When I have some time to throw, I will read that rubbish and report. With a cursory look at it, I found statements from All the Kings Men, or rather all of Lee Kuan Yew's lackeys, players in this game, such as Assistant Superintendent Abdul Razak Zakaria who had me arrested, and other such minions of the big man.

Singapore is spending a lot of time and effort on this matter, with several agencies other than the Singapore Law Society working hard on it, which reminds me of my importance I suppose, and not least a total waste of the Singapore taxpayers hard earned money, or what is left of it.

Soon the Singapore state controlled media will report my disbarment which I hope they do prominently, in headlines splashed across all the state controlled newspapers and all radio and television channels. This will once again give me the publicity that I need, put me once again in the spotlight in Singapore and keep the cause I am fighting for alive and burning.

After that, I will keep provoking them and their corrupt legal system in some other way, hopefully they take some other action, for Gopalan Nair to continue as the thorn on their side that simply refuses to go away.

I can only thank them for all their actions so far, my arrest in 2008 and imprisonment, my hoax on Lee Kuan Yew's heart attack this year that created a island wide panic and my forthcoming disbarment.

Today, thanks to them, Gopalan Nair is now a household name throughout Singapore island, which they alone made possible. Thank you.

As as for you my reader, thank you very much. Rest assured, Gopalan Nair is going to be around for a very long time.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Gopalan,
I think you have made a difference to the politics of Singapore, by opening a door into the inner workings of the puppet lawyers, the lies of the PAP party and the failures of the media and NGOs to check on the actions of the govt.

If you are labelled a trouble-maker by certain Singaporeans, that label will be an honour, knowing that you have succeed in annoying the guilty.

Those lawyers responsible for debarring you will need their credentials investigated.

Anonymous said...

Wish you good health. I admire your sense of justice and courage.