Monday, August 16, 2010

Singapore. Sit back and enjoy the ride

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The State controlled newspapers of Singapore, (all of them are) is not too dissimilar to a bulletin board or newsletter of a company, which publishes it's daily activities. They are not really newspapers in the strict sense where you can expect discussion, argument or investigative journalism. It would tell you what the government is doing on a daily basis, whether taxes have been raised, or lowered, where new roads are to be built, how many schools are to be built and how many demolished. As for you the citizen, there is nothing you need to worry about. Just be aware of what is happening and enjoy the ride. Lee Kuan Yew will take care of you. And he is not in the least interested in your opinion.

A Singaporean would consider himself lucky or terribly unhappy depending on whether he is capable of having any opinion. If he is the sort who does not have any, in which category the vast majority of Lee Kuan Yew's Singaporeans fall, life can be very pleasant. After all, except for the almost daily flooding throughout the island, there are no other major calamities, no earthquakes, no wars or pestilence. If you can manage to keep a job, you can do it, remain as inconspicuous as possible, don't complain about anything, don't be another troublemaker like Gopalan Nair; and if so, Lee Kuan Yew will not bother you and you can live out your life and die a peaceful death.

Then there are others, demonstrably only a few, who are not satisfied with this. They refuse to merely sit back and take the humbug thrown at them. If the government has plans to extend the GST or taxes, they want to know why. And what is worse, they have contrary opinions. They want to know why Lee Kuan Yew is so corrupted to the extent of $3.7 million per year which is his "salary". In other words they demand a voice. Such a man, which is a rarity in Singapore is Dr. Chee Soon Juan. For him and a few others like him, life becomes difficult in Singapore, very difficult.

Even though Singapore is just plain and simple dictatorship, and even though I know it and you know it, it won't do for international consumption. A visage, a veneer, a facade of democracy has to be shown. And here is where come the actors in Singapore Parliament House, who double as politicians. PAP Indarenee Rajah will argue against the introduction of foreign workers while PAP Wong Kan Seng will argue passionately for it. Low Thia Khiang of the Workers Party with unbounded enthusiasm and fervour will argue in the floor as to why the Workers should have more pay and Lim of the PAP will argue against it with even greater fire. All this would go on for a couple of days, the Parliamentary theatricals, and will eventually conclude with the government doing exactly what they wanted to do right from the beginning. And I don't think you would get an answer from Lee Kuan Yew or his friends why they waste their time and yours in this stupidity, since they always get to do what they want anyway.

The lesson we learn from this unique Singapore is this. If you want to live in Singapore, don't worry too much about anything. And even more importantly, don't have too many ideas about anything. It will only cause you trouble.

Best way to live in Singapore? Don't worry your head about Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew will take care of you. Just read the state controlled newspapers to know what is happening, if you want to. Even that is not necessary.

Just do your jobs, go to work, live a quiet life, Lee Kuan Yew will take care of you, as he has always done. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. And leave running the island to Lee Kuan Yew and his friends. Your opinions are not important. After all they know everything and you know nothing. Try to be a good Confucian boy like your mother said and keep your mouth shut, if you know what is good for you.

Remember, as Lee Kuan Yew called you, you are a "digit". Try to behave like one.

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mycroft said...

Kindly uncle Lee Kuan Yew will take care of you all right - with a hatchet and the bum's rush to 32 years hard labour and no messing about with old-fashioned ideas like due process, thank you very much. But not for too much longer if this person's report on Lee's latest appearance is correct. You might want to dust of your LKY eulogy, Gopalan.

August 16, 2010 at 9:44 pm

Anyone saw LKY on TV last night? The camera was so far away that it was difficult to even see him in the picture. The word must have got out. No close ups. When you view him up close, his face is puffy, one side of his face appears to be frozen. He slurs his words and mumbles incoherently. This is the face of someone who is seriously ill, much less capable of clear thinking. If he was a dog he would have been mercifully put to sleep.

Anonymous said...

It seems LKY is living on injections day after day that is why his face is puffy. He is dieing but refuse to admit. He wants to live until the day he just drop dead. He really enjoy his life of bullying the helpless and juveniles.

Anonymous said...

You know what he could not even stand to hear the clock ticking.

It's Dick tac to for him

Dick tac to-dic tac to-dic ta to-dic ta to . . . .

His son Lee Hsien Loon is equally despicable.

Must be bad genes


Anonymous said...

Will he be carrying a urine bag when he campaigns for the next General Election?