Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Law Society of Singapore vs Gopalan Nair, what's happening to my Singaporean disbarment!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hey, what in Heavens is happening to my Singaporean disbarment!

The Singaporean Kangaroo Disciplinary Proceedings against me, held in my absence, since they would have arrested me if I landed in Changi Airport, presumably went on from Sept 20 to Sept 24, 2010 (at least that is what I think) since no one has told me anything!

Is this another legal marathon or what, another 20 year trial of the century just to have me disbarred!

Especially since my actionable "criticism" of Lee Kuan Yew's judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean had happened more that 2 years ago, on May 29, 2008 to be exact, surely this delay must be a world record for disciplining a lawyer anywhere in the world.

Is this delay because the Attorney General of Singapore, the Singaporean Minister for Law and perhaps the 88 year old Lee Kuan Yew himself in his intermittent lucid moments away from his senility and dementia in collaboration with the Singaporean Law Society, an arm of the one party state government, are all putting their heads together to decide what exactly is to be done in this rather unexpectedly difficult situation of disbarring the troublesome Gopalan Nair in Singapore.

Please, you must admit, I am providing some amusement for you here, surely. And if I am, please let me know.

In my recent blogs I had provided the contact particulars of the participants in this charade, the Disciplinary Tribunal Judge, his Judge Assistant, the Prosecutor Peter Cuthbert Low (fancy name but local Singapore Chinese) and Audrey (not Hepburn) Lim Yoon Cheng (local Chinese woman, Deputy Registrar).

It might be good for you to contact them and demand an immediate explanation. What are they playing at!

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Anonymous said...

Probably, they realise that they are doing something extremely foolish. Trying to disbar a lawyer who is a US citizen who has no intention to practice law in Singapore. Also, probably the person from the Law Society who initiated this is no longer around - a certain Michael SYDNEY Hwang who has become one of the DUBAI Chief Justices.

Anonymous said...

they want to give you nightmares or keep you in suspends hope you die of heart attack soon from your anxiety. Now you canot even come to enjoy his wake public holiday for Sg) in Singapore. Catch 222 leh!

Anonymous said...

A reply from the Singapore Law Society:

Our dear leader, the Emperor of Singapore, has been away in Russia and could not attend to your case.

On his return, his beloved wife, the Empress, passed away.

Given these circumstances, I hope you understand that we cannot provide an update on your case at this time.

Rest assured that we will apply the full force of our society's laws to you (once we get approval from the Emperor.)

Anonymous said...

A letter by Dr. Chee to LKY

But while you had Mdm Kwa on whom you cultivated your affection, there were others who were deprived of that very same joy. They were not separated from their loved ones by that surly grasp of death, but by political power with which you wielded, and wielded so ruthlessly and unjustly.

You had Mr Chia Thye Poh locked up for most of his adult life. He was incarcerated when he was only 25 and regained his freedom only when he turned 57. Even Nelson Mandela spent less years under detention. The best years of Mr Chia’s life was so inhumanely taken away.

Dr Lim Hock Siew married Dr Beatrice Chia. When I met them recently, I saw the love – unspoken but abiding – that they had for each other despite the fact that you had kept them apart for 20 years.

Then there is Mr Said Zahari whom you also imprisoned for years, 17 years to be exact. He spoke lovingly of his late wife, Salamah, whom he adored.


Anonymous said...

An important point made in the Temasek Review

it is not justified for Mrs Lee to be carried on a “ceremonial gun carriage” when she never held any position in the Singapore government.

Going by protocol, the Minister Mentor is ranked behind the President, Prime Minister and Senior Minister in terms of hierarchy in the Singapore cabinet.

The wives of previous Presidents including our first elected President Mr Ong Teng Cheong was not accorded the same honor as well and so why should a precedent be set in this case.

One may argue that we should not deprive a “founding father” of Singapore the honor to send a grand farewell to his beloved wife. We have no qualms if the expenses were paid for entirely by the Lee family, but we are talking about taxpayers’ monies here being spent on a supposedly “private” funeral.


Anonymous said...

Since 2003 old fart must be down in spirit becos of his wife medical conditions and let you off generously.

Now his wife is buried and his life free old fart is free to take you on. Let's see the real old art at work without his bed pillow advisor. This time old fart is on his own and he trust no one on any advice but only he trusted his wife advice.

Since she is no more beside him, old fart maybe either a little timid on his enemies or more feroious at his enemeis that he had his hatchet in his hand 24/7 to deal with you, his enemies.

Let's see how he will deal with you on your licence. The show must go on and we are watching your stories as it unfolded and as critics and waching how old fart will deal with you.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous of Oct 08, 0524,

The difficulty they have is this. The charges are such that in no country with the rule of law can a lawyer be punished, let alone by disbarment for these charges.

Charge 1. In the Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean charge, my criticism of her was in correct English language usage and proper given the egregious nature of her law abuse. I have stated some examples in that blog.

Charge 2 and 3. I did not yell at police officers. It was a set up. Even so, no lawyer can be disbarred for that.

Charge 4. Same criticism as that of Belinda Ang Saw Ean against Kangaroo judge Judith Prakash for the Kangaroo T Shirt case (sending 3 men to jail for wearing Tshits with kangaroo pictures)

Charge 5. Retracting my undertaking to a Singapore court not to criticize them, when I had a legal right to do it.

By disbarring me, they not only would be embarrasing themselves before the rest of the world, it would also result in far reaching repercussions such as undermining their arbitration practice in the island.

I am of course hoping that they would disbar me since it would give me another reason to show they are nothing but a banana republic.

Just like you, I too am waiting.