Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dominique Strauss Kahn, Managing Director of the IMF and Singapore

Ladies and Gentlemen,

3 days ago, Strauss Kahn, the IMF chief, one of top European leaders was, as you know, arrested on the complaint of a mere chamber maid at Sofitel Hotel New York, a human being on the lowest rung of the hierarchy of jobs anyone can imagine, a chamber maid.

Such a happening would have naturally been unthinkable in any third world country. Simply put a poor humble chambermaid in a hotel does not go around accusing the head of the IMF of anything, let alone rape!

And if indeed this had happened anywhere else, the chambermaid would have been promptly rushed off to the nearest mental hospital to have her head examined, thereafter taken to court herself and charged with making a false report and fired on the spot.

And that is why one cannot avoid looking at America and admiring it's legal system. Truly this is the rule of law.

But you might have guessed from the title of this post that I am going to compare the American legal system to that of Singapore.

I can promise you this, that if Strauss Kahn had wanted to have some fun with hotel chamber maids, he should have gone to Singapore, where he could have done he wanted with an infinite number of hotel chamber maids, and walk off none the worse for it.

Under Singapore's legal system, which by the way is more accurately described as Lee's legal system, men like Strauss Kahn could have have as much fun as they want with chamber maids, taxi drivers, bus boys and doormen, got drunk, beat up taxi drivers, molested any number of women he wanted and still got away. The reason, in Singapore's legal system, it is not what you do that matters, but who you are.

In Singapore the law is taken in the context of Singapore's economic and political interests. Had Strauss Kahn done what he did in Singapore, the reasoning would have gone like this.

Strauss Kahn is important to Singapore's interests, being the head of the IMF. Sending him to jail would affect Singapore's political and economic interests. On the other hand the simple chamber maid who is a nobody can do nothing if she was ignored. Result, the Hell with the stupid chamber maid. We will protect Strauss Kahn.

I am not making this up as you would know. 2 years ago, an editor of the Chinese daily newspaper was driving while on the phone, ran a red light and killed a motorcycle pillion and seriously injured the rider resulting in paralysis. Verdict, a small fine and a few years disqualification. Had that been done by any other ordinary person, he would have gone to jail for 10 years.

Last year the sister of Singapore actor Lim Kay Tong, a doctor at the KK Hospital was found dead drunk in her car in the middle lane of Pan Island Expressway in the night, with all her lights switched off, sleeping! When police came to arrest her, she was reeking of alcohol. She too got off lightly as expected, with a fine and a light disqualification. Reason, she is after all a senior doctor in the Hospital.

Foreign Caucasian company managers, CEOs and bankers routinely grope, fight and do all kinds of nasty things at Boat Quay after drinking and merrymaking. None of them are arrested. Some have beat up taxi drivers, driven drunk and all sorts of other frolics. None of them have been ever been punished with more than a slap on the wrist if at all.

It is really one law for ordinary Singapore citizens, whom Lee Kuan Yew has accurately called his digits and another for the celebrities.

And are you surprised that I keep writing in this blog about Singapore's corrupt judges and their similarly discredited legal system?

And that is why I can say with pride that I live in the USA, a country with the rule of law and that is why you Singaporeans live in a country where the law is entirely up to what Lee Kuan Yew makes up as he goes along.

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Anonymous said...

Has L.K.Y been reading your blogs? Has be made any comments in reply? What do you think about how he really feels inside when he reads and digest all that you have said about him? I wonder.

Jackomo Finanae-- Iko! said...

All Singaporeans living in Singapore, please take heed:

The troubles you are facing in Singapore are either your fault or your parents fault. Let me explain. I grew up in that blasted country I do not want to call “my country.” So much pain and suffering, that I fled to the west and am a happy US citizen and am PROUD to call it my own, unlike Singapore, which is where I was born. Yes, US has its problems, but is a paradise compared to Singapore, as are other western democracies.

Please note, immigration borders are tightening and these days it is getting increasingly difficult to emigrate. There was a time when borders were so open, but you or your parents made the foolish mistake not to take advantage of it and trusted LKY and his PAP stooges

If you were born in the 50s, 60s, 70s, up until 1980, SHAME ON YOU. You had the opportunity to leave, but chose to stay and bitch and bitch and do nothing. Yes, you would have faced consequences like JBJ or Chee Soon Juan, if you squeaked a dissent, but who stopped you emigrating and leaving this police state for good?

Those of you born after 1985, I am sorry, you are not to blame, you are too young and were born too late to emigrate. Blame your parents for their foolishness in keeping faith with Singapore and the PAP and LKY and making you suffer like this. Foolishness is all it is, sorry to say that….

Those of you who are left in Singapore, your only hope is to migrate to the few countries with slightly more friendly borders like New Zealand etc. Perhaps try Eastern Europe etc and then try to slowly move into other places. Tough yes, but borders are shutting down, sad to say

I was born a few decades ago my parents, bless their hearts, could have done soooo much better for themselves and my siblings had they left earlier. They had multiple opportunities to leave. Like typical Singaporeans, they ignored these overseas opportunities, trusted the PAP and voted them, and kept on complaining afterwards. I was the youngest and the only son. After they saw first hand the pain and brutalities my peers and I suffered in National Slavery (I.e “National Service”), they suddenly woke up and emigrated. Fortunately for them (and my siblings), borders were still open. I followed them and moved to the US. They express so much regret that they did not move earlier….

I knew growing up in the 70s and 80s Singapore, that the people were getting squeezed. It was getting WORSE in the early 90s and we all knew that by the new millennium, things will be unbearable. In the 80s and early 90s, emigrants were purjaratorily referred to in Singapore as “disloyal,” now they are called “quitters. Call us what you like, we have a better life here in the west and life in Singapore sucks. That is the bottom line. “West is definitely the best,” when compared to Singapore, REGARDLESS what the Strait Times propaganda blares on a daily basis. Please forget the propaganda and open your eyes to reality….

You face foreign talent competition, rising costs, an iron-fisted government, no freedom, low wages and high cost of living, nepotism and many other ills. My question is could you not see this coming????? These were there before, but could you not have seen that the PAP will only get more and more brazen and hold your lives to ransom?

Sooo sorry guys, you or your parents made a fatal mistake not emigrating when opportunities beckoned in the 70s, 80s and even until the end of the century. In this new era of the 21st century, borders are tighter and immigrants are less and less welcomed. I am very sorry. I feel for you, sad but true…

Jackomo Finanae-- IKO!

John R said...

Thanks for your comments Gopalan. I'm a fellow former Singapore Indian myself.
Though I had not dared brush against their "law", I'm happy to learn the real history which I did not get from MOE.
John R

Anonymous said...

Dominique Strauss Kahn, Managing Director of the IMF and Singapore

Very well written and argued.

Now, make it really effective by reading it verbatim for a YouTube video.

Same Old Sh*ts said...

Mr Nair - You hit the spot again!

The Singapore "Too BIG to stuff up" club just added 2 more members.

After getting "sacked" from the Cabinet, Lee Kuan Yew & Goh Chok Tong have been promoted to Senior Advisor in government-run GIC & MAS respectively.

Goh is even given the Title of Emeritus Senior Minister.

Give thank$ to the father, the son and the holy Goh for their survival skills.

Singapore - Merrytocracy for all Elites.

Anonymous said...

"If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal." - Emma Goldman

She hits the nail on Singapore's 'elections'.

Anonymous said...

Fundamentally nothing has or will be changed. The inherent characteristics are too deeply rooted. A new camouflage attempts to hide its shortcomings and vulnerabilities. Remember, the Grand old Emperor is still sitting on his throne!

Comrade Mushashi

hayek said...

DSK was arrested for things other than justice. Please do not be naive to believe that the corrupt US justice system is in anyway more superior.

Ask those crooks from Goldman Sachs, they will tell you that the entire US legal system is a whore.

DSK has been attacking dollar hegemony and advocating an more equitable wealth distribution, questioning the merits of globalization. I believe that is the main reason for his disgrace.