Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Singapore Airlines. The Singapore Girl no longer attactive

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I remember the days when Singapore Airlines together with Singapore's state controlled media using their citizens tax payer dollars lavished on expensive ads worldwide daily touting the slogan "Fly the Singapore Girl" with pictures of half starved skinny ethnic Chinese Singaporean air stewardesses in tight fitting costumes, in postures leaning this way and that, to lure the traveling public by sounding as if you are not just going to fly but actually going to sleep with them as well!

After all “Fly the Singapore Girl” may be construed in more ways than one!

Stupid to think at that anyone in their right minds would fall for such nonsense but indeed they did, as shown by the huge profits they were able to make for at least a quarter of a century.

But alas, for Singapore Airlines, the magic is over. I am not sure which, perhaps the travelling public no longer consider these half starved skinny Singapore women  attractive or perhaps the world has come to it’s sense finally, but either way it is bad news for Singapore Airlines. According to Businessweek article headed “Singapore Airlines competition rises” May 17, 2012, the airline reported a loss of $38.2 million in the first 3 months of this year; unprecedented as they have always shown a handsome profit throughout their history.

From the grim figures published by Businessweek in this article, it really doesn’t appear to have any hope of success. If you knew the way Singapore is run by the Lee ruling family, not just the airline but everything and everybody in Singapore you would know why. The whole island is run on false pretences, and slowly but surely, as the case of the failure of this airline has shown, the lie would nailed sooner if not later.

Just as the public have come to see the “Fly the Singapore Girl” nonsense, and given the airline the boot, it is becoming clear that everything else is simply make believe with no substance whatever.

The fact is the Lee family actually rule the island which is in fact theirs to do as they will. But yet they go out and spend lavish amounts in publicity campaigns to say that it is a model democracy. Just as the failed or about to fail Singapore airlines, the credibility of the island will sooner or later be given the boot when the truth is revealed.

The Lee ruling family goes to great lengths to portray it’s legal system as the best in the world. Yet it is exactly like that of the Peoples Republic of China where the law’s principle tool is to ensure obedience to the rulers.

The Lees claim that theirs is a Constitutional democracy. Yet none of the so called Constitutional rights are ever allowed the people, meaning you would be arrested if you speak publicly on politics, criticize the Lees or their government, print a newspaper without permission or peacefully protest.
Singapore does not have a vibrant, free and spontaneous people; their faces show fear of what they say and how they behave lest the Lee ruling family is displeased.

But the problem simply is this. The Lees have run out of ideas. All they can do is to modernize the city with modern buildings and infra structure. But none of this is any use if you are left with an intimidated fear ridden population unable to think or act independently without first receiving government approval.

The Lees have managed to ruin the reputation of Singapore island completely with their repressive ways. Today when a foreigner is reminded of Singapore the first thing that comes to mind is that country which criminalizes chewing gum, beats people as an official punishment and the place with the highest rate of hangings in the world, even exceeding China on per capita population ratio.

Singapore Airlines would continue to lose money. One reason is the traveling public which is becoming increasingly savvy simply refuse to fly an airline which denies it’s citizens individual freedoms. One would not want to fly a North Korean, a Zimbabwe or Communist Chinese Airline; certainly not the discerning public who have any self respect and a respect for human rights. And neither do they forget that the Lees in their tiny little island take home a salary of 5 times that of the President of the United States!

But as we speak, not just Singapore Airlines but the island itself has stalled in mid flight, entered into a tailspin from which recovery is impossible. It is going to crash. The wings have stalled. They are no longer flying.

Here is the litany of bad news. Singapore’s brain drain is the highest in the world. Almost everyone capable of moving abroad is doing so. Their birth rate is the lowest in the world. A large segment of their population is aging and dying. In desperation Lees are bringing more and more immigrants, totally unsuitable, from Communist China who are illiterate in English (no one else wants to settle there, except for rich foreign thieves and foreign tax criminals). By the way Singapore does a roaring business in money laundering and as a tax haven for foreign deadbeat tax cheats.

Gopalan Nair
, California
Tel 510 657 6107


Anonymous said...

Dont fly SIA, and dont visit Singapore. Let the world know you do not support authoritarian govt. Tourists boycott singapore.

Unknown said...

Very interesting reading, as usual.

Anonymous said...

On the brain drain, more citizens are leaving this small island state in one year than the USA in one decade!

Anonymous said...

Gopalan: please do an article about the Nguyen Tuong Van execution in 2005, and how S'pore has dealt with accusations of hypocrisy (for allegedly laundering drug money, and heavily investing in Burma) since then.

Anonymous said...

Just like political ideology is a dead wood in Singapore, the Singapore Girl has passed its use by date. Is this a premonition that soon the old fart will be up lorry?