Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Singapore Island's Lee Kuan Yew in daipers and unable to walk independently

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As in any Stalinist one party state, of which Singapore is one, it is impossible to know exactly what is happening. It's state controlled media releases what they want you to know, which usually is downright fiction, resulting in the fact finder relying on unverified sources leaked from within the establishment at great danger to themselves.

Going through several of the blogs from within Singapore, which naturally are all incognito, not wanting to end up burning at the stake, some facts can be gleamed as fairly accurate.

The first not unexpected news appears to be the 89 year old Lee Kuan Yew is now permanently wearing diapers for a failing bladder and bowels. He is also unable to walk unattended having suffered a serious impairment of mobility in his limbs, resulting in his having an attendant with him at all times, lest he falls and breaks his brittle bones, which naturally would mean the end.

The general belief on the ground is that, except for a few cronies at the top, the vast majority of Singaporeans young and old despise him and wish he were dead. Over the years he had ruthlessly destroyed every single one of his opponents, not even sparing their innocent families with the help of his dreaded Internal Security Department, corrupt police officers and mercenary judges.

Despite all the drumbeat of Singapore's great economic success, which is entirely illusory, except for the few at the top who sell their souls for money, the vast majority of Singaporeans merely get by. They do not have savings, they do not have social security and neither do they have a minimum wage or unemployment security. This is why seeing tottering very old men and women, at food stalls clearing tables is a common sight. They work not because they like it but because if they don't they will die.

Through threats of victimization and reprisals, he has managed to transform an entire country into one craven, cowardly and effete society, incapable of ever standing up for anything they believe. Which explains why there are no protests of any sort in Singapore island, despite the fact that foreigners steal local's jobs, Lee Kuan Yew pays himself millions every year, and there are no human rights whatsoever (no right to free speech expression or nothing).

His son, whom he appointed Prime Minister does not appear capable of instilling confidence in anyone. Generally there is a sense of insecurity. The people are unsure if Singapore can withstand the demise of the 89 year old tyrant in diapers. It has to be understood that this 89 year old man is going to die very soon and it is uncertain what will happen to Singapore of which he continues to be the center stage. There are serious doubts that his son can do anything positive, which is why increasing numbers of Singaporeans capable of leaving are doing so in ever increasing numbers.

The danger beside the chaos that will ensue is the Singapore dollar losing all value and becoming totally worthless. This I believe is the one major reason why ever increasing numbers of Singaporeans are leaving the island and there has already become a nascent river of money leaving the shores of the island to countries more secure such as Australia and Canada. I expect this out flowing of assets out of Singapore to gain momentum and become a flood.

To try to stem this inevitable doom, the Lee Kuan Yew's palace in Singapore island continues to keep mum about his medical condition. You would notice there has been hardly any news on his condition for several months past.

My advice to Singaporeans still holding on is to see the writing on the wall. It is getting too late. You don't want your assets to become worthless the next week because that is when Lee would kick the bucket. It is not a risk worth taking. Your Singapore dollar would turn out no better than the Chinese Hell notes that Lee's son would be burning at his fast approaching funeral.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Disbarred from practicing law in Lee's Singapore, imprisoned and refused entry to the island for criticizing Singapore's judiciary in this blog (see blogpost May 29, 2008 Singapore. Judge Belinda Ang's Kangaroo Court)
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Anonymous said...

hilarious, but so true and wish he dies faster..

Anonymous said...

Why is he still holding on to his job? It is costing the state a lot of $$$.

Burn said...

It may be a real case that he's really bedridden and possibly critical condition as well. If not given his nature, he's bound to come out and give his usual dose of "wisdom" and lecturing everyone with regards to the recent spade of incidents happened to Singapore lately. Also our rather useless PM created a FB out of sudden in an attempt to reach out to everyone when he himself knows that there will be nothin but a barrage of criticisms will be on him.. I suspect that he is doing a last ditch attempt to reach out and gain support from Singaporeans.. just my point of view

Anonymous said...

Let him have a slow and draggy one, long and painful death before he rots and burns in hell for eternity with his bitch!

He would deserve such a death for fucking up Singapore to the state it is today flooded by filthy peasants from third world countries

Anonymous said...

Will the SAF be on standby?

Anonymous said...

I left 37 years ago after my NS call up notice. I have made a life for myself here in Australia since. However, never a day passed without me agonising over the fact that I was forced into leaving my home due to Goh Keng Swee's dream rubber stamped by LKY. Goh Keng Swee is gone and now everyday I clicked onto Singapore dissident hoping for only one news. LKY is gone. I left Singapore at 22 and am now a 57 year old man. I hope he suffers before he goes.

Anonymous said...

Faster up lorry i cant wait to celebrate!

Anonymous said...


PAP govt hopeless said...

Singaporeans now setting up cooperatives to hep themselves, so the Channel News Asia wrote.

What to do, the PAP govt only take care of its 1%.

Singapore is now a playground for the Rich!


Anonymous said...

The whole SAF is mobilise for nation wide excercise.Checking if the men serving r taking order.Sure nothing will happen as the objective is already secure and evry excercise is just reorg and enemy overrun n perimetre secure.When Egypt or Syria like baloon see what and who is around to fall in to combat.Wow what a preparation as somone seriously bed ridden n lost of control within the system.Recall is expected sooner then thought....

Anonymous said...

Cancer loong and his grandson should die first, in fact his whole family should die before him. Bury your family personally OLD FUCK! Your sins, you deserve such a retribution.