Sunday, December 23, 2007

The dilemna faced by educated Singaporeans. To stay and fight, to emigrate or stay and do nothing.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The dilemma faced by young educated Singaporeans in this dictatorial country where Lee Kuan Yew considers his citizens "digits" is this. To stay and fight for human rights and a freer society; to emigrate to democratic countries or to stay back and do nothing.

Staying and fighting for change is the most honorable option. But, as you know it comes at a price. We have seen the price paid by Dr. Chee Soon Juan, who lost his job, was sued and bankrupted. The same sad fate for J.B.Jeyaretnam. And the same fate for many others, many of who have gone into exile. Therefore the prospects of this cause of action appear daunting. It is the old Chinese saying, kill a chicken a frighten all the monkeys. Naturally, many young men and women who have their lives ahead of them are hesitant to take the plunge into political opposition.

Those who feel that it is not possible in conscience for them to remain in Singapore without fighting the establishment, and wish to further their careers and professions, emigrate. This way, they have the satisfaction of knowing that they have refused to permit Lee Administration to push them around by remaining in Singapore. Since they have no desire to lend support to this dictatorial and repressive administration, for the sake of their souls, their pride and their careers, they leave for Australia.

Then there are those who stay behind in Singapore; go about their business, but stay out of local affairs altogether. If you are a self respecting human being, with red blood flowing in your veins, with a cerebral capacity normal for that of a human, this is not an option.

I say this is not an option because this arrogant administration does anything that want with you or your life with total disrespect to you as a citizen. Lee has openly said this much. As far as he is concerned, you are a mere "digit". He will tell you what to do and you must do it. He is the master and you are the slave. And that is how it is.

That is why I say, no self respecting Singaporean should remain in Singapore and do nothing because by doing so, you permit him to take advantage of you. Under these circumstances, if you are a self respecting human, and remain, either stand and fight or leave for Australia.

But the good news is that more and more citizens are turning into fighters, standing up to this repressive regime and prepared to take the knocks that come with it. In fact if sufficient numbers turn against the regime openly, they would be powerless to punish everyone.

You can see that this government survives by bullying people. Don't let them. Stay behind and resist.

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Anonymous said...

Till today, i still do not understand how our people have time and again knowingly and willingly vote these bandits in white to power during every freaking election...Sure, they played dirty, had unfair advantages, redraw district wards as n when to their likings but it should really make no difference to a self respecting citizen. Maybe we ain't that self-respecting afterall?