Thursday, December 20, 2007

It is clear the Government of Singapore has weakened.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is clear the people's overwhelming dissatisfaction of the Lee Kuan Yew government has begun to have effect. It has weakened this clearly unrepresentative government.

Today certain things are clear. First, the PAP ministers have thoroughly alienated the entire population by paying themselves unacceptably huge salaries, in fact several times the income of the US president, even though they are fully aware that all Singaporeans deplore it. The Lee Kuan Yew ministers stand discredited in the eyes of all Singaporeans.

The Singapore judiciary stands thoroughly discredited in the eyes of Singaporeans, never mind how many times the Singapore Chief Justice swears Singapore has the rule of law. It became discredited the moment it's judges willingly allowed themselves to be used as tools of Lee Kuan Yew to eliminate the opposition. As was the case with JB Jeyaretnam, Tang Liang Hong, Dr. Chee Soon Juan and countless others.

The Singapore Legal Profession stands discredited when the President of the Law Society, Philip Jeyarentnam stood idly by while the judiciary was persecuting Lee's political opponents re: Dr. Chee, JB Jeyaretnam his father and countless others. In fact Lee Kuan Yew uses the Law Society and it permits itself to be used as a political tool of the government to destroy his opponents.

Singapore newspapers stand discredited. It has been ranked 154th least credible paper, similar to the likes of North Korea, by respected international organizations. Singaporeans have no respect for their press. They look at it no more than propaganda organs and look to the Internet for real news. But since international papers do not report on local news, Singaporeans realize with disgust that they are fed propaganda on a daily basis. They are angry that they are treated so.

Singapore parliament stands discredited. 82 of the 84 government members in Parliament are seen as nothing more than hand picked executives whose job is to merely parrot what they are told to do by the government. Singaporeans know that they have neither leadership qualities nor independence. They are merely PAP highly paid employees and not representative leaders at all. These PAP members have no shame or any self respect. They know it, and the people know it. The people are angry.

In fact every government organ is discredited and has become entirely political tools to carry out Lee's commands and parliamentary democracy has been entirely destroyed. It is pure and simple fascism. The government knows it and the people know it. Therefore, it has now come to a situation where this Lee Kuan Yew Administration runs the country in this distasteful manner, in total disregard of the entire Singapore population.

This situation is one that cannot last. In fact, as their actions are entirely and absolutely against the people’s interests, Lee Kuan Yew is finding it difficult to enforce it's laws and policies.

Take defamation of character actions for which Lee Kuan Yew government has become world famous. You know that just 10 years ago, even the slightest criticism landed a person in court, having to face Lee Kuan Yew's lawyer , the turbaned Sikh, with a pro Lee Kuan Yew judge, who would have found you liable at the blink of an eye, assessed damages at a million dollars and forthwith sent you to the cleaners.

But look at the situation now. Complete opposite. Dr. Chee Soon Juan's Singapore Democrat website criticizes the Lee Administration, daily, openly and directly without any fear. In spite of this open and direct criticism, which in the past would have attracted countless defamation actions, now seem unchallenged by Lee. The Sikh turbaned lawyer is not being deployed to polish off Dr. Chee for his various defamations which Dr. Chee defiantly continues to utter, “defamations” being used within the meaning of Lee Kuan Yew lexicon, not it's universally understood meaning.

Take the bloggers, hundreds of them, who openly defy Lee Kuan Yew. And among these opponents of Lee, many are prepared to identify themselves openly. I am referring to blogs such as that of Mr. Yap Keng Ho, whose blog Uncle Yap, repeatedly calls Mr. Lee Kuan Yew a cheat and a liar; Martyn See who was himself questioned by the police once, but yet fearlessly blogs in his Singapore Rebel, calling Lee Kuan Yew names which would never have been previously uttered in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. Yet Martyn See remains undeterred in his criticism of these million dollar ministers and Lee Kuan Yew appears unable or unwilling, never mind which, to finish him off. There are countless other bloggers who have begun to bravely identify themselves while calling Lee Kuan Yew ministers, dictators, thieves and charlatans. None of them have been arrested or sued.

Then we have the political activists who brazenly flout Lee's laws intended to silence criticism. I am referring to the 5 man protest law which calls for a permit if 5 or more protest. The Burmese protested en masse. Not 5 but 2oo. But no one was arrested. You will recall some foreign wives, much more than 5 in number, protested Burmese repression somewhere near Little India MRT station, Singapore. Their pictures of defiance was all over the blogs. They were not arrested.

I understand that persons have been distributing leaflets along Orchard Road containing anti PAP literature. They appear to be doing this openly. Brazenly. No one has been arrested.

The last I was in Singapore, last month, I personally came across scores and scores of Singaporeans who have decided to engage in various forms of anti PAP agitation. I am sure with the Singapore government's surveillance apparatus, they are aware of who these potential aspiring anti government elements are. But none of them have had any trouble so far, and yet, only 5 years ago, they would have all been arrested by now, called Marxist conspirators and promptly confined at Internal Security Department headquarters which stands not far from the horses at the Singapore Polo Club.

The more I think about it, the more the situation becomes clear. The truth is that at present, this government is running the country entirely, repeat entirely, against the wishes of the entire, repeat entire Singapore population. This sort of a situation may be possible in a country such as North Korea or Burma which really do not need the outside world. It is entirely untenable for a country such as Singapore which relies on international commerce.

Singaporeans are slowly and slowly becoming emboldened. Singaporeans are at the threshold of taking more immediate measures. I can see the anger of Singaporeans to transform from suffering in silence into active forms of opposition. The next step for Singaporeans can only mean street protests, distribution of leaflets to the public and other more urgent forms of action. And when that time comes, the time of the Lee Administration would also have come.

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Anonymous said...

Well expressed Mr Nair! You not only write well but have a good memory although you are not in S'pore but faraway in the US. Keep up the good work.
I hope now that the PAP govt reads and responds to your various damning statements soon. If not, they must be in a quandary now as to how to proceed.Remember, good will triump over evil eventually!
God bless and keep you for the new year.
PS: I read your blog first thing in the morning even b4 the biased ST owned and controlled by LKY the OldFart.