Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mr. Dhanabalan's remarkable ability to convincingly tell you a lie, even when he knows that you know it to be a lie!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mr. Dhanabalan, the former Singapore government minister, who remains part of the Lee Administration after retirement, has a remarkable ability to convincingly tell you a lie, even when he knows that you know it to be a lie! This remarkable ability is possessed by the entire Lee Kuan Yew Administration. As one reader of my blog Jeff Yeo wrote, (see his letter above)the Lee Administration politicians would even be prepared to tell you with a very straight face that pigs indeed can fly!

The Singapore state owned and controlled newspaper "The Straits Times" of Dec 11, 2007 carries a story headed "Possible to reconcile faith with political duties in Singapore: Dhanabalan". He had made a speech at the old Parliament House to an invited group of PAP sympathisers or rather political opportunists, comprised of civil servants, students and guests.

If there was something further from the truth, surely it has to be this statement!

What does he call these following actions, these crimes committed by the Lee Administration anyway? Christian deeds?

Anyone who knows Singapore even a little knows that dishonest unconscionable actions such as the following happen every day in Singapore.

The Singapore judges systematically abusing defamation laws to bankrupt opposition politicians such as JB Jeyaretanm and many others? Falsely accusing 22 civic minded citizens comprised of lawyers and others as Marxists conspirators, in 1987, imprisoning and forcing them to sign confessions under torture? The abuse of legal process to bankrupt and imprison Dr. Chee merely because he dared to criticize the government and their politicians? The muzzling of the press and media to parrot government propaganda and denying the citizens any avenue to criticize the government? What about the fact that he, Dhanabalan, corruptly pays himself over $3 million dollars a year which he claims as his salary, without the consent of his people, while the poorer sections of Singaporeans in their one room flats live without food and electricity?

Tell me again, Mr. Dhanabalan. Are these Christian deeds?

Dhanabalan had said that politicians in other countries are ranked no higher than "second hand car dealers". Yes that may be true and Dhanabalan may be right. In Singapore they are not second hand car dealers; they are worse, they are gangsters and thieves. Much worse than second hand car dealers.

As for me, I will say this to Mr. Dhanabalan. Give me "second hand car dealers" anytime. They are much better than the outright gangsters that Mr. Dhanabalan and his boss Lee Kuan Yew are.

And if Mr. Dhanabalan calls himself a Christian, I will ask him this. What need do we have then for the Devil?

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Anonymous said...

SM Goh, MM Lee to leave Cabinet
Posted: 14 May 2011 1816 hrs

SINGAPORE : Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew on Saturday said they have decided to leave the Cabinet for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his team to have a fresh clean slate.

In a joint statement, they said: "We have studied the new political situation and thought how it can affect the future. We have made our contributions to the development of Singapore. The time has come for a younger generation to carry Singapore forward in a more difficult and complex situation.

"The Prime Minister and his team of younger leaders should have a fresh clean slate. A younger generation, besides having a non-corrupt and meritocratic government and a high standard of living, wants to be more engaged in the decisions which affect them.

"After a watershed General Election, we have decided to leave the Cabinet and have a completely younger team of ministers to connect to and engage with this young generation in shaping the future of our Singapore.

"But the younger team must always have in mind the interests of the older generation. This generation who has contributed to Singapore must be well-looked after."

Mr Goh said he will now have more time to devote to his Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency (GRC).

He said this in a post on his constituency Facebook page, MParader, on Saturday, after the press statement was issued to say that he and MM Lee are retiring from the Cabinet.

Mr Goh said PM Lee can then refresh his Cabinet to forge a new Singapore consensus by rethinking policies and reshaping Singapore with fresh ideas.

He said Team Marine Parade will build a consensus on creating their 4G Home - which stands for a great home, as well as a gracious, generous and environmentally-conscious people.

In response to comments on his thread, Mr Goh said he is out of government but remains as MP for Marine Parade GRC.

"(I) will have more time to spend with residents, something I have always enjoyed doing," he said.

- CNA/ms

Jon said...

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong revealed in his interviews for the SPH publication “Men in White: The Untold Stories of the PAP” that former National Development Minister S Dhanabalan left the Cabinet in 1992 because he was not comfortable with the way the PAP had dealt with the “Marxist Conspiracy” in 1987.

“At that time, given the information, he was not fully comfortable with the action we took…he felt uncomfortable and thought there could be more of such episodes in the future…he’d better leave the Cabinet. I respected him for his view,” Mr Goh said.

Mr Dhanabalan said his reason for quitting some 12 years later, was one of conviction:

“My philosophy is one where I need to have complete conviction about some key policies and if I have differences, it doesn’t mean I am against the group……but I have to try and live with myself if I have some disagreements on some things,’ he said.