Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A letter from overseas Singaporean

Dear Gopalan,

Dec 05, 2007

I read your blog. I must say it is very interesting to know that there are others who also feel that the government of Singapore is downright oppressive.

I used to be a Singapore but now I am currently in the UK. Don't want to bother you much with my personal details but I need to know how to go about relinguishing my Singapore citizenship? It's rather urgent and I hope you don't mind helping me out.

Thank you for your kind help


Hello There,

Thanks for letter. I can see that more and more Singaporeans overseas are fed up with the Lee Administration and this is hurting them badly. As for relinquishing Singapore citizenship, please attend at the Singapore High Commission London and fill up some forms which ask you whether you are sure you wish to give it up etc. Upon executing those documents, you will receive a letter from the Singapore government that your Singapore citizenship has been relinquished. You will have to hand in your Singapore passport as well.

If you wish to do this because you wish to withdraw your CPF, then you have no choice. On the other hand if there are no compelling reasons and if the British Nationality Act (assuming you are UK citizen) does not prohibit dual nationality, you may as well keep your Singapore passport as well. Even if Singapore does not permit dual nationality, they are not going to know that you are also British unless you tell them.

Since I do not know your other circumstances, I am writing this only on my assumptions.

As I say giving up Singapore citizenship is easy. All you need to do is to fill up some forms at Singapore High Commission London.

Best Wishes
Gopalan Nair

Dec 05, 2007
Fremont, CA, USA


Anonymous said...

Like what Gopalan says, if it is to do with your CPF, then that would be the only way. If not keep the citizenship as the Government is now 'rewarding' citizens every four years especially before the elections with their 'progress package'. You can then take this money and donate it to the opposition parties. My sis lives in LA for 20 years and comes back only every three-five years for a 2 week visit and she's got a nice reward of $800 from our 'nice' government before the last elections. We should have an election every year so that we can get the progress package as our country has progressed so much downwards. Haha..

D.Ramirez said...
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Anonymous said...

My brother would like to relinquish his Singapore citizenship but resides in Perth. How would he do that? Thanks.

Gopalan Nair said...

To relinquish citizenship contact the nearest Singapore consulate in Australia