Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Letter from Jeff Yeo

Re: Thank you for your efforts in trying to wake us up.

Hello Gopal:

i am an avid reader of your blog and i am really glad and moved by your relentless efforts in tryng to wake up our fellow men though u can just simply turn a blind eye. I know you are a patriot.

Sadly, how i wish i could tell you all those comments you said about singapore are wrong!!!

No offence taken if you are a christian, u see, a large number of our ministers are christians but look at the way they spin and fabricate lies upon lies upon lies!! DISGUSTING !! u think these people will actually enter the kingdom of god?? what really make me puke is the way they lie without blinking their eyes!! If the old man says pigs can fly, i can bet with you they will look at you in your eyes and say pigs can fly!!

felt so disgusted that i gave up my faith in the religion.

unlike the hongkies, taiwanese, thais, filipinos, malaysians, indonesians and even myanmese (in fact all the people in other ASEAN countries) who dare to stand up for things that they believe so fervently in, we fought back with an avalanche of whines and complaints..

no wonder taiwanese said we singaporeans got no `lan par' (genitals)! A generation without lan pars with have offsprings without lan pars.. too bad!! If you have been following our local political scene, singaporeans can `live beyond 85' thing as coined by the PAP, well... even if they say singaporeans can live beyond 100, i can bet with you, it will be met with fierce avalances of `whines and complaints' and that's it..we just accept and life goes on!!!
Amazing, this can never happen any other country in the world, even monks in myanmar dare to stand up against the juntas!

no wonder this leegime (any other regime too) can triumph and prosper for half a century and even beyond... a change of regime will not help!! it will be the same all over again... old wine in new bottle.. enslavement will continue..it will never change. so no point hoping that things will change after the old man dies.
PAP (or any other wannabes) is here to stay...their cronies, goons and minions will continue to prosper beyond their wildest dreams..thanks to our domesticated population.

Even that day comes when this country is invaded by foreign enemy, do u think the people here will stand up and resist? ABSOLUTELY NOT.
Life will go on as usual and the people will accept a new master. This generation is unlike our forefathers who bravely resisted the japanese when they came in 1942. U can be assured that those RCs grassroots members will flock to welcome the new master with open arms. Believe you me!
It is a matter of will that triumphs in the end. We are lacking in that.
Our arsenals are stocked with whines and complaints and foul language ready to unleash anytime, anywhere. That's all!

no wonder Li Ao (the taiwanese writer) said sgporeans are of inferior stock!!
Those that are able to and are `anoited' left in flocks to their new promise lands (where ever that might be), the rest well, life goes on!!

Perhaps you have already read it, but i would still like to share this

Have read it many times but it has never fail to move me. Granted that i may not know this great singaporean politician well enough...when was the last time you heard our present leaders speak with compassion for our fellow men?
come on, how much we have lost to gain what we `truly' are `enjoying' now? What have we won by becoming the 1st world (as in the words of our media)?
One thing I feel strongly is that the laws we have here are still lacking in compassion for our fellow singaporeans especially for the heartlanders (aka man on the street). They are punished severely for any crimes committed as compare to the punishments melted out to those who are more affluent (even foreigners, well, that's relative i suppose).
With the highest execution rate per capital in the world, there are more ad more death penalties awarded each year. We have become vicious and vindictive. Open your eyes and see who are those at the receiving end!!
no wonder rich fugitives find this place a haven. Truly, Golden Calf worship has become our religion. Anything goes as long as there's money coming in for the leegime.

since when have we lost our soul??
no one is incorruptible except god himself!!
Imagine a man who has been in power for coming to half a century............


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