Sunday, December 23, 2007

Singapore. The strength of the Lee Administration is an illusion. Toppling them is easier than you think.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is well known that in Communist doctrine, the first and foremost objective in battle is to win hearts and minds of the people. Once this is achieved, victory may even be got without firing a single shot. The same principle apples in government. Any government. Once a government has lost the support of the people, it is just the beginning of the slippery slope to defeat and over throw. This is actually the situation in Singapore now. You will see it if you open your eyes.

It is well known that the Lee Administration is now at it's very abyss, rock bottom, in popularity. Almost every man has only hatred for it. With the million dollar ministerial salaries. The lack of CPF retirement funds. The increasing costs of living. The suicides. Emigration. The lowering of wages simultaneous with increasing of minister's millions. The elderly having to clean food hawker tables. The murders. The thieving lawyers. The list of infamy goes on. Unabated. The people living in fear. The rich with their greed. Singapore has turned into an ungodly place.

But here is the good news. The peculiar circumstances make it peculiarly suited to the over throw of this despotic government.

First, it is a small place. This is a geat advantage for political change. Unlike India or China, where political victory in Harbin, Northern China, does not necessarily mean victory in Beijing. The place is vast. A lot more work and a lot more time is needed to change the entire country. It is not easy. But Singapore is small. You can drive, in 30 minutes from North to South or East to West of Singapore Island. Therefore concentration of efforts becomes easy. You will either move the country this instant or you would not.

Second, the ground is against this insensitive and greedy government. Overwhelmingly so. The people are angry now. It is easy to move an angry people to action.

Third we have the Internet. Even if this government denies the people the actual bad news that goes on, somehow at least some of it gets to the ground. We know for instance that the true reason for the refusal to pay CPF by the government is because the funds are running out. People are withdrawing the money through emigration and old age unemployment with insufficient babies being born to join the workforce means less money in the CPF. To overcome this, they bring in foreign workers to give a temporary boost to the funds. But this cannot last.

The major source of money that the government receives is from the Housing and Development Board "sale" of houses scam. First, you are not a buyer but merely a renter because it is no more than a 100 year lease. Remember you have not bought anything. You have merely rented the place for 100 years.

In other words a depreciating asset. Second, the government is defrauding you by charging you excessive prices by claiming these houses are modern and so on. In fact, you are being cheated. The flat costs no more than $50,000.00 or less to build. Yet they charge you $300,000.00. And what is worse, the flat will never be yours. In 10 years they will tear it down and ask you to sign a lease agreement anew for another 100 years. The government with your HDB flat has got you, it you are a man, by the scrotum. If you happen to be a woman, I do not know what. But in any case they have got you. Keep that in mind.

That is why I say to Dr. Chee of the SDP, for whom I have the greatest of admiration, that this is the time. If he is reading this, he should act now.

The moment has come.

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