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Chinese, Malay and Indian Singaporeans are losing their country fast

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the article "Make it a point to master English" appearing in the state controlled Singapore newspaper The Straits Times on March 23, 2008, the Singapore strongman Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, when speaking at a Chinese Fujian clan association advises new Chinese immigrants from Communist China to study English. These new immigrants understand no English at all in their Communist towns and villages in China. Only Mandarin and the various dialects they speak.

And it is against this background that the Malays and Indians of Singapore must be very worried and concerned. An overwhelming number of immigrants from Communist China are being brought to Singapore for settlement; totally disproportionate to the Malay and Indian native populations of Singapore; deliberately intended to maintain the Chinese majority in Singapore in perpetuity. This is a policy which is clearly unconstitutional, illegal and racially discriminatory against Singapore Indians and Malays.

This policy is unconstitutional, without lawful basis and deliberately intended to racially discriminate against and marginalize the Malays and Indians even further than what they already are. If the Malays and Indians do not act now, their country for what it was or is, will be lost to them forever. Inaction by them now is not only ill advised, it is totally irresponsible. There is now be an urgency so compelling and immediate to act now that any further delay would mean they have lost their country forever. At least the country, which they once knew.

The Constitution of Singapore, the supreme law of the land, specifically enshrines the right to equality under the law for all, regardless of race language or religion. Therefore there has to be equality for the Chinese Malays Indians Eurasians, and other races; and anyone else who happens to be born in Singapore. And here when I mean Singapore citizens, I mean people like me, people born in Singapore; not those who have been recently brought to Singapore from China and given instant citizenship; overnight!

At present there are 75% Chinese, Malays 15% and Indians about 10%, with small percentage of disparate races. With a small population of Singapore of about 3 million, it is preferable that population should grow. Unfortunately with all the stresses and insecurity brought upon by Lee Kuan Yew with his misguided and ill advised laws and policies, Singapore Chinese women are not producing babies in sufficient numbers as compared to the Malays and Indians who are managing better.

This would mean of course, with time that the share of the Malay population in Singapore will increase, and perhaps also Indians; with the Chinese population in decline. This change in population mix happens in any country. It is a natural thing. It is also healthy for any country to undergo such natural changes.

But Lee Kuan Yew, an ethnic Chinese has decided that Singapore has to remain a predominantly ethnic Chinese country, composed of a population of at least 75% ethnic Chinese. Therefore his government brings in disproportionately large hordes of immigrants from Communist China to unconstitutionally keep up the majority.

This is destroying the country and impedes its development. Singapore has up till now been made up of an English educated people, able to understand English, hardworking and disciplined and leaning towards a Western lifestyle. This cultural and educational background makes them international in their outlook and able to interact with the Western world in trade business and commerce; an asset to Singapore’s hope of becoming a fully developed country.

But this influx of Chinese from Communist China is a step backwards and with time, turns Singapore into another satellite city of China. Perhaps another Swatow, in the middle of South East Asia!

Immigrants from Communist China speak no English. This would mean Singapore becoming a Mandarin speaking country, not an English speaking one; clearly a disadvantage. In fact I have heard many Malays and Indians feeling left out in their own country because these Chinese immigrants cannot understand Malay or even English; thus making even basic communication for everyday activities difficult or impossible.

A Malay woman from Lorong One Toa Payoh had personally told me that she was unable to communicate with the driver of Bus No. 49 from Toa Payoh Central to Robinson Road. She was not sure if 49 was the correct bus; but the Chinese man driving the bus, presumably from some village in Communist China; knew neither Malay nor English. He uttered something in Mandarin (at least that was what she thinks it was) which was no help at all.

Only after speaking to a Singapore Indian bus driver, who happened to be at hand, who of course spoke Malay, English and Tamil, all fluently; that she found her way. Imagine this happening in Singapore, a multi racial country of Chinese Malay and Indian; even when the national anthem is in Malay (Bahasa Melayu)!

These immigrants from Communist China, not only bring their language with them, they also their philosophy; which is total submission to authority; compliance and blind obedience. In China they are taught and brainwashed from young to obey authority; obedience and submission being the hall mark of communist societies such as China.

Even if Singaporeans have been left with at least some ability to think independently, living under Lee Kuan Yew for 40 years; even this will be destroyed, as these Chinese from Communist China would set the clock back decades and create a population of total submission and obedience. Like what you find now in Communist China.

I find the people of Communist China pitiful; merely slaves. And what a pity if Singaporeans are turned into masses like those! And the bad news is, that is exactly what will happen if nothing is done.

Singapore historically being a South East Asian country next to Indonesia and Malaysia has a Malay and South East Asian feel about it. This is fast changing with this import of overwhelming large numbers of Chinese from China; and which will make Singapore just another Chinese city in South East Asia next to Malaysia and Indonesia. This is going to make the neighbors very uncomfortable.

Therefore Singapore Malays and Indians should do something about the destruction of their country now. And that something is not telling your local Member of Parliament about it. That something is protest. You should be aware by now that Parliament of Singapore is nothing more than a rubber stamp for Lee Kuan Yew. They cannot help you. You have to help yourself. And the only effective way to do it is to protest.

Raising this issue is not inciting racial hatred or anything of the sort. You are not inciting anyone. You are merely demanding what is right. And that is, that this government stops this Chinese immigration immediately. And secondly, that this government should be required to examine the unacceptably large numbers of permanent residencies and citizenships given to immigrants from Communist China; that these immigrant permits and citizenships be reversed, and these Chinese be repatriated back to China.

And finally, that this government be asked to examine the reasons for the low birthrates in Singapore, make living conditions more comfortable and secure so that more children will be born in Singapore.

You should not fear for being arrested by the ISD or other fear mongering. There is nothing legally wrong in raising this legitimate issue that affects Singaporeans; in this case, racial discrimination by the Singapore government.

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