Sunday, March 23, 2008

Your letters


I have been reading many of your articles...agreed 99%...1% is off bec. your words are "too" kind to the Lee family.It is so damn obvious the Lee family bends the law to keep them in power.It is good that you emigrated to the States or else you could end up as a regular client of the "Changi Hilton".

I immigrated to Canada in May 1991 and now live in Edmonton. I am like you, one of those "talent" that the PAP govt would die to have....First Class Engineering in Instrumentation from UK and also a MSc degree (MBA) form the highly prestigious Imperial College, London University in 1983.

Please email me if you happen to visit our city. I will arrange my small group of about 8 to 10 ex-Singaporeans (all age 50+) to listen to you and your experience. We meet and phone regularly to discuss on Singapore matters. We will celebrate when Lee Kuan Yew dies. As long as he is around Singaporeans live in fear.

NO one fear his sissy cancer-stricken sons and all those President BG generals who are trained to fight in "video games".

Look at the JI case...with the whole nation of army and police force they cannot even catch a limbing man. Perhaps the Lee family might have killed him in the jail and dare not let this news out fearing that he JI gp in S.E. Asian will take revenge. And it took 700 of the NS men to catch two robbers hidden in Pulau Tekong.

At the rate Singapore goes, it can finish in 10 to 15 yrs.

Bernard Chan