Saturday, March 29, 2008

Even if I had wished every day that someone murdered Lee Kuan Yew, his Prime Minister son and their entire family! Yet, I am not guilty.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Listen to this. Even I had wished every day, that someone would please drop a ten ton Weapon of Mass Destruction over the house of Lee Kuan Yew in No. 1 Oxley Road, Singapore and killed them all instantly; Lee Kuan Yew and all, dictators all of them; turning them into roast flesh; still I am not guilty under the law! Indeed I will rejoice and pop a bottle of Dom Perignon 1959 and party all night!

This fact may be shocking to you but true nevertheless.

I am saying this in relation to the ongoing suspense over the disappearance of Mr. Mas Selamat Kasatri, the hero who escaped from Lee's prison Whitely Detention Center.

The Lee Administration keeps up the drum beat day after day, telling us that Mr. Kastari, the escaped prisoner is guilty of all sorts of heinous crimes, like wanting to fly an aeroplane filled with explosives and crash it into Changi Airport, Singapore; and therefore Lee has a right to detain him in Whitley Detention Center Singapore without trial for an indefinite period. Does Lee think the entire Singapore population are imbeciles without any brains who can be told any cock and bull story and lock up anyone he pleases?

Well, will he lock me up because I have always wished to see him and his entire family as dead meat?

My dear Mr. Lee, stop trying to fool Singaporeans. They are not as stupid as you think. Just as I am innocent of any crime even though I pray every day that someone would fly that very plane with explosives and crash it over your head; similarly Mr. Kastari is not guilty of any crime under the law for wishing someone would crash a plane into Changi Airport, Singapore.

Correct me if I am wrong but here comes the law. The law of attempt. A man is guilty of the crime of attempt when a plan is conceived to commit a crime and preparations has gone ahead to a point where the principal crime itself is imminent.

A man wants to kill his wife. No crime yet. He dreams about it. No crime yet. He buys a gun. No crime yet. He drives some distance towards his wife's work place. No crime yet. If he proceeds, after this point; somewhere along the line the crime of attempt will be committed. Perhaps at the point where he has sighted his wife in his gun barrel. At this point, I am sure the crime of attempted murder has been committed. But not before then.

Take the case of Mr. Kastari. Lee says Mr. Kastari has to be detained because he wanted to blow up Changi with a light aircraft. Well where is the evidence. Did he purchase a Cessna 152, 2 seater light aircraft and modified it so the right wing can carry TNT instead of blue high octane aircraft fuel? Was the aircraft flown from Darwin Australia to Tanjong Pinang airstrip for this purpose, and waiting? Did Mr. Kastari personally go to Darwin to oversee the modifications? Did he fly the aircraft back. Did Mr. Kastari only learn to take off and fly straight and level without bothering to know how to land? What ratings has he obtained? Visual Flight Rules, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine, Boeing 757 type rating, what?

Was the date fixed for the bombing of Changi ? Who were his advisers and collaborators, Tom Whiteman, Blue Blackman and Ahmad Ahmad Ahmad? Were the movements of all these people also monitored?

Were pictures taken of the plane, his fight ratings, his flight log book, of the modified right wing, of Mr. Kastari and his accomplices; were videos taken of their movements? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just a whole load of hogwash. All just a detective story. We might as well go to Lido Theater and watch Indiana Jones!

I suspect the Singapore government has nothing on him. Nothing at all, except the ability to tell us ad nausum that Mr. Kastari was up to all type of mischief, deserving to be incarcerated for an indefinite period without trial. This sort of logic is what one can expect in places like Rwanda, not Singapore. Nothing doing Mr. Lee. You have no right to detain Mr. Kastari, an innocent man.

Second the whole idea of detention without trial is unacceptable. Anathema. Unjust. A travesty of justice. Lee cannot be allowed to detain anyone without trial. The Constitution specifically requires that every man be given due process of law; meaning if there is prima facie evidence of guilt he must be charged within 48 hours before a judge, be be informed of the charges, provided competent legal counsel; the burden of proof being on the prosecution of proof beyond reasonable doubt; the case be proceeded in a speedy manner and if convicted imprisoned; if acquitted released. This is the law.

Telling us a whole load of hogwash and fantasy that Mr. Kastari wanted to do this and that, arresting him and detaining him without any trial is not first world at all. It is worse than Rwanda!

If anyone is to be detained now in Whitley Detention Center Singapore, it should be Wong Kan Keng and the entire Lee family. They should be locked up and the keys thrown away. As for me, I would prefer that someone flew a plane from Selatar Airport runway 030, flying north into the wind, then over the water, flight level three thousand feet, then turned it south over the island straight over Oxley Rise No. One and crashed it there, just when Lee Kuan Yew was having dinner at 6 pm eating his Char Kwey Teow! Wouldn't that be nice!

But even after my saying all this, I cannot be arrested. Not in any country where there is rule of law, like in California, USA.

And neither should Mr. Mas Salamat Kastari, the hero of Whitley.

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