Sunday, March 9, 2008

A reader Shawn Michaels, not sure if real name, needs help with his CPF

Hello Mr Nair,

No point talking so much in this incorrigible country. The country and its ppl can never be changed. All that coffee shop heroic talks will just end there.

Now, i would be grateful if you could enlighten me on how do i go about giving up my Singapore citizenship in return for my CPF funds. And will Mr Lee retain my CPF funds, WHICH BELONGS TO ME, which is well over S$120k, and ask me to come back when i am 55 (i am only 35 now) and give me a small percentage of MY OWN MONEY which i am entitled to get AND TELL ME THAT THE REST HAS BEEN USED FOR THE GAIN OF THIS MINDLESS COUNTRY.

I am counting on that money to at least start a decent life in a neighbouring country where i believe although there is corruption, i can have a much better and free life than there.

After all, i am leaving this country for good and the government does not have to plan for my retirement rite??

You are rite. I afraid to approach the CPF board to even make an enquiry on this for fear that anything could happen. This is the fate of every Singaporean. It can never be changed. We have to live in fear as long as we live in this country.

And thats the very reason why I want to leave.

Please help.

Shawn Michaels


Gopalan Nair said...

Hello Shawn,

No need to be so afraid. The more afraid you are, the younger you will die. Not to mention heart attacks high blood pressure and the uncurable newly discoverd "fear desease" in Singapore. You need treatment.

Gopalan Nair

Anonymous said...

Shawn, if your are a foreigner, better still, an Ang Moh (White guy), Singapore will let you take your money and leave. You just cannot work in Singapore until there is a change in the system. This country is very sensitive about foreigners feelings. So, play on this.

Anonymous said...

very easy, michael if you are prepared to renounce yr spore citizenship.

first you renounce at the ica.

after 1 month or so, you get confirmation of yr renouncement, and you go to cpf with this ica letter to close yr cpf ac and withdraw everything.

of course, if you've used yr cpf for investments, make sure you clear these first.

good luck!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, ranting and propogando machine from GN. Why dont Singapore Gov just give back his Fund and tell him to shut up. By the way GN why don,t you go to india instead of USA. So that you can live a life of luxury and make fun of others misery. Grow up and dont,t bother.