Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why such fear and cowardice?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am not sure if Singapore has the largest number of Internet critics of the government; I will not be surprised. But it will still not bring about any political change as long as they continue to be afraid to show themselves.

You are aware that they all criticise anonymously. They are afraid of what their government will do if they were found out. Only a handful dare to show their faces. Dr. Chee Soon Juan of the SDP is one. Yap Keng Hoe is another. Gandhi Ambalam is yet another. Robert Ho is one more. Other than them, I do not know of anyone else.

And as long as Singaporeans continue to complain in fear, these Internet critics are wasting their time writing and writing, when Lee Kuan Yew knows one thing. And that is, you are afraid of him. And as long as you are afraid of him, he will do anything he wants. You are nothing more to him than dust.

You can see this even in this blog of mine. There are people who write long letters. Very long letters profuse with wisdom and knowledge and ideas. Only one problem with that. They are all anonymous. Are they not frustrated by having so much wisdom to share but yet are unable to say who they are?

Then there are those who use false names, by just picking up any name like Joe Blokes. We know they are someone else. They are afraid. Like rabbits.

And because Lee knows that the people who keep him in power at a salary of $3.7 million a year are so afraid of him, he continues to do anything he wants regardless of how wrong it is. Tell me one country in the world where the leaders can openly declare that they will take $3.7 million a year as salary without having to face mass civil protest and condemnation, if not riots?

Tell me one country in the world where a prisoner can escape from a top security jail 3 weeks ago, and yet the government has not given a single answer for the escape?

Tell me one country in the world where the government can tell their people that they will not get any retirement benefits until they die or reach the age of 85 whichever comes earlier, without having to face nationwide civil unrest?

In this blog, I routinely post these comments from these anonymous people but I have only have scorn and pity for them. I pity them for having to live in such fear of this government. And disrespect for being such cowards.

And my reckoning is this. If they have no courage to even show themselves, these Internet critics can carry on writing until their hands drop with fatigue. It is not going to do any good. Lee is not interested. He will do as he pleases, because he has an entire nation of timid souls over whom he can trample over as he pleases.

My openly writing these criticisms is not without any disadvantage. For instance, if I need any assistance from this Administration, I am unlikely to get it. I am a known critic of this regime, and not afraid to be identified as one. If they want to disadvantage me for it, so be it. But I am prepared for it. It should be the same with you. Unless and until you are prepared to show your face and accept the disadvantages that comes with your exposure, you cannot expect Mr. Lee to have any respect for you. And as long as he has no respect for you, he will continue to trample over you and shove his boot at your face as and when he pleases.

So this is my advice to you. If you are so afraid, stop wasting your time writing all this stuff, calling yourself stingray, bellhop, cyberboy and other stupid names like that and writing. It is falling on Lee's deaf ears.

You can continue to keep sending me these erudite comments filled with wisdom. But behind these writings, I can only only imagine a writer who is probably afraid of his own shadow.

What sort of cowards are you? And tell me, how did Singapore manage to produce so many fearful souls anyway? Even a woman has more courage.

Listen to this and listen carefully. No one takes any interest in anonymous Internet critics like you as long as you continue in fear and hide yourselves. If you wish to be taken seriously, then write your true name, your true address, your phone number. When you are prepared to do that, you can expect some change because then you would have publicly stated your ground. Otherwise why waste your time. Neither I nor Mr. Lee Kuan Yew will take you seriously.

You are not only a bunch of miserable souls who live in fear; you are a country of irresponsible citizens who are prepared to see their country ruined before their very eyes through corruption and nepotism, because they are afraid.

At this moment Mr. Lee is only afraid of Dr. Chee and the handful that I mentioned. He is not bothered by any of you pathetic anonymous souls and ghost writers.

I am sorry to put it bluntly, but it has to be said.

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And if you like what I write, please tell your friends. This blog not only gives information, it dispels the government propaganda put out by this dictatorial regime.


Anonymous said...

No choice lah Mr Nair.

You know Lee Kuan Yew.

He likes to sue those who criticise him.

He cannot take criticism.

He likes people to praise him, he doesn't like people to criticise him.

I also don't know why he is such a narrow and vindictive person.

Look at Chia Thye Poh, kept in prison for 32 years because of him.

Who dares to show face?

The situation will improve after he is dead and cannot sue anymore.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair,
You are right. When JBJ promoted "the Hammer" at MRT station, everyone looked down. I was the only one who dare talk to him and buy his newspaper. Same for "The Democracts", I bought from whoever sells them. Then, what happened, people started talking behind my back. The important people at my workplace started asking me questions. Then, one day, I was shocked to find my workload half. Rumours was that it was ordered by the head, the PAP cadre. I was no politican, but I was treated like one. No choice, had to apply for Aus PR and run. I am still not politician, but when I criticise the govt here, no one think it is wrong or treat me like a politician.

Also, I cannot talk anymore or my extend family has to disown me.

What to do, wait for the old man to die.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Nair,

I find it hard to disagree with your comments. But just think, there is just too much to lose if one day the ISD comes knocking on our door. Nobody wants to be singled out because a dead hero tell no tales. It is an honorable thing to do if you live by this notion: it is best to die on your feet than to live on your knees but again, once you're targeted, that's it, you're gone and everything's ruined. Not everyone is like you Mr Nair. Not everyone can just leave everything like family and stuff behind. Not everyone can easily make a living elsewhere, especially those aged workers. No two persons are the same. Honestly, to what extent has all the discontent bring about? Are there radical changes in the last few years? I applaud those anonymous bloggers who voice their unhappiness but still, in today's world, even internet anonymity isn't safe. You can still be tracked.


Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous starting with "No choice lah Mr. Nair", I think you do have a choice. If you are so afraid to identify yourself, please contact other blogs to air your views. Not this one. thanks.
Gopalan Nair

Gopalan Nair said...

To Jamestan,

Same thing. If you are so afraid, then perhaps criticizing the government is not an activity you should engage in.
Gopalan Nair

Gopalan Nair said...

Dear mk,

Same thing. If you are afraid, best not to get involved in criticism of the government. There are other blogs that will accomodate you. Thanks
Gopalan Nair