Saturday, March 22, 2008

Time for solidarity for democracy in Singapore.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First the grim reality. Singaporeans cannot expect to change their government through the ballot box. Freedom House, the respected international monitor on democracy worldwide has said this, and we know they are right.

For the last 40 years or so, at each elections the opposition have tried their hand at the ballot. They tried very hard. And every time they have failed. Not because they are not good enough. But because, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew does not believe in free and fair elections. In 1981, Jeyaretnam won. When it was known that he really intended to behave the part of an opposition politician, unlike Loh Thia Khiang who just goes through the motions; Lee had him removed through the courts which he controls. Same thing when Francis Seow appeared to win. The pattern is quite clear by now. If you intend merely to enter Parliament, make a few speeches and never offend Mr. Lee; like the present elected opposition, there is no problem and welcome. Not if you intend to take them head on.

Lee is able to remain in power through dirty tricks; dirty tricks because he has the judges under his thumb, the police under his thumb, the newspapers under his thumb; everybody under his thumb.

So it is time that you looked at reality in the face and woken from your reverie. 2011 elections is not going to do you any good. I know this. The sooner you know this the better. Even now, Mr. Lee in consultation with his son, are already planning how to rig the elections and what to do if somehow more than the present 2 pseudo opposition is elected.

Mr. Tenku the late Prime Minister of Malaysia understood Lee. He correctly told him that he was “too smart by half!”

But the good news is this. All his smartness is not going to do him any good anymore, because we know what his game is. And that is when his game is up.

Keeping in mind, we know what the tricks of Lee is; that is rigging the elections; using the courts to remove duly elected opposition through defamation actions and bankruptcy, as in the case of JB Jeyaretnam and Dr. Chee Soon Juan, it is easy for us to prepare ourselves for it. And if there was ever a time when Lee is on his decline and fall, it is now. Lee is in fact existing on borrowed time. It won’t be long before both he and his son are history.

Lee is already 85 and has not long to live. Unlike in the past, the Internet has totally destroyed his credibility and exposed him for what he is; the bully that he is. His son, the Prime Minister as we all know is a washout, waiting for his father to tell him what next. The PAP government around him are nothing more than a bunch of opportunists. They will stay as long as the going is good; without any ideals passion or anything. So Lee cannot count on their support.

Therefore the opposition cannot have it any better than now. Now is the time for action. And that action is protest, demonstrations and civil disobedience; since the elections, with Lee Kuan Yew and his bag full of tricks, is not going to change anything.

So I ask Singaporeans to rally for the cause. Rally if you believe that justice is on the side of the opposition who demand change, and not on the side of this dictatorship.

Singaporeans can help by contacting Dr. Chee of the SDP to volunteer for protest. As you know the March 15, 2008 Tak Boleh Tahan protest was a resounding success with no less than 50 taking part. The 50 have now been even further emboldened and we expect future protests in much greater numbers. If you believe that the only way you can wrench the power that belongs to you from Lee is through protests; then join Dr. Chee in his future protests. This will force this authoritarian government to look into your grievances. Up till now, they have just ignored them.

Singapore police who are asked to arrest their fellow citizens at these protests should re-consider what they do. They should realize that they are violating their oath of office as policemen and women when they arrest and harm these peaceful citizens. They should be aware that the Constitution allows peaceful protests, since this harms no one. It is the government that acts unlawfully by denying permits for these protests. Honest policemen should refuse to carry out these unjust orders by this Lee administration. Searching their souls, they will know that it is better to refuse these unjust orders and to resign if necessary than harm, harass and intimidate peaceful citizens exercising their constitutional rights.

Singapore judges when asked to try these cases of peaceful protestors should look at their consciences and examine what they do. These prosecutions are politically motivated, without a single basis under law. These citizens are merely exercising their constitutional rights of peaceful assembly. Convicting them is unconscionable and unjust. I ask these judges, for once, to act as honorable men and women. They should remind Mr. Lee Kuan Yew that their job is to adjudicate cases; not to prop up Lee Kuan Yew government. If it is dirty work that Lee wants done, Lee should do it himself!

I ask the civil servants to act with honor. Kalaselvi d/o of Rengamsamy in the Bankruptcy Office should look at herself in the mirror and ask herself about bankrupting Dr. Chee. Is she doing it because she believes Dr. Chee defamed Mr. Lee or is she doing it because she wants to keep her job? If it is money that she needs, could she not find another occupation that is less dishonorable.

I cannot help but feel very confident about Singapore’s future. As it is, the legal profession is not getting any takers. The law, thanks to judges like Belinda Ang who awards a half a million verdict in favor of Lee against Dr. Chee for defamation of character even without getting up from her chair in chambers; without even giving an opportunity for Dr. Chee to speak; all in ten minutes flat; has been completely discredited. This shame is known not only in Singapore but worldwide, resulting in Singaporeans shunning the profession and foreign workers not wanting to do it at any price!

The civil service is plagued with resignations and no amount of money thrown at them appears to stem the attrition. The police force is facing massive resignations. In a nut shell; there are not enough people wanting either to live or work in Singapore; and the only organization that thinks everything is fine is the state controlled propaganda newspaper the Straits Times. Everyday, it puts out more and more good news, as expected of any other state controlled newspaper just as the North Korean Morning Star does. They too dish out the good news everyday.

Even if one civil servant, refuses to do the dirty work; even if one policeman says no; this blog of mine would have been worthwhile.

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