Sunday, April 6, 2008

Letter from Daniel Lim, 6th April 2008

Following letter from Daniel Lim, verbatim, unedited
April 06, 2008

Dear Mr. Nair,

I hope what you said will one day come true, Lee is gone, the sooner the better. He has been a dictator for more than 40 years, should have been enough good life for him, God has been very kind to him and his family. Lee Kuan Yew has everything he wants in life, good food, good wine, etc

The problem is he is still going strong at his age, don't seems to get sick or on MC, so far never heard Lee Kuan Yew on MC. His mind is still sharp and alert, people said that he has been going thru blood transfusion, renewing his blood with blood from young people, some sort like vampire sucking virgin blood from women, not sure whether it is a fact or a myth? At the moment, Lee Kuan Yew has been keeping himself alive as long as possible, the reason is not because he wanted to have more title, like Supreme Senior Minister Mentor (SSMM), I guess he is more concern about his son, Lee Hsien Loong, it seems like his son don't have leadership quality to lead Singapore, Of course, Lee Kuan Yew took years to build up Singapore, he will not want to see PAP being ruined by his incompetent son, and his son still needs papa to be around. Without papa, there is no good wine, good woman, good money for Lee Hsien Loong and the generation after.

The Lee's family has been owing many assets, hoding high ranking position in private as well as government sectors, they have indirectly or directly involved over many things such as power station, transportation sectors, the media, stock market, airlines, telecommunication, public and private housing etc. Singapore is being runs like a business corporation, a money making places for them not like a democratic country.Who said Singapore never practice nepotism, who said Singapore don't have corruption.

Do you why the minister being overly pay? It is to silent them, as they knew some of the dirty secret inside, not because the government wanted to keep good people. Who dare to critise the pay master who pay them extremely well? Just close one eye.
Even the minister are pay well above market rate, they don't seems to perform that well, still screw things up and give excuses.

Mr. Nair, you are very lucky to have left Singapore with all your CPF saving, really good for you. Those who still in Singapore had to tolerate and listen to Lee Kuan Yew propaganda, we feels like living in North Korea, listing to the great leader Kim. Many of my friend who went overseas, I usually advise them not to return to Singapore, as you will not find any opportunity, as long as PAP is around. You can never reach the top especially in government sector, the top most is reserved for you know who.

Right now, the Lee's government is eyeing on our CPF, they claimed we needs to work until the age of 80, as they claimed that the CPF money is not enough for Singaporean retirement. What kind of bullshit! The CPF fund was set-up to secure our retirement, now they said the opposite, the CPF funds has been channel to some uses which we are not fully aware, we have been hidden from the truth. Do you ever wonder, those old folks who do not have any relative or next-of-kin, if they passed away, what happened to the CPF saving inside their account? Where will it channel to? This question has been lurking in everyone minds for sometimes.

I ready do hope there are resistance happening as you have mentioned in your previous mail, sad to said every election PAP always win, that confirmed for sure. Every election, PAP will offer some money, in other countries this called vote buying, in Singapore, they named it as GST rebates, NSS shares etc.

The opposition party at the moment do not have the talent and resources to stand up to PAP, those who are outspoken, either outlawed, outcasted or make bankrupt by PAP. I don't believe in one party government, it is very dangerous for Singapore, too much power under one person is not a good idea. If that person said black, who dare to said white, this remind me of the ancient China emperor, that why the dynasty does not last, and who suffer the most, it is the people at the bottom. In Singapore, that what happens, a dynasty raises, the emperor sit was passed on from father to son, then to grandson so on, as predicted. That why, Singaporean don't have any hope if this type of dynasty system keep going on, what can we do? To protest, it has been outlawed, to criticize you will be sue for bankrupt, everyone just keep their mouth shut.

For the ghost writer you have mentioned, definitely I am not the ghost writer or ninja writer or phantom writer working for Mindef, anyway the funds comes from tax payers, we are paying them to spy on us, Mindef should not have problem paying the writer, funds not enough ask the parliament to top up, so simple. Sometimes I wonder whether I have been monitored by ISD, who knows for sure?

Let keep our finger crossed.

I hope you can understand my writing, I am not a good English writer, my command of English is not as perfect as you do, please accept my sincere apology if you have problem understanding what I'm saying.

You need not reply if you feel it is not necessary or for my bad English, I just wanted to share my point of view as what democratic is all about.

By the way, what is Lee Kuan Yew net worth, anyone have any idea?

Nice meeting you.

Best regards,
Daniel Lim