Sunday, April 20, 2008

Your letters, Sunday April 20, 2008

Letter from Joshua Kums

Sunday April 20, 2008
Hello Mr Nair,

I'm a Singaporean born and bread who still doesn't not see the necessity to pull out of Singapore. It is not that I'm not disgusted with the PAP. I'm in a comfort zone in my country of origin. As long as I don't dabble in politics I know I can co exist with the entity called the PAP monolith. You made a comment about how we should protest to make a change in stead of believing in the electoral process.What is going to happen to my family Mr Nair if I'm arrested in a protest. Who is going to put food on the table for my family to eat Mr Nair?

Did you ever thing of such mundane things when you try to force Singaporeans to come out of their stupor.Would you send my family money while I'm in jail when I get arrested for protesting against the PAP government. For common people like me the electoral process is our only hope. The PAP cannot ruin that for us because the PAP has something to prove to the western democratic world.I hope you can enlighten me on my view on this logic of mine.

Joshua Kums

Dear Mr. Joshua Kums,

I thank you you very much for your Email and your excellent question. This answer that I give is not only for you but for the countless Singaporeans who dabble with this very same question.

You say that even though you dislike the PAP, you are preapred to co-exist with them because you have no other choice, since protest might ruin your livelihood. Your outlook to life is to accept tyranny becasue you believe you have no choice. Others who have more pride and self respect would say the hell with it, I am not prepared to live like a slave and protest. Personally it is your choice to make. If you are comfortable living like a slave, which in fact is how Singaporeans live, it is your prerogative and no one can stop you. So my calls for protest, would obvioulsy not convince you, but there are a growing number of Singaporeans, who like the famous American pioneer, who said, "Give me liberty, or give me death" and are beginning to say that business cannot go on as usual. Something has got to give; and that is Lee's tyranny.

You fear that you will lose your job and your family will suffer if you protest. And you ask if I can send you money if you and your family become destitute because of it. To a large extent, in fact, your fear is unfounded. Singapore is a small country with limited number of people. Civil sevants clerks taxi drivers and so on. Lee cannot afford to sack and terminate everyone from their jobs. If they did, Signapore cannot function.

If there are only a handful, perhaps the fear may be there. But in numbers, the fear goes away.

At the Tak Boleh Tahan, there were 50 people. Among the 50 there were businessmen, taxi drivers and even one University Professor, Mr. John Tan. All of them still keep their jobs. And I expect at the next and repeated protests after that I expect the numbers of protestors to swell.

You see Mr. Kums, whichever way you look at it, the oppositon can only win. This is because justice is on their side. $3.7 million a year. No CPF. Unlimited immigrants lowering wages. Government policies deliberatley raising food costs while GLCs milk profits upon profits.

You need some courage and sacrifice if you truly believe in a cause. If not, just live the way you do, in bondage. It is not for me to tell you how you should live your life. And not forgetting, what sort of value systems you want your children to have.

Thank you again Sir.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California

April 20, 2008

Letter from Adriel Jamil

Sunday April 20, 2008
Dear Mr. Nair,

My name is Adriel Jamil, Sinagporean age 53 and have no political affiliation.
But I believe in justice for all regardless of thier backgound or plitical inclination.

I have read your blog with great interest. I've found it to be bold and written with passion, reflecting your love for the country and people of Singapore.

Can I have permission to use your article in your blog? Sometimes I may 'copy and paste' in my newly created blog.

Awating your reply, I thank you.


Keep on the good work man..

Dear Mr. Adriel Jamil,
You have my full permission. I thank you for distributing the blog widely.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California
April 20, 2008