Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Intimidation of peaceful protestors by Singapore Police

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As a Singaporean you may want to do the following. First, you may want to ask whether you wish to live in a democratic society or do you wish to live in bondage. I assume your answer is the former.

Second, you may want to ask if Singapore is indeed a democracy or is it a totalitarian state. I assume with the rule of Lee Kuan Yew since the last 40 years, with defamation actions, judges like Judge Belinda Ang who bankrupt opposition politicians by abusing the law; you would probably say it is the latter.

Third, you may want to ask if mere material possessions such as better roads, taller buildings and a minimum wage job is enough or would you in addition want self determination for each and everyone. I assume it is the latter that you desire; not merely material possessions and living like a slave, but possessions as well as freedom and liberty; so that you alone is master of your destiny.

And finally, if you realize that the normal Parliamentary process in Singapore will not permit you to achieve these objectives which are rightfully yours; you will then agree that the only way to demand what is rightfully yours, your freedom; is to engage in peaceful civil unrest to demand it. In the Singapore context; where Lee Kuan Yew shamelessly holds on to power by intimidation and abuse of the law, you must realize that you have no other choice.

The practice of the Singapore police including their actions at Tak Boleh Tahan of March 15, 2008, is to order the attendance of peaceful protesters at police stations and while there, frighten and threaten them into giving up on peaceful protests entirely.

It has to be said that the police in these instances are abandoning their duty to uphold the law as required by their oath of office as police officers; and are instead behaving like petty thugs working for the private benefit of Lee Kuan Yew. I urge these police officers to remind themselves that they are men and women too, with a conscience and with a duty towards their fellow Singaporeans, not a duty to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

I would like to remind these police officers that they are bound by solemn oath as police officers to uphold the Singapore Constitution and the laws of Singapore. They are reminded that the Constitution specifically provides for the right of Singaporeans to engage in peaceful assembly and the right of free speech and expression. They are reminded again that the gazetting of certain areas such as the entrance to Istana and Parliament House as Gazetted Areas is intended not to secure the peace but rather to deny Singaporeans the right of self expression, guaranteed under the Constitution. They are reminded that the law requiring a permit for an assembly of 5 or more people, is also illegal as a contravention of the Constitution. These laws are illegal, having been put in place by Lee Kuan Yew to ensure he remains in power and the opposition is eliminated.

I ask police officers to search their conscience and not permit themselves to be poor prostitutes for Lee Kuan Yew. I ask them to refuse dishonest assignments such as these; and they should refuse to comply with orders to arrest peaceful protesters merely exercising their constitutional rights. They should search their conscience for the truth and act with honor. Not as a servant for Lee Kuan Yew.

When arrested these innocent victims are required to attend police stations where their personal particulars are recorded. Furthermore they are repeatedly told that their jobs will be affected, their promotions will be affected and all manner of despicable intimidation is applied upon them and to their minds; the intention being they will be intimidated into agreeing never to protest again. There are some brave Singaporeans who refuse to be taken in by such intimidation but there are others who for circumstances of family and other reasons; fall victim to such illegal threats and decide to stop ever attending anymore protests.

I therefore ask the police officers to cease and desist in this disgraceful activity. Peaceful protest is an act specifically permitted by the constitution. Excuses such as the gazetting rules and the requirement for permits are without legal basis. They should refuse to arrest in these cases. Also they should stop intimidating peaceful Singaporean protesters at police stations. Stop your intimidation. Stop your threats. You serve the people, not Lee Kuan Yew. Please remember that.

As for protesters who are arrested; this is what I say. The police cannot arrest everybody. And they cannot sack and demote everyone. There are far too few people in Singapore for that. Do not be afraid. If arrested, refuse to give a statement. All you have to say is that you were merely engaging in your constitutional right of protest, and nothing more. If you refuse to cooperate, there is nothing more the police can do. I know this personally because I too was called up for interrogation by Singapore police acting in the same way they always do, like bullies. If you stand your ground and refuse, there is nothing they can do. Just as bullies everywhere, they only manage to frighten the weak. If you stand strong, they cringe and shrivel. I know this from personal experience.

Most importantly refuse to apologize or give undertakings that you will not engage in any more civil unrest. Challenge them to take you to court or else they should hold their tongue.

If more and more of Singaporeans adopt this stand of defiance and insistence on the law; these bully boys will have no business at all. As it is, I have received reliable information, the sources of which I cannot reveal for obvious reasons; that Singapore Police Force is having great difficulty in getting sufficient volunteers to arrest peaceful activists. Many police officers, both men and women, are already refusing to do the dirty work despite facing termination from employment. No matter what one says, there are some honest men and women in the Singapore Police Force. As a result the Police Force is finding it increasingly difficult to deploy officers to arrest protesters. To these valiant police officers, I say bravo!

The Singapore Police Force in arresting peaceful protesters are acting like the personal private army of Lee Kuan Yew. Nothing more than petty thugs. It is time Singaporeans told them they refuse to be intimidated. With time, one never knows; even the police might join the protesters. The police should remember, that they too are Singaporeans.

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