Friday, April 11, 2008

Young men and women escape from the clutches of Lee Kuan Yew's son!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I had written on Saturday, April 5, 2008, In Singapore, in addition to the search for escaped prisoner Mas Salamat Kastari, Lee has now begun a search for a future Prime Minister!; about the official beginning of the island wide search by Lee Kuan Yew's son for a successor to succeed him in 15 years! As to the peculiarity of such an activity in a supposedly parliamentary democracy, I had already alluded to in it.

It has been reported that the search for his successor has taken proportions not dissimilar to the search for escaped prisoner Mas Selamat Kastari. As with the search for Mas Sealamt Kastari, Gurkha troops armed with M16 assault rifles, tear gas and other lethal devises and offensive tools have been going house to house, kicking open doors at HDB flats, and forcibly searching under beds and behind cabinets for the illusive successor to the Prime Minister in 15 years. A few young men in their desperation to escape the selection process had jumped off balconies and corridors, some breaking their bones in the process with one reported death in Hougang Avenue 2, a case of a young man who died from the fall in his attempt to escape from being chosen as Lee's successor!

The Singapore police have sent telephonic messages throughout the island to all Singaporeans to report if any prospective successor to Lee is found, with severe penalties with prison terms of 10 years for those who fail to report such sightings.

The search for the successor to Lee's son has even extended to the marshlands near Jurong and into all forested areas including Mandai and Pierce Reservoirs. It appears the government's greatest fear is that Lee's successor may join forces with Mas Selamat Kastari who is believed to be hiding in the jungle and together they may become an even greater threat to Changi airport, the facility which Kasatri is alleged to have threatened to blow up.

The other fear is that the Lee's successor, if he remains long enough in the jungle, in his determination to escape from being Lee's successor, may end up some sort of a Tarzan, proficient in living off the bush, learning new tricks and skills, and eventually coming to finish off Mr. Lee's son.

In their desperation to escape selection as the successor to Lee Kuan Yew's son in 15 years, some young men had even taken the desperate step of swimming to nearby islands to avoid capture and secondment into the Prime Minister job. The Singapore coast guard in their sampans (a small Malay fishing boat) with 4 hp motors have begun patrolling all nooks and corners of the waters around Pulau Ubin, Tekong and Sarimbun islands but they have yet to capture these evasive boys and girls desperate to escape from Lee's son.

It has been reported, as of yesterday, that the Singapore Police Hotline in Magazine Road, next to All Night Indian Drinking Pub, has received no less than 3000 reports of sightings of young men and women resembling Lee's successor but, alas, so far there have been no arrests.

In fact taxi driver Abdul Batang bin Abdul Kayu of 02-04, Lorong 4, Toa Payoh Lorong 2, Singapore, an improved 4 room HDB flat has in fact reported that Lee's young successor of 20 years of age, a Chinese young man who got all straight As at 12th Grade, had in fact boarded his taxi from Orchard Road to Geylang Lorong 16, but hurriedly got off and ran away before the destination when he discovered Mr. Kayu being suspicious. Mr. Abdul Kayu is now in Tanglin Police Station being interviewed by DSP Deep Singh on his information. Lee Kuan Yew is keeping his fingers crossed in hoping that this lead may result in the successful find for the elusive successor.

It has been reported that young men and women have been almost absent in public places since last week, for fear of being selected to succeed Lee's son in 15 years! They have begun to hide in every place they can, and so far the successor remains free.

Singapore Television continues to interrupt normal programming for any updates on the search. Up till now the search is covering almost every possible hideout. Every HDB flat regardless of whether it is the one room or twenty room variety. None has been spared. The police by decree have lifted the requirement for a warrant. Warrantless searches are permitted. A shoot to kill order has been given to all policeman who sees the successor trying to escape! Diplomatic requests have gone out to all neighbouring countries to repatriate the successor if found.

All in all, it is a very exciting time in Singapore. I will keep you posted on the events as they unfurl in this nationwide search for Lee's successor in 15 years time! The search has now entered its first week. Mr. Lee is confident that the successor is still within Singapore and unlikely to have escaped to Malaysia or Indonesia. By now he must be tired and worn out, not having eaten for one whole week!

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