Monday, April 28, 2008

If Lee Kuan Yew is determined to publicise the absence of the rule of law in Singapore, he is succeeding handsomely.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Singapore Democratic Party's website of Monday April 28th 2008 in the astonishing story "Guess who's presiding over LKY's lawsuit hearing" reports that Judge Belinda Ang, High Court Judge will be presiding yet again over Lee's defamation case against Dr. Chee on May 12, 2008.

You will recall, in the earlier case brought on by the same Plaintiffs Lee Kuan Yew and son, this same disgusting political judge, in what was nothing more than a show trial before her, denied the Defendant Dr. Chee even the most basic right of a litigant; that of being allowed to present his case.

You will recall, in the most egregious case of judicial injustice ever imaginable, this shameless judge denied Dr. Chee any possible right to defend himself, by awarding judgement to Lee Kuan Yew without even a hearing! By the method called summary judgement, she delivered her verdict from her chambers without hearing a single witness!

Further you will recall, she refused any adjournment of the trial to permit Dr. Chee's lawyer to appear due to illness. Not only that, in violation of all judicial tenets of fair play, she engaged in a long private conversation with Lee's lawyer privately in Chambers in the absence of Dr. Chee; where she deliberately and repeatedly insulted and abused the honor and integrity of Dr. Chee, all of which was captured in the verbatim tapes of the court proceedings, which is presently in the physical possession of Dr. Chee.

Moreover, the entire case took only a few minutes after which she claimed she was satisfied that Dr. Chee had seriously maligned the reputation of Lee Kuan Yew and his son and awarded no less than one half million United States Dollars and promptly bankrupted him.

By no stretch of imagination can this woman Belinda Ang be considered a judge. She is, to borrow a phrase from JB Jeyaretnam, the hatchet man or woman for Lee Kuan Yew and his son. She prostitutes herself to be used by Lee Kuan Yew to demolish his political opponents using the guise of the law. Although we already know that Singapore does not have any rule of law, Belinda Ang and her master Lee Kuan Yew appear as if they don't want us to forget it.

But what is astonishing is this. After this woman has brought even more shame to the legal system of Singapore, why is it necessary for Lee to use her again as the presiding judge in the upcoming case? It is as if Lee Kuan Yew is determined to remind Singaporeans and the world that Singapore does not have any rule of law.

Of course even without any hearing, we already know the verdict. Dr. Chee is yet again going to be found guilty. Yet again this woman will order him to pay another one half million US dollars to Lee Kuan Yew which he does not have. And yet again he will be made bankrupt. And all for nothing. All for merely exercising his constitutional right of freedom of speech.

In many ways Judge Belinda Ang is benefiting the Singapore opposition. With this news that it will be her hearing the case, another 400 lawyers will leave the profession which is already languishing for the lack of it; not wanting to practice in a country which abuses the law. New lawyers will be discouraged from entering the profession for the same reason. And foreign lawyers will not come to Singapore, not wanting anything to do with a lawless dictatorship. And Singapore will be shunned for any international legal work, the world preferring instead Sydney, Melbourne and Hong Kong.

Another 1000 educated Singaporeans will leave Singapore for Australia becoming more alarmed by the decline in the rule of law and what impact it will have on theirs and their children's futures.

The Western, European and Scandinavian countries are beginning to put pressure on other European countries and America to boycott Singapore in trade and commerce in order to punish them for their human rights transgressions. A large Swedish telephone company has indicated that they will not deal with Singapore, or have any plants there, as long as these human rights violations persist. I understand that other Scandinavian countries are similarly clamouring to punish Singapore's leaders Lee Kuan Yew comparing him to the dictator Robert Mugabe and some even saying that Robert Mugabe is a saint compared to him.

It is further expected, after reading this news, even more young people will leave for Australia before their national service and refuse to return, not wanting anything more to do with Singapore.

I expect several top European Members of Parliament, the Swedes, Norwegians, Danes and Finns, to condemn the Singapore government in their sittings urging further trade and economic sanctions against it to express their disgust.

If Lee thought even for a moment that he could use Belinda Ang, this dishonest woman to punish Dr. Chee and silence him, he cannot be more wrong. Going by Dr. Chee's indomitable stand against these bullies, never wavering, it will be another slap in the face of this woman Belinda Ang and another slap in the face for this government. They do not seem to understand that bullying people cannot make them win. In fact defeat is guaranteed.

And with that I thank Lee and his government for appointing this woman as the presiding judge in the forthcoming Lee defamation case. It is in fact another nail in the coffin for PAP.

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