Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You must be lacking self confidence, self respect, pride or dignity to live in Singapore without complaint.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I confess, I only have respect for a handful of people living in Singapore. I have respect for Dr. Chee Soon Juan, Chee Siok Chin, Gandhi Ambalam, Yap Keng Ho and the proud men and women who have bravely protested against this government's excesses and abuse of power. I do not have respect for anyone else physically present in Singapore. And I have respect for those who have permanently left Singapore for other countries in disgust at the Singapore government.

It is impossible to remain in Singapore without engaging in civil disobedience to this government; if you happen to have even a modicum of self respect. Only a coward can live in Singapore and bring up his children there without publicly protesting against this dictatorship.

What sort of people are you anyway? No better than slaves waiting to be told what to do next or what will be next.

If you are reading this blog post, please wake up and take stock of the pathetic lives you lead. First of all, you live in a dictatorship with Lee Kuan Yew ruling over you as dictator. You have no constitutional rights; Lee decides what rights you have. No Parliament to help you; Parliament waits for Lee's orders. You cannot read what you want; the media is controlled. You have no say as to the laws; Parliament is controlled. You cannot protest even though it is your right; Lee will arrest you. You have no independent judges; Judge Belinda Ang will decide against you in 30 minutes and bankrupt you if that is what Lee wants.

You know all this. I need not say. You know that when you wake up tomorrow, it is not you who will decide your life. Lee will decide it.

What good is your education, it is like educating a donkey; what good is your money; what good is your car; what good is your annual Bangkok holiday; if you are not master of your lives?

It is a serious condemnation of almost an entire population. It is true. But nevertheless, you know that I speak the truth. I may tread heavily, but still, I speak the truth. And I must say that I am surprised that so many educated people in Singapore are prepared to live in bondage. No better than slaves.

There is no honor in remaining in Singapore and letting Lee Kuan Yew walk all over you. Staying behind in such shameful circumstances is not patriotism. It is cowardice.

The honor is in the men such as Dr. Chee Soon Juan and company who stay behind and fight this tyranny. Great honor in them. On the other hand, there is great honor in those who have packed up and left. In leaving, you have carried out your final and clearest protest. You have told Lee Kuan Yew, in no uncertain terms, as clear as crystal, the message, that he cannot have the pleasure of pushing you around anymore. There may be others who may let him do it, but you refuse. In leaving, you keep your pride and self respect intact. You walk with your head high on your shoulders.

But those who stay behind and permit Lee Kuan Yew, to kick their butts each day, metaphorically speaking, are people who obviously do not think very highly of themselves.

And my having repeatedly said this, and countless people having read this, I can expect a greater run on emigration; and also more courageous people staying back and fighting Lee through street protests. And I expect with the passage of time, the numbers of educated in Singapore will progressively decrease through emigration, the numbers of uneducated non English speaking immigrants from Communist China will increase, and the few educated ones left will be the off shore foreigners who come to make a buck and leave when the time comes.

Foreigners coming to Singapore will consider the move something like going to oil rich Lagos, Nigeria. Stay some years in the Third World Singapore to make some money, and then go home.

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