Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All dictatorships eventually fall. And so too will Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. Which will fall sooner than expected.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have seen this in history over and over again. Hitler had the most impressive European country with the most impressive economy. It fell. So did Mussolini, so did Franco and so did every single dictatorship that you can think of?

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore dictatorship, just as all the others, relies on them ordering and the people obeying. It is a one way street. It leaves no room for detraction with just one simple rule. Either you submit or are destroyed. This might be OK in peasant economies where people know no better and are content with 3 meals a day. But Singapore is not like that. Singapore is bustling small city state where English happens to be the business language, where people can travel, and leave if they don't like it.

A society such as this demands a little more than just 3 meals a day. And dictatorships find such people difficult to subjugate.

The only way to succeed in such places is to conform your public image and actions to suit the master. Davinder Singh, Lee Kuan Yew's defamation lawyer is periodically deployed to abuse the law of defamation, with the help of Lee's judges, to eliminate his opponents. Singh knows what he is doing is wrong. He knows there is no basis in law or fact to punish Lee's critics through defamation actions, by sending them to jail or bankrupting them. He knows what he does is thoroughly dishonest. Yet he does it, because in Singapore, this is the only way one achieves high office. Singapore's state controlled media routinely splash his picture in their pages claiming him to be the best lawyer that ever lived. The people know better than this of course. But he does not care what anyone thinks, because in Singapore, as Lee Kuan Yew's personal lawyer he can do anything he wants, say anything he wants and get away with anything; as long he does not criticize his master.

I had criticized Judge Belinda Ang for having prostituted her position as a judge to please Lee Kuan Yew in a defamation case last year, for which he sent me to prison in Singapore for 3 months. I happened to be in Singapore when I said it in this blog. Since he can twist the law any which way he wants within Singapore, I was arrested and sent to prison. This judge, Belinda Ang abuses her authority, prostitutes her office as a judge by abusing the law to punish an innocent man Dr. Chee Soon Juan because he criticized Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. For that she fines him a sum of $430,000.00, no less. She knows Dr. Chee is not liable in law to Lee Kuan Yew. She knows she is prostituting her position as a judge, not to follow the rule of law but to be used as a political tool for Lee Kuan Yew. She knows what she is doing is wrong. But yet she does it, because that is the only way to succeed in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

And like Said Zahari had called Lee Kuan Yew a "political lair" you can see that these 2 are similarly cowardly liars. You see, only a coward will challenge an opponent when he knows that his opponent is helpless, because he can abuse the system. So had I written this blog calling both Davinder Singh and this Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean dishonest cowards in Singapore, I have no doubt I would be arrested and sent to prison as Lee had done it before. Even though my audience remains the same, since it is Singaporeans who are reading this blog, if both these people had any reputation at all, they should be suing me yet again or have me arrested and sent to prison in Singapore. But you see they won’t. They won't because both these people just as all these minions like them in Singapore are plain and simply cowards.

It is not as if these 2 persons had no recourse against me for the harm I have done, if indeed harm has been done. They can both commence action in Singapore courts, win their cases as surely they will, and then try to enforce their judgments in the Federal Courts in the US. Surely a judge of the Singapore high court, a supposedly respectable office, should not be scandalized in this manner. If indeed I have insulted this judge, and as Singaporeans are reading this blog, like they have done in the past; surely this woman, Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean should not remain silent. Surely she must take some action to protect not only herself but also the reputation of the Singapore courts. Surely she has to do something.

But you see, they won't. They are themselves ashamed of what they do for a living. They know that other countries have little respect either for Singapore or their administration of justice. The cat is out of the bag. If they did attempt any action, they would not succeed in enforcing their judgments in the US, because US follows the rule of law. Had it been any other country, it would have been different. A British Australian or Canadian court will have the confidence to commence action within their jurisdiction and have it enforced in the US. This is because the laws of these countries are held in respect in the USA. Singapore’s has been the object of ridicule odium and contempt.

In this system, where dishonesty is rewarded with high office and lucrative jobs, the government finds it more and more difficult to find good people to join their ranks. The government has admitted this recently when Goh Chock Tong, the Senior Minister made this confession. It should not come as any surprise to anyone since most people, whether in Singapore or elsewhere are not the type like Davinder Singh or Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean because they have certain principles. This results in Singaporeans not wanting to join the civil service or any government organization like the police force. As a result, the government has no choice but to rely on lesser and lesser qualified candidates. This has been recently shown by Dr. Chee Soon Juan in his blog where even highly experienced Singapore police officers have no knowledge the law. As admitted by these poorly qualified police officers, all they can do is to follows orders.

Although I have no personal knowledge of this, I would not be surprised if at this very moment Judge Judith Prakash, another dishonest and corrupt judge who permits herself to be used by Lee Kuan Yew for his political ends, is packing to leave for Australia. She knows the prospects for Singapore are not good. She knows that she is being thoroughly used by Lee Kuan Yew for a political purpose. She knows that she has been put to shame before the Singapore public. She finds it is embarrassing to show herself in public. She fears what would happen to her when the 86 year old Lee Kuan Yew, her patron and provider all these years were to die. Will she be held to account? Will she have to answer for her actions? Will she have to spend time in the very prison to which she sent her innocent victims? So she quite naturally wants to leave while the going is good. Perhaps if she was in Australia, she will be safe from Singaporean’s fury when the time comes. I do not know but I won't be surprised of this.

Since Singaporeans know this government to be thoroughly dishonest and corrupt and since many Singaporeans do not wish to earn a living in the shameful way that this man Davinder Singh and this Judge Belinda Ang Saw do, the government has to rely on foreigners who have no loyalty and no meaningful ties to Singapore to fill the vacuum. This is mediocre workers with mediocre skills, incomparable to native born Singaporeans. This lack of good talent again impacts this government's ability to perform well and weakens it.

Then, a desperate government such as this relies on giving scholarships to good students by sending them abroad, and making them serve decades with this government under a scheme which is in fact involuntary servitude. In this area too, the government is failing in getting candidates. Students are aware that if they accept these scholarships, they will have to spend their entire career serving this government to persecute and harm their fellow citizens to please their master. This knowledge has made many capable students either refuse government scholarships or causes them to break their contracts they signed with the government, since it was wrong for this government in the first place to demand this forced labor from them for decades.

And then you have the problem of massive emigration from the island. The problem of insufficient children being born in the country. With abortions reaching astronomical proportions. With suicides increasing. With unemployment escalating. With crime escalating. With people having lost all respect for the administration of justice or the civil service. With all these problems, the Singapore dictatorship has to fall just as all the other dictatorships around the world.

And the biggest problem of all is that Singaporeans are not allowed to participate in the political process of the island, unless it is to sing praises for Lee Kuan Yew's government. This isolates and alienates an entire section of the population who are the very ones that are needed to come up with new ideas and enterprises. Since Lee Kuan Yew only likes to hear praises, the one's who are capable of independent thinking have shut themselves off.

And without them, and these million dollar ministers and sycophants like Davinder Singh and Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean cannot save Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

The case of Singapore is very similar with Indonesia during Soeharto regime. Reformation might happen, If Singaporean government still can't control the economic down term.

Anonymous said...

Indonesian students then had the courage and idealism to stage protest to overthrow Soeharto corrupt regime. Some of them paid with their lives.

The current reformed political climate and the whole political parties that sprang up owe these students a massive debt even their own today's existence. It was not any political party which brought change in Indonesia, it was the students.

However I see it now that Indonesia is heading towards a new authoritarian regime which is a real pity.


Migrant said...

what you have written here will come to pass. The old man's days are numbers....we might see a whole new Singapore soon