Monday, June 29, 2009

Lee Kuan Yew's son to Singaporeans: If you don't have a job, become a bus driver.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am not sure if you read not too long ago in the Singapore's state controlled press the Straits Times where Lee Kuan Yew's son, the Prime Minister had suggested in these days of job losses that they should try working as bus drivers as there were many vacancies. Are you not seeing a touch of desperation there?

We have also seen a series of articles in the press where the government claims to be re-training workers. But re-training to what? How do you re-train a 50 year old security guard who recently lost his job? And what are these industries that need him anyway?

The niches have all failed. The port has failed, no cargo. Tourism has failed, declining tourists. Singapore Airlines has failed, not competitive. Computer industry has failed, no business. Law has failed, corrupt judges. What is there left?

With the unstoppable brain drain and with a bad reputation for human rights and lack of judicial independence, Singapore is hurting in all directions.

If there is no industry that is viable since the government has run out of ideas and the people are afraid to become entrepreneurs for fear of offending Lee Kuan Yew, will someone tell me what all this re-training is about? What, re-training to be bus drivers?

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jamestan said...

I received an email video from a friend. It started off with a fairly generic premise: There were 2 teams, each consisting of 4 players; one team wore black and the other white, and each team carried a basketball. They stood in a tight circle around the middle of a basketball court, and the caption appeared: "Here is a test: count the number of times that the team in white passes the ball."

The video continued woth the players passing the ball, and of course the action became more intense. After about 20 seconds, the game stopped. Another caption appeared.

"The answer is 13. But did you notice the moonwalking bear?"

No. I replayed the game, now that one has been asked to look for the moonwalking bear, there it was, popping in from the right of the screen towards the left, as it slowly moonwalked through the people passing the ball.

The point of the video is not about the late MJ, but about general awareness, the human brain can be easily fooled into overlooking the most obvious thing in front of it; much like the idea that a moonwalking bear in the middle of a basketball court could prove invisible.

- - -
Singaporeans are still missing the obvious. The outward feel of a prosperous country, the distraction of swine flu and more distractions from comforting words from the govt (comforting because it is what the jittery people want to hear)

PAP hope to keep the bluff alive while praying for a miracle.

Having squandered all the opportunities in good times to create a better more resilent Singapore by silencing the oppositions, Lee Kuan Yew has to face this music.

Anonymous said...

G'day Mr Gopalan Nair,

"will someone tell me what all this re-training is about?"

Have attended a couple of these so called retraining, do not know if want to cry or laugh. Thank you for your advice, am working on my "Prison Break" from the Asian version of Alcatraz Island. Anyway sorry for digressing...

The re-training is nothing more than a big joke, anyone who has really had some kind of work experiences in that particular field will tell you that. First and foremost, failure is unacceptable, meaning the so called examinations is pointless. In extreme rare cases do you get to fail, that doesn't mean that you graduate with the qualifications or expertise that you need to manage the skill at hand, it is just that there is a "quota" to be met.

The biggest joke of all is in some re-training programs, the authors of the "instructor manual" whom obviously copied their material from somewhere else... set aside a bunch of questions that they themselves have no answers to. The instructor revealed to us directly after some questioning from the students.

Anyway,if you could write more on "Prison Break", there are quite a number of dissents who are ready to leave however does not have the means. Especially those who are only 'O' levels, much appreciated.

Have a great life,

Anonymous said...

Ah you mentioned for fear of offending LKY . . .

what kind of person easily offended by his own citizen. He needs his head checked up. Probably he imagine himself a god. Crook!