Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Singapore. Running a country "with wits alone".

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew during his defamation trial against Dr. Chee Soon Juan from May 26 2008 to May 28, 2008 in Singapore said this in court. While I was seated in the Singapore court, at one point during his testimony, he had said, he managed to bring Singapore to what is is,(if indeed there is anything to be proud about),"by wits alone".

"By wits alone". Very true.

You see, he has managed to hoodwink the vast majority of the world into thinking that he has created a democracy. That he has created wealth and Singapore is a beacon to the rest of the world as a country that came from a poor fishing village to being a first world democracy. But this is not true. It is not a democracy. The people are not well off. And they are not happy.

But foreigners don't see this. What they see is clean streets, high rise buildings, good infra structure and people having some eduction and some having a little money. From this, they believe, through the clever propaganda put out that all is well. But sooner or later at least they find out the truth and change their views.

2 years ago, the International Bar Association held their annual conference in Singapore. They were not aware of the abuse of the law by Lee Kuan Yew and his political friends to keep themselves in power. They were not aware that there was no rule of law. But all that changed very quickly. After Singapore activists such as Dr. Chee Soon Juan got their message across to them of what Singapore really was, a totalitarian dictatorship with Lee Kuan Yew in the role of the dictator, it all changed overnight. Very soon they came out with a 72 page scathing attack against the Singapore legal system telling the world there was no rule of law at all in the country, that opposition politicians are destroyed in their courts by corrupt judges, one of them being Belinda Ang Saw Ean. And with the publication of this report went the hopes of the government in trying to make Singapore a legal hub for international arbitration. It not only threw a wrench into the spokes, the legal profession itself accelerated it's decline in numbers. There are now less than 2,500 lawyers in the entire country!

On June 1, 2009, the Singapore state controlled press has an article, "Singapore tops social capital". It reports Caux Round Table, an international monitor on countries had placed Singapore 14 among 200 countries, a high score, for qualities such as ethics and values of politicians, good business governance and human rights etc. Singapore it seems was placed above the USA and UK but lower than the Nordic countries, Australia and New Zealand.

It is once again quite obvious that just like the International Bar Association who were not aware of the truth until they were told, the same with this organization. They obviously are not aware that Lee Kuan Yew and his friends pay themselves $3.7 million a year, that there is no accountability for the assets of the country, which means anyone can siphon off any amount any time, and with the courts being directly controlled by him, no one dares to question them about anything.

Obviously they are not aware of the courts hounding, and bankrupting the late JB Jeyaretnam, the bankrupting of various opposition leaders in Singapore through the courts and my imprisonment for 3 months for having criticized Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean for delivering a politically motivated judgement.

It is quite obvious they are not aware of the entire media being state controlled and there is no opportunity for anyone to have any independent opinion about anything under pain of punishment in his courts.

None of this comports with the notions of ethics and good governance that this organization claims it based its judgement.

And if they tried to ask themselves this question, why is there not a single protest or peaceful demonstration or protest in the country at all; not for more than 4 decades! Are they all happy all the time or is there some other reason; fear perhaps. Just as in North Korea there have not been any signs of any unrest for a very long time. Just like North Korea, Singapore is one large cemetery, with silent people going about their work.

This organization should have placed Singapore right at the bottom of the list. Just like the International Bar Association, I think they too will find out the truth very soon.

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Anonymous said...

"But this is not true. It is not a democracy. The people are not well off. And they are not happy"-


Anonymous said...

"Just like North Korea, Singapore is one large cemetery, with silent people going about their work."

Yes indeed -all in state of comatoze /misery!

Anonymous said...

You know most people are silent even when they kow that LKY regime is bloody hell corrupt and ruthless viewing people on their island mere slaves with no rights and freedom.

They are silent because for one they are afraid and for another because they are apathetic.

Only those people whose personal lives have been tormented and destroyed by the regime are bold enough to make a stand.

My own mother said in Indonesian while I was redoing my tertiary education basically refusing to submit: "Kamu bisa jadi gembel!(You could be a desitute!)"
Of course she denied ever saying this or this even to the point of swearing in the name of God.

She also said to me
"If you got into trouble don't drag us into it!"

You see even my own mother will not support my cause and added to the pain of my wound.


Anonymous said...

when the 72page report came out, the first thing that they said was that it was a Conspiracy to do Us in. i'm like "yea right".

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair I would like to bring to you and your blog readers attention the trouble that a Singaporean blogger with the nick PothePanda is now in in Singapore.

He is now threatened to be forcibly put to IMH.


His interview on youtube


Quote from his interview:
Gary: He said to me at the lift lobby 90% of the exact words - ”Mr Tan,if you walk out of here tomorrow,you might get killed.You might meet with a mysterious accident,you might disappear and nobody will know what happened to you! Mr Tan, some things and people in this country you cannot offend! Some people are above all things! You better make sure you know this! Mr Tan,we can arrange for things to happen to you.You understand or not!”

This man spoke up and now he is paying the price. The Lee regime is now resorting to IMH rather than prison.


Anonymous said...

Well, if the old fox manages to outwit everyone, he deserves to run the country.

Hello, any Singaporeans there? Most are under the spell of the old man.

Like Maggie Thatcher, the elderly relatives believe LKY can "do no wrong". Perhaps it is a good thing that I left Singapore to escape those in denial.

Mr Nair, Hope your situation is better now after the unfair treatment under the PAP regime.

mycroft said...

'Singapore. Running a country "by wits alone".

LKY is an octogenarian, a man in his dotage. It comes as no surprise that he would make a mental typo. He probably meant:

'by Twits alone'.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair,

Perhaps we should all take a look at the Caux Round Table Global Governing Board under their organisational chart. You'll be surprised at what you see.

A couple of questions to ask ourselves then, would be,

(A) Is that Singaporean there on 'someone's' orders?

(B) Is that Singaporean influencing the decision of the organisation in giving SG good rankings and singing praises?

All this in turn would help PAP blow their trumpets even harder.

I sincerely hope that the agency had insufficient info on SG when they came to their decisions.

Follow the link: