Friday, October 16, 2009

Latest on Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore Law Society's work to disbar me in Singapore.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is October 16, 2009, 3.48pm, at my office in Fremont California. This is the latest on Singapore's project to disqualify me from practicing law in Singapore.

October 12, 2009:
I received some papers from the Singaporean Disciplinary Tribunal Secretariat, 1 Supreme Court Lane, Singapore 178879, Tel: 6332 4040 and 6332 4060, signed by Ms Audrey Lim (Audrey Lim Yoon Cheng, but she signs only as Audrey Lim), delivered to me by DHL Courier. There were 2 small bundles, one called a statement of case, containing about 28 pages, which stated the charges tendered by a Singaporean law firm Colin Ng and Partners LLP. However it does not state the name of any person in the firm, the signature merely being "Colin Ng and Partners" (Signature illegible).

Then there is another bundle containing slightly more pages, which contains an affidavit by Rajendram Ambika ""who states she is "Director of Conduct" (strange English) of the Singaporean Law Society". In the affidavit she says there are allegations of misconduct against me, such as I had said, in reference to the Singaporean judge Belinda Ang "the judge was throughout prostituting herself during the entire proceedings (Lee Kuan Yew vs Dr. Chee Soon Juan), by being nothing more than an employee of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and his son and carrying out their orders" (words in parenthesis are mine). And similar to this charge, there are the other charges that I used similar words to describe another Singaporean judge Judith Prakash; that I had been charged and convicted of yelling curses at Singaporean police officers and that I had told Singaporean judge Leong Kui Yiu James that I had no respect for his court or his jurisprudence etc.

Also included in this bundle were copies of various of my blog posts that they were using to prove that I said is what they accuse me of.

Other than this, the Singaporean Disciplinary Secretariat has not attached anything else. No directions on how to respond, to whom to respond. Nothing.

They ask for the name of my Singapore lawyer. I have told them I act in person.

October 12, 2009:
I write a letter to Singaporean Secretariat asking if they will arrange for a visa for me to attend the hearing in Singapore, as the Singaporean state controlled newspapers had earlier reported that they would. This is posted on this blog.

October 13, 2009:
I write to Singaporean Secretariat telling them it is not sufficient for them merely to ask for my Singapore lawyer. I have none. I represent myself. It is their duty to send me copies of their laws and regulations on the procedure to me, so I can respond to this. They have not done it. I also ask for all transcripts of my trial in Singapore on their accusation that I insulted Singaporean judge Belinda Ang and the transcripts in the trial of my having hurled curses at a Malay Singaporean policeman among other accusations. Without the full and complete transcripts I would not be given an opportunity to sufficiently represent myself.

Oct 14, 2009:
As I have not heard anything from the Singaporean Secretariat, I telephone them. Long conversation with a woman named Angela Chopard. She is the Head of this Singaporean Tribunal secretariat. However she has to take orders from this woman who works upstairs from her office, Audrey Lim (Lim Yoon Cheng). She claims she took instructions (presumably from Lim Yoon Cheng but she will not say) that I should Email all questions to her and send it cc to Yogeswari N Vadivellu. She claims she never reads my blog Singapore Dissident and no one in her office reads it. She claims she does not know the full name of Audrey Lim and no one else in her office does! She claims she has not seen my letters.

Oct 15, 2009:
Since the Singaporean Secretariat (Angela Chopard) claims she has not received my letters and neither does she read my blog, it is necessary to send the letters which were posted Airmail again to her via Email? This I do according to her instructions by sending them to her and copying them to Yogeswari D/O N Vadivellu. These Emails are 1) whether they will give me a visa to come to Singapore and 2) whether they will provide the legal literature and the court transcripts to enable my response.

Oct 15, 2009:
A very unpleasant conversation with Chopard. The moment she picks up the phone she yells! When I ask her to calm down, she says that she just returned from lunch. When I ask if that is the reason why she is so angry, she says nothing. A most unusual reason to be upset just because you came back from lunch!

I tell her that she is liable to get a heart attack if she gets so agitated for no reason. She responds by saying I shouldn't tell her such things. I ask her again whether I should mail things to her as a person since the documents that were sent to me were from Lim Yoon Cheng. She barks, it is fine, send them to her and cc them to her colleague Yogeswri d/o N Vadivellu.

I don't know why she suddenly became so confrontational but a guess would be that Lim Yoon Cheng must have told her off for talking to me or giving me any information, and perhaps she finds herself right in the middle of the cross fire between her boss, who takes instructions from Lee Kuan Yew and me on the other hand, in this project to have Gopalan Nair disqualified from ever practicing law in the Singaporean legal system.

It will be challenging to see how she will respond to my next phone call. Perhaps this time, she will instruct her office to say she is not there! An interesting first world country according to Lee Kuan Yew's claims!

Oct 16, 2009:
As of today, there is no news from Angela Chopard and her Singaporean Secretariat. Except that the charges against me and some copies of my blog posts were mailed to me on Oct 12, 2009, there is total silence. Today I received an Email from Yogeswari d/o N Vadivellu, an employee at the Disciplinary Secretariat, to whom I was requested to send copies of my emails to Chopard, that Singaporean Disciplinary Secretariat will not respond to any of my Emails until October 22, 2009 when Yogeswari returns from her vacation!

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Anonymous said...

Yelling staff, what kind of service attitude is that?
Are all singaporeans like that? No wonder singapore employs so many China PRs to be service staff.

That yelling staff, give her one tight slap then she know!

Anonymous said...

you are SICK. Be a man, come back and talk, dun run away like a coward! Anyway, it is peaceful here in Singapore, regarding your 'report' abt riots???? what riots? everywhere is peace and quiet.