Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Singapore. Another young man leaving Singapore.

Studying and working in US: The odds

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 3:52 PM
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Hi Mr Nair,

I am a current student of Singapore forced to serve the wretched National Service. Currently I am planning of seeking out an education in the US but am considering hard whether to self loan or take up a scholarship (and hence forth slave myself to the Government of Singapore). The loan amount estimates to about 300k plus interest which I am worried about whether I can pay back. Thus, as you have been in the US for quite a while, I will like to seek some advice from you if possible whether it is worth it to take up a bank loan or take a scholarship which seems very tempting from the looks of it but carries a 6 year bond.

My main considerations is whether it is indeed true that earnings in the US is definitely worth such a gamble of a few hundred grand and can be easily earned back plus a life of freedom rather than being stifled up in this boring Singapore. (Singapore is increasingly becoming a sore to the eyes due to the rapid rise in cost of living and number of FTs) Also, is a working visa easily granted for Singaporeans? I am worried over the amount of paper work that prospective employers in the US have to fill up which may entice them to attract their own locals instead. My worst fear is not being able to get a good paying job there in the US and forced to return to Singapore after being burdened with a massive loan from my studies. Lastly, do you know how easy is it for Singaporean students there to clinch a job upon graduation?

It will be great if you could provide me with some advice as I plan to emigrate out of Singapore but could not even out the odds coherently even after consulting various online sources.


A fervent admirer of you.

Another emigre
Student from Singapore

P.S: I will appreciate it if you DO NOT post this on your blog as I will like this to remain private confidential. Thank You.

My response

Re: Studying and working in US: The oddsThursday, November 5, 2009 12:02 AM
From: "Gopalan Nair" Add sender to ContactsTo: "emigre"

Hello Emigre,

First as to your wanting to escape national service, I am not sure if you are afraid or whether it is on principle. Actually national service is a good thing. It builds your muscle and your health. If you are a sissy, you should just stay home. Second, you should not be going to America in the first place if you are so worried. You should stay back in Singapore. If you want to go, then have some courage and go. If you are so scared, America is not the place for you. Americans are not afraid like you. As for your losing time in national service affecting your studies, you seem to be a weak student if 2 years can hurt you. 2 years of national service does not hurt. It helps trememdouly unless you are weak and do not have the courage to face life's challenges. As for your fear that what you said should not be publsuhed, I think other wise. I think the public has a right to know of people such as you who want to leave Singapore. You are a growing trend and you are in the public eye.

I will garble your Email address and name to conceal your identity
Gopalan Nair

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