Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do Singapore's father and son duo have flooding solution?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Not surprisingly, Singapore's state controlled Straits Times online edition of Nov 20, 2009 had this story, "Just too much rain, Bukit Timah Canal bursts it's bank in intense storm". Not surprisingly, because we should all have known that this was coming.

Anyone who has read anything about global warming knows what is obvious. Flooding in Singapore is going to become a progressively common occurrence. So I suppose you have to get used to it. How this is going to effect it's international image, wading in water half the time,I cannot say. Perhaps they could give a new name for themselves, like they usually do, perhaps, "Singapore, uniquely flooding experience"?

The sea is coming in. It is as simple as that.

Do Singapore's world famous duo, the ever litigious, of the "call me names and I will sue you" fame, none other than father son, Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong, have any solutions to this problem from the sky?

Sea water like anything else expands when heated; and so do the waters around Singapore which are hot as it is. With further heating it expands even further.

Anyone taking a walk along Changi Beach or East Coast will confirm this. The water line has advanced much further than what it was a few years ago.

The heavy vegetation and thermal heating of the atmosphere attracts a great deal of rain. Excessive Rain clouds or Cumulus nimbus to be exact. The rain water has to be discharged to the sea and no where else. But with sea level rising coupled with high tides, the water simply cannot get to it.

Many areas of Singapore happen to be very low lying such as Bukit Timah and the Central Business District. No amount of building further canals or deepening/ widening them can solve the underlying problem of the rain working at cross purposes with the sea. Although the coastal areas are all only a few feet above sea level, especially the reclaimed areas, and even though they might hold out for a while more, within Singapore there are large swathes of very low lying areas about which simply nothing can be done.

I wonder what the million dollar Bukit Timah residents including the PAP millionaires themselves are intending to do. Have they not thought about this in their town planning? Frankly there is nothing they can do. If I were in a house in Bukit Timah, I will sell now and get out. Problem is, would anyone want to buy a property which is under water half the time.

I guess, when buying, they should also buy a boat. And perhaps get some SCUBA diving equipment? By the way, it stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA). I happen to have read it.

Believe me, it is very relaxing to have a good laugh at the expense of Singapore's strongman and son, the Lee duo. I am sorry to say that you, living in Singapore can have no such pleasure.

Although I am being flippant somewhat about Singapore's father and son team, I am dead serious about what I said of Singapore's floods.

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Anonymous said...

don't worry for Bt. timah residents. they can climb the hill when the flood comes.

Anonymous said...

I suppose they can now try to look into ways to turn this coming misfortunes by advertising Singapore as one giant world class in city scuba diving spot.

After all many still believe Singapore is a decent place to live in so why would not they buy another lie.


Anonymous said...

straits times reported that PUB has upgraded the drainage system in singapore and they have sent out officers to flood prone areas to prevent flooding. That was what they reported days ago before the flooding. the entire bukit timah road was flooded yesterday how ironic is that

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is time to flatten Bt Timah hill into a plateau and move the PAP elites there.

At least when the global warming worsen, there is still a little red dot above the sea level.

It the flood get worse, they may have to escape to Burma.

Have you seen the APEC photo, The son looks older than the father. Perhaps the curse on the Lees have begun. Hope the family live long enough to enjoy their ill-gotten gains.

Anonymous said...

Bukit Timah residents get a free public swimming pool free of charge after every heavy rain so they should be grateful to the millon-dollars minister for such wise planning !

Anonymous said...

Nothing the clowns do can escape God's punishment. No even the unsinkable Titanic, let alone the SinCity.

Anonymous said...

From The Economist:

Singapore's Gini coefficient, a measure of inequality, rose from 0.444 in 2000 to 0.481 in 2008 - HIGHER than in CHINA ...

Waiting for the inevitable rebuttal from Singapore's High Commissioner to London. Let's see how he spins this.

Anonymous said...

Well a sampan will solve the PAPs problems.
They can just pass a decree calling on all Bukit Timah residents to keep a sampan.

Anonymous said...

"They can just pass a decree calling on all Bukit Timah residents to keep a sampan."

ERP charging will resume for sampan. due to floating, traffic is slower and government losing money, therefore charge will increase 5 fold.

Anonymous said...

Don't care what flooding, as long as come election, PAP wins 98% or even 100% of the seats.

By the way, father and son are lucky (or was it smart) to have their homes not in flood prone areas.

Anonymous said...

Only HDB dwellers get sampans or floats. Bt Timah residents get luxury cruisers with air-con and gold taps.