Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Law Society Singapore vs Gopalan Nair, my Email to Singapore ICA copied to Singapore Disciplinary Tribunals

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The following is my Email to Singapore Immigration and Customs Authority (ICA) for a confirmation of my travel arrangements to Singapore.

I have copied this Email to the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunals and again reminded them, it is their duty as the Tribunal in charge of this case to ensure that all evidence needed for me to defend myself is provided to me, and my travel to Singapore is guaranteed.

So far, they are simply refusing to provide any assistance.

For instance both the courts have not provided any court transcripts and are demanding that I go to Singapore personally to collect them, or send someone there personally. As I live in California, this is obviously impossible.

I have also Emailed both courts with copies sent to the Tribunal asking that they mail the court transcripts to me at my address, since going there is impossible. To date, neither the courts nor the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal has replied.

As far as this Email below to the Singapore Immigration and Customs Authority goes, I have written to them to confirm my safe passage to Singapore, that I will not be arrested and that my expenses for travel will be paid.

I have copied this Email to the Singapore Tribunal so that they cannot deny that I have sent the EMail. It is the Tribunal's responsibility to do all this and they are clearly refusing to do so, thinking perhaps that this way they will get the upper hand in the matter.

I am sure the reader can see this merry go round on their part, which only goes to confirm once again that the rule of law is seriously absent in that island.

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Travel to Singapore.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 2:26 AM
From: "Gopalan Nair"
To: ica_feedback@ica.gov.sg
Cc: angela_chopard@supcourt.gov.sg, yogeswari_n_vadivellu@supcourt.gov.sg

Hello head, ICA Singapore.

Although it is should be the reponsibility of the Disciplinary Tribunal Singapore to arrange for my safe passage to Singapore, please confirm that I will be allowed safe apaasage into Singapore. The dates are from Feb 22, 2010 to Feb 26, 2010 or March 8, 2010 to March 12, 2010.

Also please confirm that as, according to the Singapore government, I have committed further criminal offences under your Singapore law since my return to California USA, that is, Singapore's claim that I "insulted" your judge Judith Prakash in my blog, and that I had committed contempt of court of your judge Leslie Chew, by posting criticisms of your judges on my blog Singapore Dissident and withdrawing my apology to him last year, in my blog Singapore Dissident, please confirm that I will not be arrested again if I return to your country.

Also please note that as these disciplinary hearings have been commenced by your government, please confirm that you will be paying my air fare, to and fro from Singapore for this and my hotel expenses, in a 5 star hotel there, including a reasonable sum of daily expenses while I am there.

I am certainly not prepared to expend my own money to go to Singapore for this, since it is not my responsibility to do so.

This Email is copied to Angela Chopard and her co-worker Yogeswari N Vadivellu of the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunals. In this manner, the Tribunals will be notified that I had written to you.

Please answer these questions to the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunals. I have requested that all communication in this matter be between the Tribunals and me. It is their responsibility to arrange these affairs to ensure that I am given an opportunity to defend these accusations. To date, they seem to be avoiding their responsibility.

I will be posting this Email in my blog, the Singapore Dissident.

Yours Sincerely,

Gopalan Nair


Anonymous said...

I sure hope Singapore will pay your airfare plus 5 star hotel accomodation and reasonable daily expense. But I would hesistate to eat any food served by them whether in a 5 star hotel or a hawker centre.

Nate said...

Good on you Mr Nair, Give it to the stupid bastards. Make them pay. But like the previous comment, watch what you're given to eat. They've tried that on Dr. Chee in prison.