Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Singapore. Father and son collect again.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Latest news shows Lee Kuan Yew and son, his Prime Minister have collected again in Singapore. This time the victim was the soon to be defunct Hong Kong Newspaper Far Eastern Economic Review, who had said something the strongman and son did not like, about they misusing their power to punish their perennial enemy Dr. Chee Soon Juan.

In this latest defamation case, Lee Kuan Yew and Son, Lee Hsien Loong vs Dow Jones; one of a series of never ending defamation law suits by the duo against their critics; his ever willing High Court has yet again ordered the newspaper to pay the duo, this time, $400,000.00.

Each time they go against their critics in Singapore courts whose judges obediently do anything they want, victory is always certain. I suppose it is the only country in the world where you can successfully predict the outcome of a law suit by who the litigants are. In the history of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew nor his son have never lost a lawsuit!

Frankly I wonder what these two want to achieve by this. If the point is to prove that the Singapore judiciary is corrupt and beholden to them, it has already been done long ago. If it is to show that no one should criticize them, the message has already been painfully sent a long time ago too. If it is to prove Singapore has no rule of law, they have ably shown the world that too. If it is to show there is no freedom of speech and expression or any other human rights, that too has been clearly established.

What else is the point then? It must be that these two are determined to show the world that it is a pure and unmitigated dictatorship, where there is no means of criticism whatsoever.

And they have also successfully debunked the claim that it is an international legal and commercial hub. It is simply impossible for a island like this to ever aspire to being that. Both father and son have amply shown and proven it.

Today, these two are in fact an impediment to Singapore's progress and an acute embarrassment; for Singaporeans today are known the world over for being cowardly and a people who permanently live in fear. Singaporeans should not wait any longer to unseat them for their own good and self respect.

Since this government rigs elections and imprisons political opposition, it is impossible to unseat them through the election process.

I think that too is quite clear since 1959, with every single elections won unanimously by the PAP, as the 2 miserable opposition members are in fact really their men too.

The only way for change to happen is through peaceful civil disobedience and peaceful demonstrations and protests. I hope that those who care for their country realize this and take the necessary actions to achieve your aspirations.

Otherwise you are doomed to continue living the miserable lives you now lead. As slaves. Lee Kuan Yew's slaves.

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Anonymous said...

With so many yes-men around, no wonder the island is marooned.

Anonymous said...

From The Economist:

"In 1990, citizen's made up 86% of Singapore's 3m people. Today, the share is 64%..."

Anonymous said...

From The Economist:

"I am Singaporean and tired of service staff who can only speak Mandarin" is a group on Facebook, ..., with more than 10,000 members.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Mandarin, and the Ofart's recent talk of bilinquialism.

Ever heard Singaporeans speak English. Chances are, no! They speak Singlish.

Perhaps that is why PAP always win the election. Just use a few keywords in the election rally speech and the Singapore brains will light up "convinced" and paint a future utopia.

But the opposition talks too much and confuse the voters. They catch no ball lah. No one want to believe that the Ofart will stop playing nanny.