Monday, November 16, 2009

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew's major problem, no qualified people

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's gnawing problem now is the lack of qualified people.

Unlike in the past without the Internet and information entirely controlled through a state controlled press, it was easy for Lee to say whatever he wants. And people believed it.

Now with the Internet it is impossible to hide the truth. The theft of millions by the Ministers calling it a salary, the lack of the basic human rights of free speech and expression is all taking it's toll on what people think of Singapore. With a large section of Singaporeans now with a choice of how they wish to live, no longer have to submit to these injustices.

The highly educated whom the Lee Kuan Yew government needs the most, are simply saying they do not want to play the Lee Kuan Yew game anymore.

They are refusing to be lawyers, refusing to join the Civil Service, refusing to join the Police Force, and refusing even to live in Singapore, opting instead to leave Singapore permanently. The legal profession continues to decline with no more than 3000 lawyers in it, an undeniably small number for a city state of 5 million people engaged in banking and international trade.

As for the civil service, ever increasing numbers are leaving it, and attracting new entrants seems a perennial problem. With the increasing publicity of Singapore policemen going around having to do Lee Kuan Yew's dirty work of arresting political opponents rather than criminals, being part of it becomes distasteful and dishonest, leaving it to people with either no ability or no choice like Assistant Superintendant of Police Abdul Razak Zakaria that I had mentioned in my earlier blog.

Lee Kuan Yew's arrogance, his abusing the law courts and the legal profession; his misusing the police force for his private ends; so with the civil service; so with the teachers; so with every branch of government, that has made just working in Singapore a rather dishonest pursuit.

With crippling lack of real educated capable people to join the management of Singapore, he is left with opportunists who manage to push their weight around, not by reasoned argument and persuasion but by brute force and the violence of his policemen.

The result is the very small pool of talented, but not decent people that he can rely on. Good capable Singaporeans have either withdrawn completely or simply left the country.

What we do have is the small group of largely weak and incompetent reporters in the state controlled press who simply keep churning out the good news and hoping the window dressing of success and achievement is enough.

The numbers are simply not enough. Lee Kuan Yew and his friends will continue to have to turn this way and that looking for good people to stay and work in his city state and, what is even worse, co-operate with him. Unless of course, he understands that no one today has to look up to him simply because he is Lee Kuan Yew. We know who he is and what he does. We know for instance that he was the one responsible for jailing a man without trial longer even Nelson Mandela, Chia Thye Poh for 32 years.

At least apartheid South Africa was better. Nelson Mandela at least got a trial.

We know today that Singapore ministers commit day light robbery of their people paying themselves millions. We also know today of all the other misuses of government that goes on, which people have to accept without any recourse for redress. This recipe is a guarantee that no one with any qualities would want to have anything to do with this regime.

His skilled labor problem will simply remain and increase. Getting more Chinese speaking immigrants or Indians is not the solution to the serious underlaying fault line of instability and collapse. The Chinese do not have English and the good Indians will not stay.

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