Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Singapore. Now student scholarships are for Singapore universities only.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits times online edition of Nov 11, 2009 has this story "Get best into local universities".

At a local Singaporean graduation ceremony, Mr. Dhanabalan, one of the senior members and close associates of the Singapore strongman, Lee Kuan Yew, said that in the future, the best students will be required to attend Singapore's universities and not overseas European, Australian and North American Universities as they did in the past.

In the past, students were given scholarships to study in western countries.

And the students themselves preferred to go abroad.

A western college degree made them more mobile and accepted anywhere in the world; whereas a Singapore college degree was seen as third world and second rate.

Moreover, because of the bad name that Singapore now has for being seen as a repressive place intolerant of dissent, it's degrees too have become increasingly suspect in the free world.

How can a student be expected to think independently if merely to question authority could mean a prison sentence.

But now Mr. Dhanabalan says "I personally don't think it is a good idea."

He said "We need people at the top who have experience of the world as well as a good understanding of Singapore".

But of course, you know the real reason. The tide is turning. They are getting desperate. Once the student has gone abroad and smelt the fresh air of freedom, they are not prepared to live in this tin pot tyrant city. The are tired and fed up of the senile octogenarian strutting around with a whip and beating everyone into line.

They are sick and tired of these sycophants like these Dhanabalans and Jeyakumars earning a living by boot licking Lee Kuan Yew. They want freedom. Almost to the last student, everyone who goes abroad never returns. They all break their scholarship bonds.

They refuse to serve a government for which they no longer have any respect.

They are fed up of Singapore's corrupt judges putting Dr. Chee Soon Juan and myself in prison. They are fed up of the lack of human rights. They are fed up of reading propaganda.

These inept Lee Kuan Yew's men hope that by sending them to Singapore universities, they can be brainwashed into docility which is not achieved by sending them overseas. Western Universities make them think and question the men in authority which makes bullying them difficult.

Frankly, I don't think I have to say anymore. This measure of trying to give local scholarships will not achieve anything. It is just too little too late. Singapore is just a stupid place with stupid repressive policies.

The repression, intolerance and corruption of the government has gone on for too long. It has been discredited beyond repair. It is too late now. Merely stopping overseas scholarships will not achieve anything. It is merely a drop in the bucket.

No I don't have any thing more to say about this. Except to say that it will fail. Singapore will end up with a population of coolies and Mandarin speaking slaves; and temporary workers who come for a stint.

And it's students and educated will continue to leave, with or without foreign scholarships.

And they will thank you for continuing with your stupid policies.

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Anonymous said...

Now only PAP will want to brainwash those in Kindergarden, primary, and secondary school, they now want to brainwash those best talents in higher tertiary.

ONly the elite sons of MIW and echelon can sent their children oversea using scholarship whereas less mortals on scholarship can only study in substandard local University ! Some more with BOND !

JamesTan said...

Dear Gopalan,

The PAP think that they are safe by putting their oppositions into jail/bankrupt/exile. They are probably happy that 'troublemakers' like JBJ is dead. What what they do not realise is that by stifling Singapore's freedom, they are killing themselves ever so slowly.

While the rest of the world move on, Singaporeans are more entrapped in their strange form of existence.

Anonymous said...

If say I would like to go overseas for an education, I will have to pay through my own pocket.....

And as of now, Singaporeans are struggling to finance themselves because of the high cost of living....

What a cheap trick by my own government....

Anonymous said...

What's annoying is that they are urging people to immigrate when at the same time the native-born citizens want out!

In other countries the poorest understandably leave en masse but in Singapore it's the more educated and more affluent who opt out. Never figured that one out.

Anonymous said...

"Almost to the last student, everyone who goes abroad never returns."

Do you have any statistics? That sounds too high. A decent number might return because of family commitments, jobs waiting for them, fiances, etc.