Sunday, February 7, 2010

Singapore. Say it like a man.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

To all out there who comment on the Internet. Say it like a man, if you are one. Identify yourself. Who are you?

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Your letters are welcome. We reserve the right to publish your letters. Please Email your letters to And if you like what I write, please tell your friends. You will be helping democracy by distributing this widely. This blog not only gives information, it dispels government propaganda put out by this dictatorial regime.

1 comment:

mental ray said...

Dear Sir, my total respect and admiration for you.but unlike u alot of us cant bravely speak out or disclose our identity openly as we fear prosecution by our Govt.we have families here and prob alot of us already own alot of money due to education n will not risk it all.enuff said, im not very educated myself and im not earning enuff,to even stand against current govt dynasty, let alone pay for the fine and all.i hope u do understand and cut us some slack?cheers. with respect