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Lee Kuan Yew's son, worries for his life.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew's son, whom his father appointed the Prime Minister of Singapore has said some very interesting things while speaking to Charlie Rose on his American talk show on April 14, 2010. See, and my previous post "Lee Kuan Yew's son claims Singapore is a Confucian society, not a democracy".

But one thing from his Charlie Rose show, that seems evident although unintended, is the worry that he appears to show about his future, indeed his safety and his life, when his father who is 87 years old soon dies.

Nearing the end of the interview he says, "And he has made a system (a Singapore political system) which went on without him and which will endure beyond him".(Paranthesis mine). This statement was entirely unsolicited by Charlie Rose. There was no reason for him to say it. But he did.

The reason as I see it, is that he knows the exact opposite to be true. Singapore as Singaporeans know is a one man show, that is Lee Kuan Yew and no one else; which has been the case since 1959 when his father first came to power.

Singapore will collapse, literally collapse, when Lee Kuan Yew dies which is soon to happen. He knows it.

As for him and the various minions who run around doing his bidding, such as every single minister and every judge, survive and exist entirely because of him. One word from him and the next minute, anyone or all of them will be history, removed, silenced and kaput.

If these people are able to do anything at all all this time since Lee Kuan Yew's moving over to be Minister Mentor is because he is still around and calls all the shots, regardless of his political title. It is as simple as that.

None of these Lee Kuan Yew's minions in government are leaders on their own right, every single one being a handpicked expendable bureaucrat.

But this is a fact he has to hide as much as possible from the international community, because if they know how fragile the island really is which depends on one man to run the show, they may well pull out their assets and businesses right now, close shop and move to a more stable location like Australia.

So his need to make this statement which he knows to be untrue, Singaporeans know to be untrue and the discerning world audience also know to be untrue. But since dictatorships all over the world try to survive on disinformation as long as they can, which is really not very long, this son of Lee Kuan Yew tries to hoodwink the Americans with this lie.

Singapore will not only become unstable after Lee Kuan Yew's demise, it will simply collapse. Recall, I tested my theory not too long ago with my hoax on Lee Kuan Yew's heart attack and you know what happened. There was a mini upset in the island just because I said it. What happens if the report had not come not from me but from Reuters? I tell you, there would be no one left in the island.

That is why I say his son is afraid, very afraid as to what will happen to him after his father dies which will happen very soon, literally this week or the next. Whether you pack your bags and leave now is a decision only you can make, not I.

About Burma he says "But I suspect a few people who make the decisions, they have decided that this is an existential thing for them. If they are out, it is not just the country and the government has changed, but where do I go and which jail will I be in and my children and my jewels and my billions?"

What he says of Burma is true as it has become now a question of survival for them and the dire consequences to them if overthrown. But is he talking only of the Burmese military junta or is he also referring to himself?

He knows that now, it is also, a question of survival for him, his family and friends, his jewels and his billions if he was ever overthrown. He knows he will have to answer to the Singaporeans for his abuse of the law, throwing innocent people in jail and unjustly enriching himself by the billions. Oh yes, just as for the Burmese military elite, he too worries and for him too, it is a question of survival. That is why he clings on to power by the only way he knows, by brute force and a corrupt judiciary to punish his detractors.

You can see why I say, this Lee Kuan Yew's son, worries at night.

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JamesTan said...

Dear Gopalan,

Please allow me to use this space to thank the Anon writer who introduce Legalism to me in his comment.

Your blog is no longer just a blog. We are also trying to make sense of how LKY rules Singapore, and how sustainable is this cult strongman rule, esp after he is returned to dust. (From wiki)

"In later dynasties, Legalism was discredited and ceased to be an independent school of thought. However, both ancient and modern Confucian observers of Chinese politics have argued that some Legalist ideas have merged with mainstream Confucianism and still play a major role in government.

The philosophy of imperial China has been described as a Confucian exterior covering a core of Legalism (Chinese: 儒表法裡; pinyin: rú biăo fă lǐ​; literally "Confucian, the external surface; Legalism, the interior"). In other words, Confucian values are used to sugarcoat the harsh Legalist ideas that underlie the Imperial system.

More recently, Mao Zedong, who had some knowledge of ancient Chinese philosophy, compared himself with Qin Shi Huang[citation needed] and publicly approved of some Legalist methods. One such method approved in the 1980s under Deng Xiaoping administration is the reward and punishment, which has increased the size of the Beijing government in the process. However, since the 1990s the related concept of the rule of law has gained currency."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
(video 17 April 2010)

Anonymous said...

PM Lee:Time to come back home, overseas Sporean.. We know you are kidding yourselves in a foreign countries thinking you have a better life! Spore is where your root lie.

Channel News Asia
Overseas S'poreans should look at home growth post-crisis & return
By May Wong | Posted: 17 April 2010 1345 hrs

CHICAGO: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong hopes that Singaporeans based overseas will realise the country's developments and economic growth particularly after the financial crisis and return home soon.

He was speaking to some 150 Singaporeans who are studying and working in Chicago. Mr Lee was wrapping up his trip to the US, where he had also visited Washington DC.

Mr Lee told the Singaporeans in Chicago that Singapore is on a stable platform to transform itself, illustrating that with a slideshow of the country's latest additions such as Ion Orchard and The Pinnacle@Duxton.

".....A snapshot of what Singapore is, some of the happening things which have been going on (which hopefully) give you a feel of what Singapore is like and some nostalgia, homesickness so that you'll come back and visit (soon)," said Mr Lee.

"I think a lot of the (Singapore) story also has to do with the Singaporeans who are overseas who are studying, working, (they are) part of our community, part of our family. So (do) keep in touch with home, keep in touch with each other," he added.

Mr Lee later mingled with the crowd of Singaporeans and they were glad they had a rare chance to talk to the Prime Minister.

In fact, some said Mr Lee gave them a sense of optimism about Singapore's future, while others felt that the Prime Minister could come up with more programmes to help Singaporeans based overseas to better integrate when they return home.

Ricky Tay, a manager of Audit and Enterprise Risk Services at Deloitte and Touche, has been in Chicago for six years. He said, "The Prime Minister has painted a very positive picture and the upside for Singapore is tremendous. I think a lot of students and professionals living overseas will consider returning to Singapore to look for opportunities."

Chong Siew Gan, a consultant who has been living in Chicago for 10 years, said, "For older Singaporeans who have families here, I think we want more than just a professional job, buildings, shopping and F1 (racing). We need to grow and to have a better quality of life."

Hatim Thaker, a student, said, "I'm getting a very different perspective here in the US and not being trained in Singapore like everybody else. It gives me a very unique angle, through which I can contribute and participate, as the Prime Minister said, (in) Singapore activities."

Aktar Thaker, a property investor, said, "It's quite obvious to me that he (PM Lee) is trying his best to ask fellow Singaporeans to return home and contribute to the country, which is the right thing for him to do but as individuals, it's also important for us to do the right thing for ourselves."

Prime Minister Lee also met the president of the University of Chicago, Robert Zimmer, before leaving Chicago after a two-day visit.

- CNA/pw/ir

Sunny said...

Tell the son if he really got moral,revert all GRCs back to single wards in this coming GE.

See whether Harry got balls or not to implement it.

I dare to bet this time miracle will happened. At least 20 to 30 seats will go to opp.

Rae said...

i think when the old Lee passes on, Lee junior is going to have a hard time, afterall, old Lee is the figure which instills fear in the older generations while Lee junior to a small extent is seen to the younger generation as (we do secretly hope) that he brings a fresher and less rigid perspective to politics.

on a side note, the effects of old Lee is very much alive in our older generations like my parents, my mom never fails to tell me, "i dont understand you young people, why do you want to change things? why dont you just accept what the situation is and what they are going to do?"

Anonymous said...


I have blogged too. If anything happen to me I have intent to do this. I'll qickly type a passowrd which I will easily forget. And if questions about my blog and they want it erased, I say I forget and don't remember my pw. Let them take their time, costs and resources to remove your blog.

Anonymous said...

Referring to "PM Lee:Time to come back home, overseas Sporean."

I reckon that Loong's roots is China. Is he returning there?

State-controlled Singspore is good for short-term $$$ jobs for me. Unlike Gopalan, I prefer to retire and die in my adopted country. If my kids want to return to Singapore, it is up to them. They will get a rude awakening when they realise that they need to serve NS.

Anonymous said...

Hi James Tan,

I was who metioned Legalism to you. But I first read about it by a reader of SDP website (Robox). The credit should go to him.