Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is today's Singapore worth taking credit for

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew's state run newspapers, the Straits Times among them, has been running a series of interviews with him about all things Singapore, involving one subject alone; that he single handedly brought about the miraculous transformation of a small fishing village into what Singapore is today, an international city.

Some sort of superhuman feat equal to the Hindu God Ganesh who carried the entire universe on his shoulders with ease! Really? But is it really? Is Singapore worth anything at all, if you look beneath the veneer of the sparkling outside?

I think Singapore is hardly an international city. If it is, it only goes as deep as the glossy newspapers that sing Lee Kuan Yew's propaganda on a daily basis.

Singapore today is a carbon copy of what Lee Kuan Yew himself is, not a very honest character. He has kept himself in power by abusing the law, through corruption by paying himself and his family members millions of dollars, by manipulating the judiciary to destroy his political opponents, by silencing dissent through trumped up contempt of law and defamation actions and by instilling a fear down the spine of everyone not to so much as squeak under pain of punishment.

And the people of Singapore themselves are largely a carbon copy of Lee Kuan Yew himself. Today his newspapers are filled with criminals committing fraud, their numbers are perhaps the highest in the world compared to the size of Singapore's population. Almost everyday clerks steal their bosses money, the bank clerk runs away with the banks money and their lawyers run away with their clients money. You can sum this up and accurately say today that Singaporeans are by and large the most dishonest people in the world.

After a series of cases where Singapore lawyers had routinely run away with their client's money in the millions, culminating in David Rasif's running away with hundreds of millions of dollars, and still remaining at large, foreigners have completely lost faith in the legal system preferring instead to use outside lawyers for the job.

Lee Kuan Yew's virtues include, his taking advantage of others if he can get away with it as he does in politics. Similarly the Singaporean emulates him by being rude in public, not giving way to others if it means he is giving up something, cutting lines whenever he can get away with it, and on the whole, like Lee Kuan Yew, an uncultured ungracious people.

Just as he has no compassion at all for the poor and disadvantaged to what Singapore is today, an island with no social welfare at all, where the mantra is, if you fall into bad times, it is your problem not mine, you see Singaporeans abusing their maids, Singaporeans looking down at the poor, and cars almost running pedestrians down because they are a status symbol in that island which the poor cannot afford.

Singapore is a country where foreign domestic maids have no holiday at all, a thoroughly uncivilized place lacking graces or any respect for human dignity, just as what Lee Kuan Yew himself is.

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore today has the the lowest fertility rate in the world which means within a couple of decades, there will no longer be anymore native Singaporeans. It has the highest rates of emigration in the world with educated Singaporeans leaving the island in droves, a double whammy.

With no choice whatsoever in maintaining a sizable population, the government brings in hordes of second rate foreigners who cannot speak any English, mainly from Communist China for whom Singapore would have no use anyway. The Indians who come in, simply refuse even to send their children to local schools preferring instead Indian curriculum foreign schools, which shows how much they think of Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

To top it all Singapore's suicide rates are one of the highest in the world, the preferred method being jumping off tall buildings and jumping onto to oncoming trains. Singapore police who do this terrible job, have, I understand, got pretty good at the job; hosing off the blood, putting the remaining limbs into place and carting away the cadaver all within 30 minutes. It seems the public are no longer interested when they see it, since they have seen it multiple times in the past.

There is simply no point in building tall buildings and roads if you cannot inculcate a sense of integrity and honesty in it's citizenry, an impossible task since the man they idolize, Lee Kuan Yew is himself the worst rascal of them all.

No my friends, what Lee Kuan Yew has done for Singapore is not building it. He has destroyed it. What takes precedence in nation building is not tall concrete structures, but a people loyal and loving of their country. Today if given a chance every Singaporean would have migrated to the West, not wanting anything to do with Lee Kuan Yew's island, a place without the rule of law, an insecure island, run at the whim and pleasure of Lee Kuan Yew himself.

And another thing. Had I written his within Singapore, the next minute Lee Kuan Yew's thugs would be at my door arresting me. But as I write this from afar, bound by international legal standards and not Lee Kuan Yew's personal law, there is simply nothing he can do. That is why I have all along called him, nothing but a coward who abuses the law in his island where he can do anything he wants.

And that is why everyone wants to leave the place. Singapore is not an achievement. It is a shame.

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Anonymous said...

Recently there was an article in the Mainstream media which comments on the nation's low birth rates, one of the lowest in the world, in fact the third.

Importing of "foreign talents" was used as a short term measure to ease this problem. So , if the low birth rate becomes a long term problem, what is the ruling party going to do? Import more people? How about importing 10 million people on 650km sq of space. While they may argue that building higher buildings may be the answer to the problem but come on man , Singapore place is getting very very crowded. Even if the crowd does not take its toll on the people but when these millions of new Singaporeans reach old age , they would pose a another set of problems on medical care. The ruling party seems out of their depth , this is the very party which staunchly defends their multi million dollar salaries as they believe that only with such salaries can they deliver quality leadership (despite the billions of dollars of blunders they have made)and is against minimum wage for the masses who are struggling to make ends meet because of steep rise of cost of living. This is the ruling party which continuously criticizes the people who supported them in the first place. If they are serious about hanging on to power and leading the country , perhaps , they should realise that there is a serious need to get rid of this common characteristic that they have ; Greed.

Anonymous said...

That Singapore has a Constitution is a lie that kept the PAP in power. The Constitution has been so abused by Lee Kuan Yew that he governs through law, the judiciary being his political watchdog. Not by law is the Constitution made to stand on its head but by the political whims and fancies of Lee Kuan Yew making use of the judiciary to punish political adversaries not to mention the willy nilly defamation suits that bankrupted J B Jeyaratnam and Chee Soon Juan.

If Singapore has a national ethos, it is govern through fear of the law, law that varies according to the length of Lee Kuan Yew's penis. It is Lee Kuan Yew's law, not common law or international law as we know it.

Believe it, Singapore is going down the drain and not the way as Lee Kuan Yew made it out to be "a first world oasis in a third world region". Far from it, it is a country ruled through law by a despot and tyrant. Wherefore is the rule of law? My 2 hairy balls.

Anonymous said...

There should be a Commission of Inquiry into the affairs of GIC and Temasek Holdings as to how and why did the assets diminished by $110 billion in the last 3 years. It is time that Lee Kuan Yew is called to account for the losses under his watch before his death. Such transparency should expose the secrecy of all his dealings and undisclosed huge losses by jumping into the US banking sector when warning bells were sounded so clearly.

Anonymous said...

singapore should have laws that mandate that maids have one day off per week.

Anonymous said...

Police stopped drum playing at Thaipusam!

Anonymous said...

Singapore is not the place I want to be hauled before the judiciary. In a case where after a 100 days hearing there was still a lurking doubt, i.e the prosecution have not proved beyond reasonable doubt yet the trial judge as judges of fact and law returned a conviction that speaks so much of the impeccable legal system. The Court of Appeal who is now doing some mental gymnastics to unceasingly uphold the mistakes of the judge at first instance has resorted to admonishing the prosecution for the lack of care and asking for further submissions on the theory of the case and the law on common intention. This should have been a case of acquittal if tried in another common law jurisdiction such as Canada or Australia.

See extracts from Singapore Law Watch below:

AN APPEAL judge yesterday pointed to a 'lapse' in checks by investigators for the question marks that remain in a murder case that has seen many dramatic turns during a legal case spanning nearly five years.

Justice V. K. Rajah, one of three judges sitting in the Court of Appeal, made the comment yesterday at the appeal hearing of brothers Ismil Kadar, 42, and Muhammad Kadar, 35.

They were convicted of murdering Madam Tham Weng Kuen, 69, at her Boon Lay flat in May 2005.

The trial had centred on the brothers' confessions to the police but they later retracted their statements.

Yesterday, Justice Rajah pointed out that many parts of the flat had not been checked for fingerprints - the bedroom of Madam Tham's bedridden husband, kitchen toilet, toilet walls, kitchen window and the tap of a sink that appeared to have been used.

'It appears that the customary care which we expect, and normally takes place, was missing in this case,' said Justice Rajah.

While he acknowledged that the checks may have turned up nothing, he said that had these steps been taken, it could have established whether there were one or two people in the flat.

After a nearly 100-day trial, a question mark still hangs over who the killer was, and whether there were one or two people in the flat.

At the start of the trial, prosecutors asserted that Ismil attacked Madam Tham while Muhammad ransacked the flat.

At the close of the trial, after a surprise confession by Muhammad that he had killed her alone and Ismil was not there, prosecutors changed their case.

Anonymous said...

To support Gopalan's statements on Singapore lawyers running away with client's money here is an extract from Singapore Law Watch

"Lawyer: I seized chance to take cash
[2011] 22 Jan_ST

Title: Lawyer: I seized chance to take cash
Source: Straits Times

Legal News Archive

FORMER lawyer Tan Cheng Yew yesterday said he 'seized the opportunity' when he became trustee of $1.5million to obtain credit facility from a bank.

The man who is being tried on six charges of fraud and criminal breach of trust involving about $5.7million, however, denied that he engineered himself to become trustee.

'I would not say I engineered myself as a trustee. I seized the opportunity... when I knew I was going to be a trustee.

'At that time, I did it... I really thought I could pay back one day,' he said.

According to the amended charge, the 42-year-old is alleged to have misappropriated $1.5million belonging to five members of Mr Tommy Tan Kwee Khoon's family, who inherited the money.

He is said to have done this in his business as an attorney by pledging it as security for a personal bank loan facility in 2001.

The amount was loaned by the Tan family to the Central Christian Church (CCC) to buy a piece of land for a church building to be constructed.

As the land had not been tendered for, Tan Cheng Yew advised that the $1.5 million be placed under his trust.

The former partner of a law firm placed the amount in a fixed deposit account and pledged it as security for his personal loan facility. And when the land tender was successful and the church needed the money for the deposit, he could not be contacted......."

Anonymous said...

The PAP Government cannot even keep its own Singapore-born from leaving the country, how are they expecting the Foreign Talents to stay on.

Also, Singapore may be highly regarded by those dazzled by its marketing and efficient government (from Eastern visitors to Western politicians) - but do anyone want to be on the wrong side of the glamour - the digits/less mortals/departmental store dummies/slaves.

Finally, GDP matters, but money cannot replace the generous, public spirited people such as the ones Australia produce north of the border - the Queenlanders.

There is even concern about the mining prosperity in Perth Australia eroding its community spirit. There are many good things that money cannot buy.

Anonymous said...

Gopalan, perhaps it is timely to recapitulate the notion of the rule of law in this Lawyer's Rights Report on the Rule of Law in Singapore.

See link:

Anonymous said...

They had already stashed billions into their pockets. Credits and recognitions are just bonus.