Saturday, January 1, 2011

Singapore, a Comunist Chinese city.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A close look at the Peoples Republic of China and Singapore will reveal surprising similarities, and I don't mean just how their people look.

Communist China does not claim to be a democracy but Singapore does, yet they are both exactly the same when it comes to government. In China, the Communist Party always rule while in Singapore, it is Lee Kuan Yew's People Action Party, always. Although it's Constitution claims free and fair elections every 5 years and every man and women a free and secret vote, nothing can be further from the truth. The Constitution of Singapore is the biggest piece of fraudulent paper that Lee sells to the world, which the world is slowly beginning to realize.

In Communist China, Xinhua News Agency as in Singapore, Singapore Press Holdings, the newspapers TV and radio are completely state controlled and tools of the government to advance national interest by telling you what you should know and concealing what you should not. In both countries, as expected, there is completely no investigative journalism, which means you will never hear of the state's shortcomings but only exaggerated claims of grandiose achievements. It is not only an insult to your intelligence but a deliberate harm inflicted on your mind for the benefit of Lee Kuan Yew and his government on the alleged claim that it is good for the country.

Singapore and and Communist Chinese children unlike their western counterparts are often seen as intimidated and afraid to question authority or to express their opinions publicly choosing instead to be introverted and shy. This sort of behaviour is encouraged by their teachers and parents who live in fear of their governments as protest against government actions can lead to reprisals and punishment. This sort of life under suppression and repression should not be something that any parent should desire for their children.

Singaporeans just as their Communist Chinese counterparts are not an equal partner in government but just slaves to comply with any government demand on the claim that it is in the national interest. In this way individual rights are completely denied in preference to so-called national interest. As an example, if your house or land has to be pulled down because they want to build a highway, or if you were paid completely inadequate compensation or none at all for it, you just have to accept it. If you were dismissed from your government job unfairly, just accept it. If your private employer dismissed you on the orders of the government, just accept it. Simply put, you have no rights. The laws on the books don't mean a thing. You are wrong and Lee Kuan Yew or his Singapore government is always right, get it into your thick head.

In both countries you have to understand to shut your mouth and do as you are told. The courts and the law are there to serve Lee Kuan Yew and his Peoples Action Party. They are also there to serve Lee Kuan Yew's supporters. So if you want to help yourself at the expanse of others, join the Peoples Action Party and become an official card carrying member. It helped in Franco's Spain, it helps in Communist China, it helped in Hitler's Germany and it also helps in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

If you don't care of such things as rights, if it does not matter to you that Lee Kuan Yew and his family steal your taxpayers money to the tune of $3.7 million a year which they call salary, if it does not matter to you that you have no rights whatsoever because the courts and the judges work for Lee Kuan Yew alone, if it does not matter that the police can pick you up anytime they want and beat you anytime they want, if you don't care that you are fed only propaganda and not news, if you are happy with a life such as this, Singapore can be an excellent place to live. After all it has running trains, running buses and working telephones, things you may not enjoy in nearby Jakarta.

I also understand that Germany under Hitler from 1933 to 1938 also achieved great economic success. But as in Singapore of today, the Germans then were nothing but slaves to Hitler. Card carrying members of the Nazi Party just as card carrying members of Lee Kuan Yew's Peoples Action Party were the preferred citizens over others.

When I read daily of great Chinese achievements of more highways and even more high speed trains, just as in tiny Singapore of more highways and glass towers, I ask myself whether all this success is worth anything when you have slaves, dummies and ignorant morons as citizens. Just as you hear of the Chinese praising their government for these construction achievements and the average Singaporean moron who is happy to have a job and the mass transit trains, you begin to understand that is all that they want.

In both countries today, you have citizens so ignorant as to be unaware of such things as individual rights, quite content to serve a master that would continue to give them jobs, build more highways and even higher glass towers.

There are other thinking human beings who have the understanding to realize that these things alone don't matter much without rights. Unfortunately such citizens which the country needs the most have all left for Australia and other Western countries to bring up children and live; in countries where they are respected and have rights. To replace them, Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore have brought in hordes of people who have nothing more in their heads beyond a job and the high rise buildings. Without sufficient numbers of thinking and discerning individuals, I see no future for Singapore because just the modern trains and the glass towers are simply not enough.

Of course on a daily basis you cannot miss the sanguine uplifting mood of the Singaporean media reporting even more achievements upon achievements. But then you know all that is nothing more than just propaganda, with hardly any truth in it. As the saying goes, such totalitarian regimes looked good until the last 5 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

It is unfair to compare China and Singapore.

Chinese have 3000 years of absolute monarchy and spent most of its republic days as either commie or fiefdom under powerful lords. They have no history of how democracy works.

Singapore has a Singapore Pledge which is recited by school children, but it is for propaganda purpose these days.

Long Live the Great Father Chinaman, Lee Kuan Yew and the Dear Leader Lee Hsien Loong. Both of you need to live long enough to spend a long time in jail for the nasty deeds you did.

Meanwhile, I cannot wait for John Harding's Dowager Empress 2000: The Most Powerful Woman in Asia [Ed: An unauthorised biography of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew].

Gopalan Nair said...

To Jan 02, 0647,

I am not comparing Singapore to China, and I am not being unfair either. I am merely saying that Singapore which should be a democracy which was intended since independance has turned into another China, which is a Communist country, thanks to Lee Kuan Yew.

Anonymous said...

Taiwan is a Chinese democracy.

In Hongkong, school kids role-play democratic debates in the LegCo in order to understand their rights.

In Singapore, the PAP govt show how undemocratic they are through real-life examples.

mycroft said...

And a Happy New Year to you Gopalan. With a bit of luck 2011 will be the year that the Communist Party of Singapore loses the remaining half of its sinister driving force. To great public fanfare the first half physically departed a couple of months ago and the old Chinese saying, "to grieve deeply in public while privately concealing a smile" described the general reaction perfectly.

I know people who actually have bottles of champagne in reserve for the moment the next long-awaited event hits the headlines. What an ignomious way to go - loved by few, hated by many! Ladies and gentlemen, Machiavelli has left the building. Now let's sort that sissy boy of his out.

Anonymous said...

Most Asian countries are regimes, NKorea, Laos, Cambodia, China etc.

Singapore is no different from China except its hypocrisy in trying to brand it as a true democracy. China in fact is more democractic than Singapore in many aspects. They dont pass the leadership to their son or daughter in law unlike Singapore!!!

Anonymous said...

Every true Singaporean will rejoice the Old Farts demise.

His life is extended to bring further embarassment to him.

Mr Khan said...

Well done to you sir for this. There arent many people like you speaking up the truth about a country. Unfortunately, in a country like this where you speak ill or go against LKY then its jail term for you.

People need to realise that to instill fear into children while they are in school saying that its only this party (pap) that can solve everything is lame and sad.

After migrating overseas, for the first time, i am seeing freedom that i know my friends back there wont be able to experience.

I believe in human rights and freedom of speech but sadly if we all do that back there(singapore) then its jail term form us.

Good on you sir.

Anonymous said...

After all it has running trains, running buses and working telephones, things you may not enjoy in nearby Jakarta.

Hey, come on, don't be so cruel! They may not be spanking new and shiny but there's also running trains, running buses and working telephones too in Jakarta. It's not that backward, you know.

(Anyway, sorry for commenting on such irrelevant topic, but I couldn't resist, hahaha, I like the way you write, please keep up the good work, mister!)

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous June 24, 1157

The trains the buses and the telephones work in Kinshasha African Congo too. But I don't think it is any comparison to those in Singapore. I am sure other readers of Singapore Dissident see the point even if you don't. In any case Jakarta is only a short trip from Singapore, and most Singaporeans may have alredy seen it anyway. At least I have.

No need for you to resist anything and haha to you too.