Sunday, January 16, 2011

Singapore's 2nd rate immigrants

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Day by day, professional and highly educated Singaporeans continue to leave for settlement in the West because they refuse a life under a dictatorship.

Singapore is increasingly in a bind. Today's Straits Times the island's state controlled paper reports infant fertility rate has dropped even lower to 1.16, meaning each child is hardly replacing the mother.

Only yesterday there was a report in it of singles postponing marriage, meaning even fewer children. And all this simply means Singaporeans are literally disappearing from the island altogether.

For the moment the only ones remaining are those incapable of leaving for lack of money or skills and those who are prepared to look the other way and tolerate the repression lacking the moral fibre of those who leave.

In fact, this phenomena of such a flood of people wanting to leave a country and those remaining refusing to either marry or have children must be unprecedented in a place that is not going through a war or under some other major calamity. They are all leaving en masse because they cannot stand living under a dictatorship, which is what Singapore is.

To replace the sons of the soil who leave, Lee Kuan Yew floods the country with immigrants who have to be of a class that either are incapable of thinking or simply tolerate such a lifestyle temporarily for the money they make; because no one who is aware of the extent of the dictatorship would want to make Singapore home.

Poorly educated or unskilled manual workers from the neighbouring countries and some skilled workers form the bulk of immigrants. By and large these people are not the thinkers that one sees in the West, people who question authority and demand their rights. By and large they just come for a job, and do not know or care for Singapore or it's future. They also lack leadership material since they do not know or do not care if they have rights, because if they knew, they would not be in Singapore in the first place.

With the passage of time and the ever increasing numbers of immigrants replacing native born Singaporeans, the quality of Singapore's citizenry continues to decline. In time, with these 2nd rate immigrants replacing the native born desirable Singaporeans, Singapore does not appear to have much of a future.

And it is my job here to tell it to the world.

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Anonymous said...

No matter how "good" the end may seem to be, there could not possibly be any justification for the use of evil means in pursuing it. The precedent of doing so in one instance could not but be evil and breed evil. No action or pronouncement by government contrary to those guiding precepts could have any validity morally or constitutionally under the American philosophy and system of constitutionally limited government designed primarily to make and keep secure the equal rights of all Individuals.

The evil ways of Lee Kuan Yew to sustain himself in power does not justify the alienation of the rights of Singaporeans. Those who are stuck in Singapore have no choice but leaving it to themselves to find the spiritual meaning of happiness.

Anonymous said...

PAP is trying to re-create another British colony-like Singapore where immigrants come and stay on.

But the question is how many of these modern immigrants will stay on when Singapore fails.

Why Singapore will fail? What is driving Singapore now? From Seagate to Casinos to Nothing!

Will tiny city states survive in this new world?

mycroft said...

Worryingly, Lucky Tan has reported that old Lee's Hitlerian tendencies live on and prosper in the form of unspoken rules which favour the breeding of the privileged elite over that of the lower class unworthy 'digits'. The great unwashed are ACTIVELY discouraged from procreating by these methods.

In other words, his discredited eugenics policy of the 70s lingers on and it could well be the real reason for S'pore's continuing disastrous population decline. The senile old goat and his fool son may not even be aware of what is being done in their name by civil servants blindly following rules to the letter. Isn't that the inevitable fate of a society largely run by robots and zombies?

Anonymous said...

The Singaporean government is pure corruption. It must be destroyed.