Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Singapore's Thaipusam regulations should be broken

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The one party city state Singapore has banned the playing of musical instruments or radios and tape recorders, non religious musical instruments along the Thaipusam route which is tomorrow.

This is wrong. Kavadies require a drum beat to keep them going and without it, not only they suffer but the tradition suffers.

I urge anyone reading this to break their unjust rules and play the music for kavadis as has been done for thousands of years. It will also create and opportunity to provoke the mindless police into violence against helpless Hindus which can be turned around to our advantage. The crowded packed spectators and participants gives a marvellous opportunity to do this.

If the police arrest you, resist them, peacefully. Refuse to hand over your musical instruments if they try to confiscate it. Put up a resistence as best you without violence. There will be thousands watching you and this will put them to shame.

I hope this Thaipusam will be used to best political advantage for Singaporeans wanting change. I hope you will not let this golden oppurtunity of resisiting these unjust laws pass.

I myself have carried a milk pot kavadi with pierced face and tongue. At that time there was music and drums accompanying which made it much more bearable. I shudder to think the disadvantage of those with piercing all over their bodies to do this without trumpets and drums.

The government's argument that only religious instruments can be played is simply without basis. There is nothing wrong in having any sort of musical instruments as the purpose is to provide the kavadis with a beat.

Please distribute this message widely among Singaporeans who are participating and supporting the participants.

Break these unjust laws now. Stand and fight. Just as Idumban anmd Kadamban did agaisnt evil. Happy Thaipusam. God bless.

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Anonymous said...

You are damn right, even at Malaysia, music can be play around the city & I think Malaysian people is much more open minded than singapore & I think only Chinese New Year can play the music loud.. LOL

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew already predicted the PAP's demise when they will be voted out one day in his latest book "Hard Truths that will keep Singapore going" The title should have been "Half Truths that will keep Singapore going"

raj said...

Heloooo Singaporean Hindus,please wake up...If you are NOT performing the right rituals,than why u all are being a "mouth shut" Hindus?What is your right in Hinduism?Do u all know?Do you think you all have the guts to ask your government?

Unknown said...
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Gopalan Nair said...

To Kenny Nanda,

Thanks for your comment. But only one thing. Don't call Bangaldeshis, Bangala. I am not sure what you are, Chinese Malay or Indian. How would you like it if I called you a Chinaman or Blacky Tamil. People from Bangladesh are Bangladeshis, not Bangala.