Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew deadly fear of protests

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A few days ago, it was Tunisia. Today it is Egypt. Thousands of people demonstrating in the streets of Cairo and Alexandria for the end of dictatorship and repression. It worked in Tunisia and Ben Ali, a dictator no different from Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew had to flee, gone forever, replaced by democracy, by a breath of fresh air. Egypt's Mubarak, another Lee Kuan Yew, now worries whether Ben Ali's fate will be his as well. The eyes of the Arabs long suffering under the yoke of dictators has opened. They now see the power of protests, which no despot can resist. That is why, today Lee Kuan Yew worries. Will the fate of Ben Ali be that of his as well. Will he have to run with his money and his Prime Minister son in tow, to some other part of the world who will take him?

Singapore today is a powder keg ready to explode, no doubt about it. Even if you discount all the other numerous litany of grievances, at least one should stand out that has the potential to explode any minute. And that is, the taking in of hundreds and thousands of foreigners into the small island to deliberately disadvantage the locals, take jobs away for them and discriminate against them, in their own country. This is something no logical human being should tolerate, no matter how forgiving and tolerant you may be.

In Singapore today, you have the astonishing intolerable situation where a foreigner can come and be hired immediately, even though thousands of unemployed locals are dying for work just because they are willing to work for less money. Remember there are no minimum wage laws in Singapore and employers are legally permitted to exploit anyone as much as they want! Furthermore the employers prefer foreigners because they don't have to do national service which disrupts Singapore males in their work for 13 years, having to be mobilised into the army one month in every year.

Today Singapore's native born population suffer double digit inflation while among the foreign population, there is perpetual full employment.

We have seen throughout the entire 50 years of PAP rule that the government merely ignores these complaints by the Singapore population because there is simply nothing they can do. They are helpless and completely at the mercy of this all powerful government, in it's one party state .

But now things are changing in the global scene. Now we see dictatorships, no different from that of Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore crumbling under people power. Singaporeans should realize that until they take the problem into their own hands and defy the police like the brave Tunisians and Egyptians are now doing, they will forever be under the yoke of repression and arbitrary rule.

Even a few people taking to the streets in peaceful protests should be enough. Singapore is the perfect place in the world for people power. It is a crowded city with hundreds and thousands cramped into a small area. Whatever you do is immediately known and seen throughout the entire island. Just a few can cause a nationwide protest and bring this dictatorship to it's knees, all without a single instance of violence.

Do it now. Take to the streets. I bet you there would be nothing this despot can do to you. The only result of it would be the demise of the dictatorship, and a long awaited change for the better.

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mycroft said...

As with all revolutions, it requires one good person, a selfless act, perhaps an act of utter despair as in Tunisia, to provide the spark to light the conflagration despots fear. The poor man's self-immolation in Tunisia was that kindling but others have done the same, a monk in Vietnam during the Vietnam War for example, without achieving the same result.

What is the magic that catches the imagination of the normally apathetic and fearful peasant, that drives him irresistibly for the one and only time in his miserable life to take his courage in both hands and die if necessary for a cause? Nobody really knows. Gandhi did it with a cross-country march, Mandela did it by sitting implacably in jail, King by being the victim of an assassin's bullet.

How will Singaporeans get their courage back? We don't know but what we do know is that it certainly won't be achieved if we continue to play by the PAP's perverted rules.

Daniel said...

Hey Gopalan, Interesting stuff. I will keep up on it more so we can talk about it when I see you next.


Anonymous said...

Down with the tormentor Lee Kuan Yew. Viva la native Singaporeans. A hero will be born. Self immolation will do it.

Anonymous said...

When I challenged a young Singaporean recently on a You tube video about the ruthless tactics of the Singapore government here was his/her reply:

"I agree with your comments....if you were a citizen then you probably know what the government can do to you with your comments...that's life in Singapore
its not the best...but maybe not the worst either. Guess we just need to be a slave to society's norms and simply follow to avoid trouble."

When I explained that I was an advocate for human rights, freedom and democracy, this is what he wrote me back.

"The world needs people like you...but as for me...I know the implications of the decisions made by them...and as much as I would disagree with some..I'm willing to let it slide as it does not in too big a way affect the way of life I've been brought up me politically apathetic..but for long as it does not disrupt the way of life singaporeans have grown accustomed to..its fine."

Unbelievable apathy. Has LKY done a number on his "subjects" or what?

Anonymous said...

It's sad because it could happen so easy! Get rid of that Lee guy and get some kind of soul in Singapore - because right now there is no feel whatsoever, stalk, boring and very FAKE. I just can't see any Singaporean taking the risk. They are scared shitless of everything, even walking across the street when the red man says not to...

Someone needs to grow some balls and do it fast!

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, we have people willing to throw themselves on the MRT track but they chose not to died in a heroic way. A heroic act is one which is selfless . . . It is an act done with bravery . . . Sadly, there is none in sin city.

Kel said...

This will happen someday, when all the old folks that believe and rely on Lees family passed away...

Anonymous said...

Although the following forum contains one topic only--caning--it is amazing to me how few male Singaporeans make comments (although some do). Females make comments, as do those from other ccountries including Malaysia, but few male Singaporeans. One has to wonder if they enjoy their second class status. It is a way to control the population. Here is the URL:

Anonymous said...

The best time to do an Orchid revolution in SGP is at LKY's funeral. It will be opened to public, but the best of all, there will be all the worlds' media gathered at Istana. If people start a march and rally outside, they probably would not be stopped or get too violent in front of all the international cameras. Someone just need to have the brains to organize it and do it well.